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Composite Reading by John Townley...A composite horoscope is a chart based on the midpoints between the planets in your horoscope, and the horoscope of your partner. This relationship analysis tool is considered by many astrologers to be the best method of defining and understanding true nature of a relationship. A composite horoscope is the chart OF the relationship. This reading is being offered in two versions. First, the complete report is recommended if you know the exact time and place of birth of both individuals. This report will define the relationship by delineating the composite planets by sign, by house placement, and by the planetary aspects formed, positive and negative. The report is accompanied with an introduction to composite astrology and a composite chart produced in color with Io Edition software.
John Townley is an astrologer and writer. His books include The Composite Chart, Astrological Cycles and the Life Crisis Periods, Uranus, and Planets in Love
Plus get The Complete Synastry Report... Synastry is the process of comparing the horoscope of two individuals to make an educated guess about how well they will get along in a romantic relationship. Now you can take a hard look at your relationship using this tried and true craft.
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