Welcome to my health and wellness pages.  

No medical advise here, just thoughts on staying healthy from a nutritional hobbyist. No sales pitches, no ads, or hype.  Just information for seniors and younger people who want to be healthy seniors some day.

Nutritional Supplements  - developing a complete program without wasting your money.  A rational approach to health and welness.

Healthy Eating and Weight Loss - avoiding highly processed carbs, adding probiotic foods, and avoiding foods causing inflammation.

Krill oil versus Fish oil - Good information on omega 3 fatty acids, understanding why an omega 3 supplement may be needed, arguments for krill oil, how to evaluate krill oil products, and a side-by-side comparison of leading brands.

High Blood Pressure Treatment Options - When blood pressure starts creeping upward, natural supplements to support, and understanding a little about how blood pressure medications work.