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This offer is available only through paypal. The cost for the three charts is US$5
If you don't have a Paypal account, click anyway. You can sign up on the page. Very handy for shopping on Ebay.
After you have made the Paypal payment, send me an clearly stating the name, date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy), time of birth (hopefully exact), and place of birth (town or city/state or province/country).
I usually get these out the next day, but it may take two days at times.
As an alternative to using the free horoscope charting service offered by Astrodienst, I am now offering a package of superior quality charts using Time Cycle Research high definition clarity making them much easier to work with and understand. Here are an examples of the charts you will receive:
The basic Horoscope chart...
Next you will get an aspectarian showing all of the major aspects you should consider in your reading, plus a handy cheatsheet showing planet, sign, and aspect symbols...
and finally, an example of the type of chart that you might want to frame and hang on the wall...
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