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2012 The Presidential Candidates

This page takes a look at the 2012 U.S. Presidential candidates based on their respective lifepath numbers.  Other information about U.S. presidents and their life path numbers can be found here
Barack Hussein Obama II, born August 4, 1961, is the incombant president, and a life path 20/2.

Willard Mitt Romney, born March 12, 1947, is the leading Republican candidate hopeful, and a life path 18/9 and  possesses a destiny number 6.  The life path number 9 has produced four previous presidents in our history.  Those include James Bucannan, ranked 42 (our lowest rated president) by CSpan.org,
Rutherford B. Hayes, ranked 33, William Howard Taft, ranked 24, and Jimmy Carter, ranked 25.  Thus, the 9 life path has not produced as many presidents as several of the other numbers, and, the 9 life path has never produced an above average, and certainly not a great president.  This is curious because the 9 is the highest of the number; the most idealistic, the most humanitarian, the most selfless and aspiring.  With such traits inherent, 9 life pathers often land in fields such as education, health care and medicine, the clergy, and many other endeavors benefiting humanity.

At first glance, it would appear that Mitt Romney is a very unusual 9 life path individual.  His choice of a career, venture capitalist, is not usually considered one designed to benefit humanity to any real degree.  But when you take a broader look at the man, much of his life, apart from his business career, looks very much like the stereotypical 9 life path.  His early adult missionary work, his extensive church work, many of his other activities including his 2002 Winter Olympics leadership role, and his achievements as governor of Massachusetts, especially the health care reform act closely resembling the Affordable Health Care for America Act, often referred to as "Obama Care."

Thus, looking at some major parts of his life, apart from his career, and considering the progressive works of his life path 9 predecessors, especially Taft, Hayes, and Carter, one might expect that Mitt Romney would govern from very near the center of the political spectrum, if not a little left of the current day center.  No wonder he is finding it very hard to gain much respect from the extremes of the current day Republican party which is leaning very far to the right.  Maybe if he pick a VP somewhere to right of  Attila the Hun it might help.