A Full Year Transit Aspect Reading special offer--$8
netNumerology.com is offering a very special transit aspect report. If you're not familiar with transit aspects, visit transits.html for a brief explanation. I'll personally put this report together using Time Cycle Research Io series software. The report will be a full 12 months of transit aspect readings including the transits of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The report will tell when the aspect begins, when it is exact (strongest), and when it will be past. You'll be checking this report every day of the year to see what is really going on in your horoscope. The special price for this report is just $8.
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Order Report: To order your report, do two things. (1) Send $8 via PayPal using this link to my PayPal account which is:
If you aren't already signed up with PayPal, please do so using this link. We both earn $5 for the new sign-up. Then, (2) send me an providing your name, date of birth, exact time of birth and place (city) of birth. After getting your email and the notice of payment from PayPal, I'll prepare the reading and send it via email within a day.
Thanks, Michael McClain, netNumerology.com
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