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Just for Women is my newest and one of my more interesting reading.  Practicing astrologer and author Gloria Star is our collaborator on this exceptional program. She has used her years of counseling experience to help us create a report that interprets a chart from the perspective of a woman living within an ever-changing, ever more demanding world.

Since the middle of the last century the roles that women are asked to play have changed and are continually evolving. Today, a woman is often expected to carry out the tasks of a career person, a wife, mother, community leader and more - all simultaneously. Determining where to put your energy is not the problem, the demands are usually quite clear; figuring out how to find room enough for yourself, in order to maintain a healthy physical, intellectual, and emotional life is critical to you and to those who depend on you every day.

This is an intimate tour of your natal chart that clearly shows you the full range of talents and resources you possess and may not be full aware of. In your Just for Women report Gloria carefully reveals each layer of your complex character to give you access to all of your strength and power. This is not just an intellectual exercise it is an empowering journey that can invigorate and energize your life.

Gloria Star has used her years of experience to create Just for Women, a natal report that covers every facet of the modern woman's experience: who she is, how she appears to others, how she relates to feminine and masculine qualities, developing the mind, using intuition, career and path, relationships, power issues, and embracing the divine self. Gloria's insights into feminine psychology come out of her many years of counseling work and astrological writing.

The report includes 13 sections from which to select. Options include the use of modern rulers, Chiron, and the standard Win*Writer editing functions. Typical reports are about 30 to 35 pages.
Thanks for taking a look at the personal astrology readings that I am now offering.  Links to the left will take you to all five.

Michael McClain

JUST FOR WOMEN, a really cool report designed just for you.  Only $12.95.


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The complete numerology report delivers 20 sets of numbers and letters, all addressing varying aspects of your life including health, career, love, finances, secret desires and challenges. The forecast includes the transits, essences, personal years and personal months readings for the next two years.

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astro talk

ASTRO*TALK -  Advanced Natal Report

This is a great reading available now at a very low price. Each reading is personally prepared by Michael McClain.  With this report you will get a personalized horoscope interpretation for you to keep.  

Each complete report comes with the following chapters:  An interesting introduction; the planets; Life Landscapes which provides a description of your major life periods; Your personal background, plus a close-up look at your current situation complete with dates.  Burn Rate -  a gauge of your peronal change and growth rate, i.e. do you run hot and fast? Do thinks in your life change rapidly?   Your Soul Type -your inner self is contrasted with your outer personality - find out what this means for you and your life.  Elemental Balance -close analysis of elements and more in your chart -measuring this gives a general picture of the real you. Challenges & Abilities - breakdown of areas of intense focus and activity in your chart. Challenges can be difficult, requiring caution & extra patience. Abilities are areas of clear insight and real talent. Being aware of both will be a great advantage to you;  Your Innermost Qualities; House Activity and Emphasis - a very important and influencial part of your horoscope are the houses in your chart and their planets in them. Major Transits - what's currently happening and what's about to happen in your life, giving precise dates; Explanatory Introduction to Astrology - for customers who would like to also learn more about astrology.

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TIMELINE - Astrology Forecast Report

Your Personal Front Page: Today’s News, Tomorrow’s Headlines

After you’ve come to understand your natal chart, the next thing you’ll ask is: what’s happening now, and what’s in my future? This is where you’ll find the answers.

In the sky above you, as the planets outside spin their yarns, they touch your birth chart and change your life. At the same time, your own inner planets are slowly changing and developing, and together these “transits” (outside) and “progressions” (inside) tell the story of where you are and where you’re going. It’s your history in the making.

You tell history with a timeline, so why not tell the future that way? That’s just what this report does, lining up planetary events as they affect you from day to day, month to month, in chronological order. You get the lowdown on daily events blow-by-blow, and you get monthly wrap-ups so you get the big picture at the same time. It’s just like reading the news, except the stories are all about you:

Headlines – what planets are touching you, on a daily basis; Details – the story on just how each new event may affect you; Highlights – what’s above the fold – the most important events of the month featured for quick-glance, first focus.  In-depth coverage – transits, progressions, eclipses, house and sign changes, all combine to tell your story from all sides

You’ll read this report cover to cover when you get it, and you’ll go back to it on a daily basis to watch events unfold and prepare yourself for what’s coming next. But just be warned: it could be addictive. Once you find out how useful it is, you’ll always want to have the latest copy around…

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sky within

The Sky Within reading, by astrologer Steven Forest, is a sensitive, beautifully written astrological view of the spiritual self as displayed in your uniquely personal natal chart.

Steven Forrest is one of the best, meaning he is one of the finest practicing astrologer/authors working today. His sense of an individual's character as symbolized in an astrological chart is deeply intuitive. His writing reflects his caring sense of the unique spiritual nature of each being and their important place on this planet. He gently guides the reader through a very personal introduction to themselves, often identifying characteristics, talents and potential that a person may not have previously expressed, but innately felt.

A Sky Within report is like a conversation with a very close trusted friend. It is filled with truth and presented in a manner that allows the reader to acknowledge those truths about themselves that may not be readily revealed to even the people closest to them. A Sky Within report is a rewarding experience, for some a life-changing experience.

Even if you have had a previous reading of your natal chart, this reading is highly recommended for those seeking spiritual reassurance and internal guideposts to universal harmony.

Giving a report as a gift may be one of the nicest things you can do for someone you care about, and this report is sure to please.

The Sky Within Reading, yours for only $12.95
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Child*Star by Kathie Garcia       

an in-depth children's astrological profile

Offered and skillfully prepared by Michael McClain

Wouldn't it be nice if at every new birth the parents were given a manual on exactly how to raise their new child to be a healthy, happy, fulfilled human being?

Child*Star may not produce a manual, but it is certainly the next best thing. This software gives you unique natal reports that help a parent instantly recognize and attune to a child's strengths, aptitudes, potential and even recognizes challenges the child and parent may face as they grow and develop. It provides suggestions on how to recognize and redirect potentially negative tendencies, often showing how to turn them to the child's advantage. These clues are essential keys to guiding parents and caregivers in providing the right environment, stimulation and corrective measures to help a child realize their full potential Ñ physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.

Throughout each report Child*Star also explores the special individual relationships that evolve between the child and mother and the child and father. This information can help each parent fulfill their essential role in their child's healthy emotional development. This is insight that can enhance a sense of bonding with each parent that will be important to a child throughout their lives.

Giving our children every opportunity to realize their full potential is the goal of any good parent, or anyone with the responsibility for a child's well being. Exactly what we should do to nurture each child properly and provide the stimulus that will help them to achieve their maximum potential will vary from child to child. Every child and every parent should have the advantage of a Child*Star report.

What a birth-day gift for everyone involved.  Order a Child*Star reading
Kathie Garcia

About the Author: Child*Star author, Kathie Garcia, has been studying astrology for 32 years; she holds a bachelor's degree in anthropology from Tulane University, has studied at University College in London, and is a certified Montessori teacher, with eight years of experience in the classroom. Along with writing astrological reports, Garcia writes for Atlantis Rising magazine and the Montana Pioneer monthly newspaper. She has appeared on several radio programs and has lectured throughout the United States and Mexico. She also served as a faculty member at the American Federation of Astrologers Conferences. Garcia always fluidly unites her Montessori background with her astrological practices to provide uniquely insightful readings.

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