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by Matthew Oliver Goodwin, author of "Numerology, The Complete Guide"

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Matthew Oliver Goodwin
Goodwin, a world renown numerologist and author of "Numerology: The Complete Guide," is the numerologist behind our software and these reports. Rather than using a simple cookbook approach as others do, Goodwin’s system looks for related numbers in the complete  numerology chart. By combining these related elements together, using advanced techniques, a more in-depth and accurate analysis is possible. This integrated type of analysis is similar to what a professional numerologist does in a personal reading and makes possible reports of such high quality that you and your family will insist they have been personally written for you by Goodwin himself.

Extensive research was done using our Numerology Personality Profile by the Association for Research and Enlightenment, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This resulted in the publication of “New Findings In Numerology” by Mark Thurston, Ph.D. in their Venture Inward magazine. Their most significant conclusion—based on 1,000 participants—was that the accuracy of this report was a remarkably high 84.9%!  The other Numerology Profiles offered below use the same advanced techniques, assuring you of the highest quality reports possible.

Your Matthew Oliver Goodwin reading(s) will be accurately prepared and emailed to you in PDF format within two days.  Thank you very much for taking a look.  I do appreciate your business and promise that you will be satisfied with the reports received.

Michael McClain

Numerology Personality Profille $13.95 (click to order)  Discover your Hidden Strengths and talents and how to make the best use of them.

This inspiring numerology reading will give you new insight into your character and personality. You’ll discover the important lessons you’re here to learn, as well as your hidden talents and abilities and how to make the best use of them. You’ll clearly see your deepest inner desires and how to fulfill them, the environment in which you work best, and the ways you relate to other people. With this report you’ll be able to recognize opportunities that can open the way to new and even more favorable possibilities in your life! And, if you’re in any kind of relationship, getting reports for both of you can be very helpful.

Numerology Romantic Compatibility $14.95 (click to order)  Discover how to bring love, joy, and understanding in your romantic relationship

Developed exclusively for couples, this numerology reading can help you to better understand and improve your intimate relationships. Giving you a fresh look at the influences at work in both your lives, this highly insightful report is full of practical suggestions for building a stronger and more meaningful life together. Learn how to be more loving and affectionate with each other, and sensitive to your own and each other’s feelings. Understand each other’s sexual needs and desires as well as how to improve your communications together. This report is a must for all couples, new and old!

Numerology 12 month make that 24 month Forecast Reading $14.95 (click to order) Learn how to navigate the opportunities and challenges of the next two years.

Now you can understand the important yearly and monthly influences that will affect you during the next 12 24 months. You’ll learn the best times to devote to home and family, to start a new business venture or find a new job, to begin a romance, or to make money or to change your residence. Make the most of your important life experiences by taking advantage of opportunities that can advance your life, and by being in position to minimize potential difficulties before they occur. This powerful and insightful numerology reading can help guide you in getting the most out of the coming years!

I'll start this forecast  with the current month and project out through the next two years.

Competitors offer the 12 month version of this report for $18.97 to $24.95!