Thank you for your purchase of the Friend and Lover report and the Simpáticos report on this special offer. I'm sure you will find these reports useful and interesting. The reports will be forwarded to you within two days.  The readings will be .rtf files which can be conveniently viewed using your word processor program or downloaded to your printer.  

Please be aware that the charge for this report will appear on your bill as "CLICKBANK/KEYNETICS"

Now, I need a little information from you to prepare the report accurately. In an email using the link below, please provide the:

For BOTH INDIVIDUALS, I need the following:

Date of Birth (as MM/DD/YYYY):

Exact time of birth:
(hopefully you can get this from the birth certificate - try to be as accurate as possible)

Place of birth
(city, state or country)

Plus any additional info you want to share (optional).  If you do provide a little optional information about the situation surrounding your relationship, i.e. very new and wondering, long-term unmarried, married with problems, etc., I will attempt to respond to your issues to the extent that I can in my personal comments which accompany the readings.  Again, this is optional, but it does help me give you a better package.
Important! Please be sure to allow emails from so I can communicate with you and send you your order. If you do not receive your order via emails from me within a day or so, Please check your SPAM or bulk mail folders.
Don't forget, I can't go to work until I get an email from you!  Thanks again.
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