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News Flash! I am now offering relationship analysis report combining astrology and numerology.  Click Here
For a long time now, my most often requested readings have been those associated with relationships. I am now offering two great relationship reports bundled in an offer that will save you almost $10 off the price of the two reports purchased separately. The two reports are the Composite report, a reading that attempts to define the relationship itself, and the Synastry report, which examines how well to two chart fit together. I can assure you, this combination of techniques will enlighten you, pro or con, as you plow through the lengthy readings.
Here is more information on the two reports:

Composite Reading by John Townley...A composite horoscope is a chart based on the midpoints between the planets in your horoscope, and the horoscope of your partner. This relationship analysis tool is considered by many astrologers to be the best method of defining and understanding true nature of a relationship. A composite horoscope is the chart OF the relationship. This reading is being offered in two versions. First, the complete report is recommended if you know the exact time and place of birth of both individuals. This report will define the relationship by delineating the composite planets by sign, by house placement, and by the planetary aspects formed, positive and negative. The report is accompanied with an introduction to composite astrology and a composite chart produced in color with Io Edition software.

John Townley is an astrologer and writer. His books include The Composite Chart, Astrological Cycles and the Life Crisis Periods, Uranus, and Planets in Love.
The Synastry Report
Synastry is the system of comparing the astrological charts of two people to determine how well they will get along in the different areas of their lives.

By looking at one person's chart, and measuring the distance in degrees from that person's planets to the planets in another person's chart, we can make certain predictions about where the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship are: whether it has staying power; in what ways the people involved are compatible or incompatible; which of the partners will take the lead in certain situations; and what problems these people may have to overcome in the course of their involvement with each other.
Often, when people look at their chart comparison for the first time they will notice some negative aspects between their charts and become worried. But this is not necessarily cause for concern. Even the most idyllic match usually shows some areas of discord. Every relationship needs some dynamic tension if the individuals involved are to grow. A bit of challenge also brings excitement into the relationship. Without sexual tension, for instance, you can have a lovely friendship, but it may not go beyond that. What's important is that the comparison in general shows compatibility.
In addition to looking at the aspects between the planets in the two charts, we observe where the planets of one person's chart fall in the houses of the other. Just as your planets fall in different houses -- and affect you in different ways, depending on the houses they are in -- so the planets of the people in your life will fall in different houses of your chart . And the energies of these people will affect you in different ways, depending on which of your houses the planets fall into.

The most important considerations in a synastry comparison are aspects to, and comparative house positions of the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and the Ascendant/Descendant(first and seventh house cusps). Typically, Mars and Venus show attraction. Sun, Moon, Descendant and Saturn show emotional/ego satisfaction and staying power.

Finally, if you provide me a little information about your relationship, I will shape my personal comments to be responsive to your situation or questions.  For example, let me know if this is a new relationship just taking shape, a long time relationship that doesn't seem to be going anywhere, a marriage that needs some fixing, or whatever your situation may be.  This is optional, not required, but it is a good way to get me to spend an extra hour or two on your reports.

Order a relationship Combo today for only $19.95 Place Order.
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