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The Sky Within reading, by astrologer Steven Forest, is a sensitive, beautifully written astrological view of the spiritual self as displayed in your uniquely personal natal chart.

Steven Forrest is one of the best, meaning he is one of the finest practicing astrologer/authors working today. His sense of an individual's character as symbolized in an astrological chart is deeply intuitive. His writing reflects his caring sense of the unique spiritual nature of each being and their important place on this planet. He gently guides the reader through a very personal introduction to themselves, often identifying characteristics, talents and potential that a person may not have previously expressed, but innately felt.

A Sky Within report is like a conversation with a very close trusted friend. It is filled with truth and presented in a manner that allows the reader to acknowledge those truths about themselves that may not be readily revealed to even the people closest to them. A Sky Within report is a rewarding experience, for some a life-changing experience.

Even if you have had a previous reading of your natal chart, this reading is highly recommended for those seeking spiritual reassurance and internal guideposts to universal harmony.

Giving a report as a gift may be one of the nicest things you can do for someone you care about, and this report is sure to please.

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