As a parttime or fulltime independant representative, you can make money with FlashNet! Learn how.

Even with the Internet industry being the most rapid growth industry in recent history, FlashNet has achieved a reputation of being a phenomenon. Nobody in the business can seem to understand how FlashNet has come to be among the largest national ISPs in such a short time. The answer is really simple, though... Our customers enjoy our service and refer FlashNet to their friends, family and associates.

In the past FlashNet has offered customers incentives for referring people. These incentives have included such items as TV sets and extensions to their service, but customers are constantly asking us if there is any way they can earn money with FlashNet. In other words, no one ever wants to know if they can get a little pocket change. They want to know if there is a way to EARN MONEY. Perhaps they want a way to supplement their income, or maybe they want to start their own business.

Well, we have finally found a way to say, "YES! WE CAN HELP!" -- Not only that, but this opportunity will allow FlashNet customers to participate in the growth of the Internet industry. Now you can have the chance to participate in this exciting industry AND earn real money as an independent representative, or even as the owner of a FlashNet Distributorship, selling FlashNet services and products by taking part in The FlashNet Opportunity.

Here's How!

To participate in The FlashNet Opportunity you may join as a Net Rep or a Distributor.

Net Rep Plan

As a Net Rep, you will earn attractive new customer bonuses on direct sales made by you during the initial sale. You may continue selling FlashNet's products and services to new customers as a Net Rep or apply for a FlashNet Distributorship.

Distributor Plan

As a Distributor, you will earn commissions and new customer bonuses on your direct sales, and you will also earn commissions and bonuses on the sales of Net Reps and Distributors that you have signed up with FlashNet. This earning effect can extend down through six tiers of Net Reps and Distributors in your sales organization. Additionally, you may also earn success bonuses that reward you for training these successful individuals.

This Opportunity Is Too Good To Pass Up!!!

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Michael McClain, Independent Representive

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