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FlashNet Comminications was founded in September 1995 by Lee Thurburn and Scott Leslie under the name WebSite Management Co., Inc., a Texas corporation. FlashNet's mission was to become the best consumer and small business internet services company around. With that goal in mind, FlashNet began offering service on November 4, 1995.

In December 1995, FlashNet introduced the now famous "flat-rate annual prepaid price for a year of internet access." This pricing approach, coupled with FlashNet's high quality of service, was embraced by the public, enabling the company to expand rapidly. During 1996, FlashNet expanded service to 17 major metropolitan areas in the United States. By the middle of 1997, services were available to about 30% of the U.S. population and FlashNet had become one of the largest and fastest growing internet access providers. Today, FlashNet is in the process of expanding its service area to virtually every corner of the United States.

FlashNet has built a large internet network with a focus on speed and reliability. We use high speed routers, fiber optic lines, sophisticated remote management software, and high speed central computers to provide the very highest level of service possible. We have carefully trained our staff to be experts in the management and installation of this equipment. And that staff includes some of the brightest and most capable people in the business. We're proud of our company, and we're confident FlashNet will provide the level of service you and your friends will enjoy for years to come.

FlashNet's guiding philosophy is that the internet should be affordable to anyone, and should be both reliable and easy to use. We have proven that offering the highest quality service at a reasonable price is an effective formula for success. Our happy customers continue to purchase services as well as provide positive recommendations of FlashNet to their friends and associates.

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