Planets in the 12 Houses
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Planets in the 12 Houses

by Michael McClain

How the energy of the planets is felt in the houses

The planets exert a great deal of energy in the house in which they are physically located in the birth chart.  This energy is directed toward the function of the house.  The planets modify the tone of affairs told by the sign on the cusp of the house.  Planets represent action in the horoscope, and the house in which the planet resides is the home of the action in question. Thus, having several planets in one house can make the entanglements of that house very complex and often more significant in the life.

To set the placement of the Sun, the Moon, and the planets in your chart you must have already obtained a copy of your chart and become familiar with the symbols of each planet. If you haven't obtained a free copy of your personal horoscope, visit the Astrodienst website to get one. Check out the symbols here.

Here are readings for the Sun, the Moon, and the planets in each of the twelve houses of the horoscope: 

Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars
Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto

Here's a little more on planets in houses in case you aren't totally confused already. When you purchase a computer reading of your horoscope, the reading you will get regarding each planet in the houses will surely be the precise house in which the planet is located. However, when you look at your chart, there may be a few instances when this should come into question. Suppose, for example, that the Ascendant (the first house cusp) in a chart is at the 15th degree in Libra, and that Jupiter was positioned at the 13th degree in Libra. That would place Jupiter in the 12th house, right? That's what the computer would say, but many thoughtful astrologers would read this as Jupiter being in conjunction with the Ascendant, and end up reading it as bringing its action to bear in the first house, rather than in the 12th.

This same idea would apply for each and every house cusp. If the planet is IN THE SAME SIGN as the sign on the next house cusp, and close enough to be considered IN CONJUNCTION WITH that next house cusp, the action of the planet will most likely be directed into the oncoming house. In these cases, I might modify my reading to say "Jupiter is in conjunction with the Ascendant (or 5th house cusp, as the case may be), rather than saying "Jupiter is in the xxx house...." In other words, I would consider the "planets in houses" readings as suitable to delineate the conjunction of a planet with the Ascendant or with any other house cusp.

Sun in Houses 

The house placement of the Sun shows the area of life where the vital energies generated by the Sun are likely to focus. The Sun associated with any house illuminates the meaning of that house. It does so in the manner discussed in the reading of the Sun sign. Through the life, this energy of the Sun is evident. The subject matter of the house may prove to be the focus of your drive.

The Sun in houses...

Sun in 1st house

The Sun in the first house takes on a strong identification with your Ascendant, and produces an individual that is very true to the nature of this sign. The Sun here provides a strong sense of identity, abundant vitality, and personal confidence. A first house Sun produces much initiative, self-assurance, and leadership skills that might not be otherwise reflected in the chart. You are a more spontaneous and outgoing person than your signs may generally suggest, because you are such a "together" person. You have a determination to make something of yourself. You aren't easily swayed by the opinions or desires of others, having your own clear view of goals. The radiance of the Sun in first house usually produces abundant energy and excellent recuperative powers which help you overcome physical ailments that may come along. In the first house, the Sun gives you a sense of yourself that makes it important to feel that you are important, and in general, a person of significant distinction. The nature of the Sun in the first house produces optimism and gives you a very "sunny" disposition.

Sun in 2nd house

The Sun positioned in the second house focuses energies on resources which surely includes money, wealth and all of the possessions and benefits that this can provide; you have a drive for power especially geared toward personal resources, your personal security, and other material values. It is important for you to have control of your financial affairs and to the "Captain of the Ship" in this regard. The need for this material control and success is strong, as is the drive for financial independence. This position usually provides not only the need, but also the ability to succeed in a material sense. There is a tendency to equate power or prominence with money and possessions. Often, most of the energy goes into making money solely for the sake of spending and enjoying it. Indeed, you may be a free-spender even if you truly lack the assets to do so; it is hard to be conservative when it comes to money. The strongest trait that is shown by this placement is the sense of generosity that it often produces. The use of money to help others may be one of your most attractive attributes.

Sun in 3rd house

This placement denotes a drive for power in matters regarding mental or analytical accomplishment. It might be said that this placement actually compels you to want to learn and to broadly expand your understanding of many varied subjects. Accordingly, you are likely to remain involved in continuing education and mental development for many years, if not for your entire life. Travel and study are strongly marked in your nature, and you may become a little impatient if you can't move about freely and receive a constant flow of mental stimulation. This placement produces teachers, writers or persons some way involved with enterprises disseminating information. You always communicate so well that you are one of those people who has a faculty for saying the right thing, at the right time. The ability to express ideas effectively is always important to you. You seem to remain ever optimistic, even when things don't go your way. Do be cautious of becoming intellectually over-confident, as it is easy for one with this position to fall into a pattern of intellectual arrogance, especially when dealing with those less well informed.

Sun in 4th house

The Sun located in the fourth house denotes deep roots in the home and a strong drive for domestic security. Your personal expression in life is aimed toward family matters and the home environment. A fourth house Sun lends powerful instincts to protect and conserve the traditions and institutions with which you identify; the base of your life, the home. Although the early part of your life may have been an uphill struggle in some way, you were strongly marked and profoundly conditioned by your background, family history, or possibly just by your early environment. You are apt to be very proud of you heritage and origins. This is a favorable position for the Sun as it often produces rapidly increasing prosperity and security in the latter half of life, while increasing the vitality and energy during these later years. The Sun in this house guides interests in land, houses, ecology, natural resources and perhaps issues associated with conservation.

Sun in 5th house

The Sun in the fifth house suggests that you are an resourceful person, and much of the focus in your life is directed toward creative activity. There is a very strong drive to express yourself in inventive or creative terms; to write, to act, to perform in public, to develop or produce. You want to be noticed and appreciated. You may be a little bit of a show-off, or at least one careful always to present yourself at your very best. Yours is a sunny and happy disposition that usually attracts many friends and admirers. You are not one to shy away from taking chances, and for some with this placement, the thrill of a risky but promising gamble is hard to resist. There is a childlike quality attached to this position, and it may be necessary to insure that actions reflect appropriate maturity and subtlety. Don't be too theatrical and egocentric. The self-confidence produced by this placement is strong. Often the focus of attention is on your children, or on children in general. Indeed, you be inclined to work with children is some respect. You are likely to dote on your children, and perhaps even project your own dreams through them.

Sun in 6th house

This placement denotes a drive concerning work, service and health. You are a determined worker, faithful to a task, and you are inclined to take great pride in your endeavors. Indeed, you seek to distinguish yourself by your efforts and contributions in the workplace. This position often leads to success in positions of administrative authority, also in specialized skills requiring expert craftsmanship. Yet as the boss, you can be very demanding, holding all to the highest standard. If you are on the other end of employer/employee relationship, you can be most demanding and dogmatic toward your employer, insisting on rights and privileges to enhances the role of workers to the highest possible plane. This position also deals with health issues, and wellness and nutrition are issues of scrupulous concern. Physical fitness is also an area of major interest. Frequently, health matters become a major concern and careers in some field related to health and fitness are common when the Sun influence is in the 6th house.

Sun in 7th house

This placement denotes a public personality. Your life is strongly integrated and influenced by those close to you; the marriage partner, the business partner. These connections make or break you as you have a propensity to react to the people around than to initiate projects on your own. You are particularly adept at public relations as you know how to cooperate and deal with others. This is a good position for most careers in sales and promotion. The power of this position will always be in relationships, and it will be necessary for you to help others in order for you to shine. Your keen sense of proportion permits you to become an arbitrator, called on to balance one person or faction against another, to maintain an equilibrium.

Sun in 8th house

The Sun resides in the eighth house denoting a deep creativity and a large understanding of life. The chief purpose of the Sun in this house is to give you a sensitivity to other people's values and there probably will be some responsibility in this regard. You have a close identification with social values. Activities often center on possessions or resources of other people, and you may find your energies invested in collective enterprises. Stock markets, banking, pensions, and some form of sociological investigation are but a few of the fields that may attract. In any field that you enter you are to be very creative, investigative, and thorough as a researcher.

Sun in 9th house

The Sun in the ninth house is a placement suggesting that your focus may be on idealistic rather than the practical side of affairs. A ninth house Sun often produces the farseeing thinker who expresses ideas on a broad level. You should have lofty and noble motives, but the sense of practicality may at times be lacking. There may be serious interests in spiritual and religious pursuits. Law, religion and philosophy are subject of natural interest. The intuitive mind is highly developed. Your high ideals can be carried too far at times. If you fail to keep these under control, you can become fanatical about them. This can be a very outgoing position, for once you are convinced you have the answers to the weighty questions attracting your concern, you will want to share your insights with all that will listen. The ninth house Sun likewise has a desire to cover distances physically. There is a strong desire for exploration and travel, for knowing first hand and understanding foreign culture and viewpoints.

Sun in 10th house

This placement denotes fame and honor, or sometimes scandal. In either case, this position is one that suggests you will be noticed. You are driven to reach a station of authority, power or responsibility. Often, this is an indicator of some degree of worldly honor, political power, or professional achievement of special note. Your example inspires others and your determination to make a name for yourself will likely lead to a growing reputation. Few with this elevated Sun remain obscure. Respect and social standing are necessary for you, and you may have been born to these. In a certain sense, the term nobility may fit you. You abhor anything demeaning to your dignity and moral respectability.

Sun in 11th house

This placement gives the assistance needed from those in a position to help you achieve your goals. You will work toward major goals and objectives within the framework of friends, associates and group activities. You have a strong drive to gain recognition through mental achievement within a group. An eleventh house Sun person achieves through association with others, and often with the help of friends. You are likely to have ambition for group leadership, and you are inclined to rise to a position of leadership or spokesperson. Your approach to life is very liberal and broad-minded, the humanitarian who would prefer popularity to power. The self becomes sacrificed for the achievement of broad goals and objectives. The support of friends is always a paramount issue.

Sun in 12th house

This placement denotes a private drive for self-perfection. You are one who will seldom receive full recognition for your efforts and accomplishments, but you easily accept roles of relative obscurity. You are somewhat introverted and love the peace and solitude such a situation often affords. If you were left to your own devices and permitted to, you could live a contemplative life. If you display leadership, it will likely be a "behind the scenes" role. Service to others provides you with recognition and fulfillment. Psychology and psychic research may be of considerable interest for you. While there may be indications in other parts of your chart that you need people, you are likely to feel somewhat estranged from others even when in the middle of a group. You need to spend a good deal of time by yourself. You should not be too concerned by feelings of not-belonging, and by failures to mix well with others. Your role may be that of investigation and obtaining understanding, rather than socializing and the attainment of status.

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Moon in Houses 

The house in which the Moon is placed at birth is the sector that feelings and emotions will be most apparent. It's here you react unconsciously, and as you have been conditioned in your upbringing. Often this placement will give some clue about the activity that occurs on the domestic scene.

Moon in 1st house

The Moon in your first house suggests that your feelings are hypersensitive and play a significant role in the definition of your personality. This is a personality that is very malleable. You make easy and quick adjustments to the demands of the moment. It's hard for you to be sure just what to do, because you are continuously in a restless state. It's also hard for you to make long-range plans because of the fluctuations in feelings. Frequent mood changes mark your personality. If you are not busy revising your goals and objectives, you are probably procrastinating and unsure about what you want to do and where you want to go. You are both sensitive and responsive to public opinion, so you are easily influenced by those around you.

Moon in 2nd house

The Moon placed in the second house indicates periodic changes in the conditions of your finances. Money and material possessions are important to you for the emotional security they bring. Because of this, you are especially shrewd and acquisitive. Your emotional well-being, in general, is dependent on material comfort. Emotional insecurity is amplified when any problems with finances are experienced, and this can have a strong impact on domestic affairs.

Moon in 3rd house

The Moon in the third house projects its influence by giving a studious temperament, especially relating to history, archeology and subjects generally dealing with the past. There is a strong intellectual curiosity and an emotional need for continual mental growth. You have a good memory; your mind is filled with a huge variety of miscellaneous details and facts. You find it difficult to handle routine or dull jobs because you must be moving about and keeping your mind occupied. You are frequently prone to daydreaming and fantasy.

Moon in 4th house

The Moon in the fourth house produces strong ties to the home, to include not only where you now call home, but more generally, the early life home, the homeland, nature and the outdoors. You may have a strong need to feel a sense of continuity with the good things from the past. There is potential interest in antiques, old houses and genealogy. Parental influences are, or may have been, very strong. The position reflects a side of your nature which wishes to be insulated from reality, and one that has very strong subjective tendencies and even insecurities. You have a very definite need for stable and dependable personal roots.

Moon in 5th house

The Moon in the fifth house makes you emotionally in touch with your personal creativity. This placement often produces an individual who is very impressionable, so you may need to be rather cautious regarding advice you receive on investments and risk-taking. The concept of security is very strong in your nature and you are particularly slow to let your children go out on their own and become independent. Your attachment to your children tends to be very much emotionally based. There is also apt to be a lot of emotions involved in your romantic relationships, so you may find it hard to break off bad relationships.

Moon in 6th house

The Moon in this sixth house suggests that you are the type of person who can be depended upon to provide a variety of services to those around you. If things need improving, editing, refining or reforming, you will be the one to give suggestions and follow through with personal effort to get the job done. You have a very restless nature and you're apt to make a number of job changes in your lifetime. You're a worrier, and you are better off in a situation that doesn't produce excesses of emotional tension.

Moon in 7th house

The Moon in your seventh house projects its influence by presenting the gift of popularity and the ability to fit in just about anywhere. You know how to react to the subtle ambiance of a situation and you often establish a rapport with those to whom you come in contact. There is a strong desire for social acceptance, and because of your emotional dependency, you may marry early. You can never be a "lone wolf" type. Marriage may be taken on to obtain a sense of domestic security, with the family background and social standing of the partner being a prime factor of consideration. You attract a partner who is moody and sensitive, but before marriage there is likely to be a great deal of indecision regarding a permanent relationship.

Moon in 8th house

The Moon in the eighth house projects its influence by emphasizing the feeling that security is of the utmost importance. You have a saving instinct for the future, almost to the extent of self-denial. You have a strong sense of duty and obligation to others. It is not unlikely that you might become a part of some movement or cause dedicated to the improvement or uplifting of people en masse. You are very sensitive to social currents and social demands. In some instances, this position may indicate one who can or does manipulate money from others. Often it signifies the likelihood of inheriting money.

Moon in 9th house

The Moon in this ninth house giving you a very receptive and imaginative mind. You're a dreamer and a thinker, and many of your ideas provoke change to the status quo. Your beliefs are strong and sincere, but nonetheless, you frequently change your mind. You have a variety of interests and hobbies and you enjoy imparting the knowledge you have accumulated on these subjects to others. There is an innate purposefulness in this placement which makes you want to guide and direct those less enlightened than yourself.

Moon in 10th house

The Moon in this tenth house giving an inclination toward a public life, and to a number of occupational changes. You are concerned with your reputation and have a strong desire for recognition. You are likely to find yourself in positions where you are called on to "feel the pulse" of the public, and to be responsive to it in some way. This position inclines toward activities related to marketing, shipping, commodities, or other fields catering to the public. You are highly self-protective, and your feelings are dominated by a desire for achievement.

Moon in 11th house

The Moon in your eleventh house shows a willingness to work in a self-effacing manner within a group, to promote a common good. You have a broad circle of friends, especially women, and you're very popular. You are naturally responsive to the feelings of others and you know how to sway public opinion. Your interests are so wide and varied that you must guard against becoming superficial. Your sense of security is tied to your relationships and to your many friends.

Moon in 12th house

The Moon in the twelfth house projects its influence in this sector of the chart. This placement gives a love of introspection and a need for periodic retirement from the confusion and business of the world in general. This placement is going to cause you to feel emotionally isolated from others since it is difficult for you to find emotional stability in other people. You are extremely impressionable and respond to subtle influences of those around you. With such a strong sense of charity, a release is needed to in some way be able to help others. There is opportunity for success in work within large institutions such as hospitals, the government, or large corporations, and usually for the public welfare. While you are subject to emotional chaos, you have serious difficulty expressing your emotions. The twelfth house Moon denotes a need for security that is often fulfilled though withdrawal.
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Mercury in Houses  

Mercury, the planet of communication and mental activity

Mercury's spot in the chart provides information about the practical side of your mind, and the way you communicate with those around you. It targets the topics of greatest mental activity and interest.

Mercury in 1st house

Mercury in the first house suggests you have an inquiring, intellectual outlook on life, and you reflect this strongly in your personality. You're very talkative and have little problem communicating your thoughts effectively. You enjoy making connections, and trying to learn a little about many different subjects. You adapt quickly to changing situations, and the personality is very witty and quick. You are mentally restless, always seeking new and useful information. Your speech and writings are expressive of your distinctively personal opinions.

Mercury in 2nd house

Mercury residing in the second house produces an association with the house of personal finances and possessions. This placement generates money making ideas, and you are a person who is very value conscious. You are a quick thinker in financial transactions or in sales. The mind concentrates on commercial affairs, and it is centered on making money. This is a good position for economists, corporate planners, salespeople, writers with mass appeal, and professions involving communications. Values are often more material than intellectual. You may a special gift for making money by teaching or in some way communicating money-making ideas to others.

Mecury in 3rd house

Mercury residing in the third house produces an association with this location, its natural home, the house of the conscious mind. This placement stimulates matters of the mind, and shows that you are witty and clever, especially in the use of words. Not necessarily a deep thinker, but alert, adaptable, and versatile. You express ideas fluently, and display a variety of talents. You may find a tendency to become involved in many superficial contacts and passing fancies, because your mind remains always active and busy.

Mercury in 4th house

Mercury residing in the fourth house produces an association with this house of domestic affairs. This position often denotes mental and educational activities in the home. Parents are likely to be well educated or place an unusually high priority upon learning. This position may relate to changeable home conditions or in some way, a nomadic life-style. Being somewhat high-strung and easily irritated, you may find it hard to relax.

Mercury in 5th house

Mercury in the fifth house produces an intellectual association with this house of creativity and the affairs of children. This position usually shows good writing and speaking ability, and it likewise shows artistic and creative interests. You express yourself in a dramatic and forceful way, enabling you to become an excellent teacher or actor. Games of mental competition attract your interest and mental stimulation is essential to your happiness. This position is associated with stock market analysts and investors. You may have an analytic, critical outlook on romance, and on life.

Mercury in 6th house

Mercury residing in the sixth house produces an association with this house of service and health affairs. This position shows an ability to be methodical and efficient in handling work of a mental nature. You're likely to become involved in work requiring specialized mental or physical skills, such as working with computers or electronic devices. Sometimes you are too precise, and you can easily become too much of a worrier. You may be too concerned with duty, health or proper diet. You have a critical nature that can be upset by disorder in your environment.

Mercury in 7th house

Mercury positioned in the seventh house produces an association with this house of relationships. This position shows a tendency to gravitate toward clever, articulate people. You are adept at communicating with the public and should succeed in sales, public relations, or law. You also excel in arbitration, mediation, and counseling. The need for mental companionship should lead you to marry a person who is intelligent and well educated. You are good at promoting your ideas and expressing yourself in an intelligent manner.

Mercury in 8th house

Mercury positioned in the eighth house produces an association with this house of joint resources. This position identifies you as one who is a natural investigator, always trying to get to the bottom of any mystery or problem. You can get at the truth of a situation. Here, the mind is used to study and relate to the deeper issues of life. You may also be interested in finance, taxes, insurance, or other symbols of resources held by others. Your interest in human behavior may prompt study and investigation in that field.

Mercury in 9th house

Mercury resides in the ninth house producing an association with this house of higher learning. This position shows an interest in philosophy, law, publishing, religion, or other field of education. You have many ideas, beliefs, and opinions, and the ability to express them with authority. Your teaching and writing abilities are very significant. You love travel and it should be easy for you to learn foreign languages. You have a strong curiosity about foreign countries and cultures. As your interests develop, you may become qualified as an excellent teacher of these subjects.

Mercury in 10th house

Mercury positioned in the tenth house produces an association with this house of personal attainment. This position suggests you possess excellent speaking and writing abilities that can be used effectively in your career and in attaining professional recognition. Your career is important to you, and your strategy in this regard has to be carefully planned, including education and preparation to attain your goals. The benefit of Mercury here is the ability to communicate ideas to the public; expertise in speech making, publishing, and political strategy, are often found.

Mercury in 11th house

Mercury resides in the eleventh house producing an association with this house of social relationships. This position denotes a comprehensive mind that relates to a wide range of ideas and thoughts. Your attitudes are impersonal, but always friendly. You're willing to exchange ideas and communicate with anyone, regardless of background or walk of life. Much of your thinking is a little off beat or unusual. Your friends provide you wide and diffusive points of view, and you enjoy sharing ideas with such people.

Mercury in 12th house

Mercury resides in the twelfth house producing an association with the subconscious mind. This position suggests that your thinking is strongly colored by experiences and subconscious influences. Decisions are often based on feelings, rather than logic. You're secretive about your thoughts and ideas. You may often be shy and hesitate to speak your ideas, especially in a public setting. You are somewhat hampered by learning difficulties, and you may have difficulty attaining your potential because of this. You lack confidence, but hide this fact very well. 

Venus in Houses 

Venus' house placement shows how you express yourself socially, romantically, and artistically, in the different areas of the life circle. Venus brings a sense of harmony, refinement, and aesthetic taste to the house it occupies.

Venus in 1st house

Venus near the Ascendant suggests the help that Venus provides is apt to be most noticeable in your personality and in the way you relate to others. This suggests you possess a generous portion of personal grace, a pleasing manner, and a normally friendly demeanor. The effect of this placement helps you become more socially outgoing and you have a generally happy outlook on life. Your personality strives to develop friendships and relationships. This is a considerable advantage to you in business and social contacts. You appreciate the good things in life, and you expect them. You may have to guard against a degree of vanity in your makeup.

Venus in 2nd house

Venus in the 2nd house suggests that this planet is closely associated with your security and your material ideas. You have a love of wealth and the personal adornments it affords, and you probably have much good fortune when it comes to obtaining many of the better things in life. You are very much interested in making a lot of money, if only for the social status it provides. The placement denotes talent in business and a definite ability to make money. The Venus association with artistic endeavors suggests that if you are artistically inclined, you may stand a good chance of making money from your art. Sometimes it also suggests an extravagance that may be offset by the material advantages that you obtain.

Venus in 3rd house

Venus in the 3rd house suggests a good deal of harmony in your early schooling and learning environment. This is an indication of intellectual interests in artistic and cultural pursuits. Your early years were pleasant and easy, and you may have developed talents in art or music, or at least been given an opportunity to do so. Artistic and creative, you are probably an excellent writer. You get along well with those in your family, because you don't like to argue. You operate through persuasion, never through pressure, and the gift of compromise seems to come naturally to you. You are a socially active person.

Venus in 4th house

Vensu in the 4th house shows a potential happy homebody, or at least one to whom a happy home is an ideal. You are emotionally attached to your home and the domestic scene. You take great pride in your home, and you seem to enjoy seeing to it that your surroundings are artistically decorated to the extent that your means can afford. There is a strong connection to the land, and this may include a patriotic love of your homeland. There is a closeness between yourself and your parents that is very beneficial to you.

Venus in 5th house

Venus in the fifth house produces an attractiveness to the opposite sex, a very appealing romantic nature, and a general love of life. You are popular and well liked. This Venus position gives a deep love of children, and you should make an excellent parent or child advocate. You are likely to gain through dealings with young people in some form of service or occupation; teaching, psychologist, etc. Creative talent in the performing arts is often associated with this placement.

Venus in 6th house

Venus in the 6th house suggests social activities and romantic involvement associated with the work that you do. There also may be an emotional attachment to work. In any event, the work environment is harmonious and pleasant. This placement often points to an occupation dealing with people such as mediators, agents, arbitrators or in about any job dealing with women. Venus has a decidedly artistic inclination that may inspire the choice of work.

Venus in 7th house

Venus in the 7th house normally shows social abilities, and usually, a happy marriage. Most relationships are harmonious and friendly. Marriage and friends are very important to you, and you contribute more than your part toward the success of relationships. Marriage usually produces prosperity. The position is favorable in (although not indicative of) careers involving dealings with people, such as psychology, sales and public relations.

Venus in 8th house

Venus in the 8th house predicts financial gain through marriage, other partnerships, or social relations. Frequently, this position of Venus is associated with an inheritance. Sometimes, marriage is motivated by the prospects of financial gain. Usually, the placement increases the degree of possessiveness and jealousy existing in the relationship. In this house, financial affairs are joint in nature, or coming from other than one's own efforts. Venus here often smooths the way in this regard. Its presence can produce a degree of inertia or laziness, simply because of the ease with which success occurs.

Venus in 9th house

Venus in the ninth house makes this planet closely associated with the affairs of this sector of higher learning, travel, and philosophical thinking. This placement shows that pleasure is derived from study of philosophy, religion, and art. You are an intuitive person and you appreciate many of the finer things in life. A ninth house Venus suggests lengthy pleasure trips, which may provide the opportunity for important social contacts and romantic encounters. Strong attachments may develop with persons from foreign countries, different races, cultures, or religions.

Venus in 10th house

Venus in the 10th house suggests that this Venus is very much involved with your career outlook, and the projection of an image to world at large. It may result in marriage for obtaining status and recognition. Careers often follow a path toward the arts, diplomacy, fashion, beauty, or the entertainment fields. There is a deliberate cultivation of the personality to enhance career opportunities. This is a favorable position for a speaking or singing voice that can gain public attention.

Venus in 11th house

Venus in the eleventh house suggests success is gotten though the benefits gained by association with friends and social contacts. Socially, you are generally successful, with the knack for putting guests at ease, the tact in catering to diverse needs and the development of group activities. Most of your goals in life will be achieved because of a natural talent for operating effectively within a social order. Many of your friends may possess artistic talents.

Venus in 12th house

This placement shows a love of secretiveness and solitude. You have this introspective side, and need a certain amount of time to yourself. You are somewhat socially shy, causing a degree of loneliness or perhaps romantic frustration. Your emotions are subconsciously controlled, but very strong. This position usually produces a significant degree of compassion for the downtrodden or any of the less fortunate.

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Mars in Houses 

Mars, the Planet of Action and Desires

The house that Mars resides in represents an area of the life that you'll express actions and desires. Your energies and initiative will be spent focusing on the affairs of this sector of the chart. Mars is assertive, sometimes causing conflict.  This house may periodically become a problem area for you in this regard.  

Mars in 1st house

The Mars first house placement intensifies the assertiveness of the personality type described by your Ascendant. With any Ascendant, Mars in the first house increases the vitality, and produces a somewhat more assertive, more outgoing, and more energetic individual.
Your appearance is likely to be robust and muscular and you may be stronger that other members of your family of the same sex. You are always one to be directly involved in affairs; never an idle bystander. This element produces drive and creates more ambition and the aptitude for hard work, with a competitive drive for recognition and acclaim.
This position is usually considered, by traditionalists, to be more desirable for men than for women, because it displays the assertive characteristics associated with males. Females with this placement often have the self-confidence and competitive traits to enter and succeed in male dominated professions.

Mars in 2nd house

The Mars second house placement suggests that energies are spent in the pursuit of material and financial gains, and in this regard you are very resourceful. You have a strong drive to earn money and an equally strong compulsion to spend it. Mars in the second house poses the necessity to learn careful budgeting and proper handling of money, and neither are apt to be natural traits. You are competitive in finance and business, and you may be well qualified and inclined toward owning your own business. You are not afraid of taking a risk to meet your financial goals. In a business sense, you are a very competitive person.

Mars in 3rd house

The Mars third house placement denotes an aggressive, active intellect. You are quick thinking and resourceful, but you sometimes jump to conclusions a little too quickly. Your speech is direct and sharp. You are apt to get into arguments with family members, and when you do, you are not the least bit shy about pointing out their personal deficiencies. You are always rushed. You drive too fast, and you're a little too impatient when caught in traffic. In matters of the mind, you are highly competitive.

Mars in 4th house

The Mars fourth house placement shows energies expended in the home and the domestic scene. You have an aggressive drive for security, and you may have a strong sense of patriotism. This placement usually shows many family quarrels and squabbles, and often persons with this placement of Mars choose not to marry. This is also the placement for the active do-it-yourself repairman, always busy fixing up or improving the home. As this placement is also connected to the land, there may be interests in environmental and ecological movements, perhaps expressed in an active or militant manner. Physically, this position is rewarding, because you are likely to retain a strong constitution, even into old age.

Mars in 5th house

This association of Mars with the fifth house shows a great expenditure of energies pursuing the pleasures of life, including romances. You are athletic, impulsive and fickle. Mars in the fifth will expand on inclinations toward showing off, theater, or creative talent. You have an active and aggressive sex drive, making you highly competitive in courtship, and jealousy during this period of your life may be apparent. You love to compete, but may be a bad loser. Sociable, and a born promoter, you may be a bit self-indulgent, and at times, foolhardy. Many your activities and much of your energy may be related to children.

Mars in 6th house

The Mars sixth house placement suggests that you are a hard and energetic worker. You don't hesitate to exert yourself in your job and you have no tolerance for laziness in those with whom you work. The type of work you do may vary based on other factors in the chart. Whatever it is, you are likely to be one displaying a good deal of driving energy in your labors. You have aggressive tendencies in the work place that may cause problems with your coworkers. Unless you learn to control your temper, you may find it difficult to exist harmoniously with coworkers. You are a perfectionist, but sometimes, over concern with details can cause you to miss the major issues. You're likely to be found in the middle of any labor dispute, because you are staunch backer of labor issues.

Mars in 7th house

The Mars seventh house placement often shows problems in marital relations and in dealings with business partners. You may get married at a young age, or too quickly without due forethought. The marital partner, close friends and business partners are likely to possess aggressive natures, and impulsive behavior stemming from these relationships is predictable. This is a good position for work in sales, because you are very competitive. In this field, necessary tact in dealing with associates must be learned.

Mars in 8th house

The Mars eighth house placement denotes strength in investigating, credit management or investigation, scientific researching or investigating, and generally, extracting information in nearly any field. You may have special talents in several fields such as medicine, finance, law enforcement, or troubleshooting problem areas in a wide range of occupations. In whatever field you labor, you are a specialist at getting things done and solving problems that require some digging. You have strong desires and possess an especially active sex drive. You are likely to have conflicts involving joint finances, corporate finances, or personal inheritances.

Mars in 9th house

The Mars ninth house placement in your chart shows an active interest in travel, outdoor sports and religious or philosophical causes. You always have the courage of your convictions and a forceful approach to promoting your ideas. You can sway others to your beliefs with sheer enthusiasm, and you become very upset and impatient when you can't. When it comes to travel, you are adventurous, and if the means are available, you will spend a good deal of time traveling abroad. You are aggressive in your pursuit of education and personal development.

Mars in 10th house

Mars in the tenth house denotes a strong need for status. The preponderance of your energy is focused in pursuing a career, and you have a strong need to reach the top in your field. This placement attracts you to politics, management or the military. You have initiative and executive ability to support your professional ambitions. This is a power position that doesn't enhance your concern for human values necessarily, unless traits of sensitivity are shown elsewhere in the chart. Still, it's usually a strong indicator of leadership potential, despite the rest of the chart.

Mars in 11th house

The Mars eleventh house placement indicates energies aimed toward your favorite cause. You may be a champion of the little people, and excel in arousing groups of people to a worthy project. You are an organizer or at least an initiator of action, and perhaps even a militant demonstrator. While no one in a group will work harder than you, sometimes you can be a disruptive force because of your independent attitude.

Mars in 12th house

The Mars twelfth house placement shows desires and actions are influenced by the subconscious mind. You have a compelling sense of mission, but most of your desires are kept secret to avoid open opposition from others. You are secretive about your work or you prefer working alone and perhaps even in seclusion. Unconscious anger needs to be brought into the open and understood.

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Jupiter in Houses 

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance

The house placement of Jupiter shows the area in which you are likely to think positively and optimistically. In a general sense, things work well for you in the house that Jupiter occupies. Nonetheless, there can sometimes be too much of a good thing in this house.

Jupiter in 1st House

Jupiter in the 1st house shows that this planet plays an important part shaping your personality. This can be both good and bad, depending on how it's handled. A 1st house Jupiter is broad-minded and optimistic. You focus on the brighter side of life. You are honest, trustworthy, and benevolent, and for these, you are well liked and popular. On the negative side, Jupiter here can make one too self-indulgent, extravagant, or conceited. Being the planet of expansion, you may have to deal with a weight problem. Anyway, this position increases your self-confidence and gives you a somewhat dignified manner, especially as you grow older. You are likely to have strong religious or moral convictions. This gives you the capacity to become an authority or a leader in whatever field of endeavor you select. This may be especially so in activities relating to religion, education or social development.

Jupiter in 2nd House

Jupiter in the 2nd house playing an important part shaping your attitudes toward money, material issues, and your sense of worth. Anyway, you are a fortunate person regarding money and property. This placement can have a negative side in that you may spend about as freely as you earn, and you may have a tendency to overextend yourself in a financial sense. Self-doubts that may be expressed elsewhere in the chart, evaporate when it comes to making and spending money.

Jupiter in 3rd House

Jupiter in the 3rd house shows Jupiter plays an important part shaping a mentality that is optimistic, philosophic, and spiritually inclined. This expands the capacity for learning in the fields of education, philosophy, writing, publishing and communication. You are very fortunate in the educational opportunities that you receive early on. Your relationship with your brothers and sisters, and other relatives is very good, and beneficial to you long term.

Jupiter in Fourth House

Jupiter residing in the fourth house shows that the planet plays an important part shaping a devotion to home and family and often the receipt of help from parents well beyond the formative years. You gain a great deal from the influence of your parents, especially your mother. Because of early circumstances, you may enjoy many social and educational advantages. This position also suggests that the latter half of life will be full and fortunate. The fourth house describes circumstances in the late life, and Jupiter is the planet of expansion and good fortune.

Jupiter in 5th House

Jupiter in the 5th house shows that the planet plays an important part shaping an ability to proceed through life very much on the strength of your character. You are apt to live a privileged life, which you are able to accept as your rightful due. You have much good fortune, and you enjoy yourself as a result of this planet, known as the greater benefic. While life is essentially an enjoyment for you, Jupiter is also a planet with a higher purpose, and you are apt to feel an inner drive for personal expression and the need to make a contribution to society. Jupiter in the 5th house often produces success in teaching, politics, the ministry, or in the entertainment business. Often, this placement denotes a rather large family or a significant association with children.

Jupiter in 6th House

Jupiter in the 6th house shows that the planet plays an important part shaping in the work environment. You are one who can be counted upon to provide assistance and service to others. You raise the morale of those with whom you work, and you are looked on as the person to resolve issues and inspire cooperation. A friendly, human touch allows you to be successful in the field of personnel management or working with the public at large.

Jupiter in 7th House

Jupiter in the 7th house suggests that the planet plays an important part shaping good fortune in the marriage or in other partnership arrangements. This is because of your openness, friendliness and benevolence to others. Your strong sense of justice prompts you to always deal with others fairly and to expect the same in return. Part of your success in partnerships can be attributed to your good judgment in selecting the right associates and partners, and material gains are likely to result from relationships developed. With Jupiter in the 7th, marriage is usually successful unless aspects are adverse. Badly aspected, there is a tendency to be overly optimistic regarding relationships.

Jupiter in 8th House

Jupiter in your 8th house shows that the planet plays an important part shaping success in a financial sense through partnerships, marriage, or inheritance. You know how to handle money, especially money belonging to others, and you are able to profit from shrewd investing. You have a knack for developing land, people, ideas or whatever, that others might write off as lost causes.

Jupiter in 9th House

Jupiter in the 9th house suggests that the planet plays an important part shaping a far reaching view of such weighty issues as philosophy, religions and higher education. You are likely to seek as much education as you possibly can, and because of your knowledge, you may well become a teacher in some phase of higher education yourself. You are likely to travel extensively, and you will benefit from these travels in a variety of ways.

Jupiter in 10th House

Jupiter in the 10th house shows that the planet plays an important part shaping the prospects for prominence and high standing in your career. This is achieved because you are a careful and farsighted planner and you are able to pave your own way to success. Ethical principles are very important to you, and you achieve influence from the respect you command. This placement is useful in overcoming obstacles and challenges and paves the road to success in the public arena.

Jupiter in 11th House

Jupiter in the 11th house suggests that the planet plays an important part shaping the outcome of your hopes and wishes. This placement also relates to your friends and associates, indicating that you are very fortunate in developing strong friendships that benefit you in a variety of ways. You are a natural organizer and planner of large scale activities. Much of your achievements are as a result of the backing of your many supporters. Politicians often have this placement.

Jupiter in 12th House

Jupiter residing in the 12th house shows that the planet plays an important part shaping benefits from unseen sources. This placement shows an interest in introspective study, research or working behind the scenes. It often shows a willingness to extend assistance to others without expectation of reward. Repayment is received, nonetheless, in the form of the invisible protection provided by this position. There is a degree of unconscionable extravagance and tendency to act before thinking attached to this position.

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Saturn in Houses 

Saturn, the planet of heavy responsibility and restrictions

Saturn's place in the chart highlights the area in which you are likely to shoulder heavy responsibilities and encounter obstacles. Saturn is the planet of restrictions and limitations, and its position marks the spot where difficult challenges will be met.  This is the house in which your management abilities will be tested.

Saturn in 1st house

Saturn is positioned in your first house, so it too becomes an important element of your personality. This placement suggests a conservative slant in your personality. You project a certain stiffness, seriousness, and determination reflected in your presentation of yourself to the world. You can become somewhat of a law unto oneself, trying to dominate others with whom you come in contact. Your disposition is serious and resolute making it hard for you ever to relax and have a good time. You are highly self-disciplined, but prone to depression at times. You have to deal with a very sharp conflict in your nature imposed by Saturn, as your demeanor can be a cover up for a shyness or an inferiority complex. Your personality is more restricted than may have been suggested by the Rising sign or by the Sun and Moon placements. This planet adds much stability to your nature, a serious side, if you will. A solid sense of self-worth may be slow to develop.

Saturn in 2nd house

he second house of financial and material affairs denotes a good deal of ambition and hard work associated with accumulating material security. You are shrewd in business and always get your money's worth. The urge to conserve is accented, and you are very practical about saving for that rainy day. Some with this placement are down right miserly. Although financial security is a difficult goal to achieve, and it is likely to meet with many delays and obstacles.

Saturn in 3rd house

Saturn positioned in the third house of mental processes and communication denotes mental discipline and practicality. Yet it often produces feeling of inadequacy and mental depression. Ideas are practical, and judged based on their usefulness and substance. Speech is deliberate and usually well considered. You are naturally cautious in legal matters and the signing of contractual documents. You may have experienced difficulties or delays in obtaining your education, and your early years of learning and life may have been particularly difficult. You tell the truth and have a firm sense of right and wrong.

Saturn in 4th house

Saturn positioned in the fourth house relates to the base of operation; the home environment. This placement denotes heavy responsibilities incurred though family affairs and the home. In this environment, you may have the sole task of disciplinarian or supporting factor. You have an ingrained dislike for change, perhaps prompted by a real fear of the unknown and the untested. You have a strong concern for your security, and you take conservative actions to insure that you are provided for later on. You cling to the past and to your roots. Yet you will probably be happier away from your place of birth.

Saturn in 5th house

Saturn positioned in the fifth house is associated with the romantic nature, creativeness and offspring. This placement denotes that you are person who finds it hard to just relax and enjoy yourself. Romances are serious business for you, but they can produce more pain than pleasure. Your romantic partners are likely to be older than you. Obligation is attached to your romances. The rearing of offspring may be difficult for you in various ways. Financial speculations will be entered with caution to avoid losses. Personal self-expression reflects a serious tone, and you find your best outlets in business management and politics. If you have creative talents, this placement will make it very difficult for you to express them or will delay the time when you become recognized for your talents.

Saturn in 6th house

Saturn in the sixth house and associated with work and health issues denotes that you are conscientious and dutiful, even when obliged to work at dull chores. Indeed this may often be the case. At work you can handle minute details for long periods of time. You take your job very seriously. Often, you are expected to handle the heaviest of responsibilities. Worry and overwork are common with this position. Unfortunately, opportunities for advancement are slow to come about. Health matters may be a constant concern. Some with this position suffer from hypochondria.

Saturn in 7th house

Saturn in the seventh house of marriage and partnerships denotes a very cautious approach to marriage and the likelihood that marriage will be delayed. You are a very stable partner. When the marriage is finally made, it will endure, though in all aspects it may not be totally happy. Your mate may be an older person, or a somewhat serious and sober individual. Partnerships, including marriage, are restrictive to you, but you accept circumstances for better or for worse.

Saturn in 8th house

Saturn in the eighth house of joint finances and sexual affairs denotes very strict and restrained attitudes regarding sex and money. It suggests financial difficulties relating to joint funds of the business partner or the marital partner. With a Saturn influence in the eighth house, financial responsibilities or obligations are very apt to weigh heavily upon you. You are likely accountable for the holdings of others, as well as your own.

Saturn in 9th house

Saturn in the ninth house of higher education, philosophy, religion and travel denotes a stable and practical philosophy of life. The placement explains the chief reason that you are probably not one who can easily accept concepts such as astrology. You are highly orthodox in religion, education, and business. You hold to both the letter and spirit of the law. You are very exacting and focused, possessing very strong administrative skills, especially in the fields of religion, education, publishing, or the law. You are likely to be politically conservative.

Saturn in 10th house

Saturn in the tenth house of the career and of public acclaim denotes strong career or status needs, and the drive to achieve success in a profession. This is especially true after the first transit of Saturn that occurs in the 29th year. This position gives farsighted organizational and managerial ability, with the quest for authority and power. This placement sometimes creates a Napoleonic complex or dictatorial attitudes.

Saturn in 11th house

Saturn in the eleventh house of hopes and wishes, friends and associations makes goals and ambitions hard to obtain. Yet it bestows much patience and willingness to work. Your circle of friends may be wide, but few are intimate. Many of your friends may be older than yourself. Heavy demands may be placed on you by your friends, acquaintances, or by associations to which you belong.

Saturn in 12th house

Saturn in the twelfth house of the subconscious mind and hidden problems denotes work behind the scenes, usually in large institutions. It is hard to achieve the recognition that may become due. There is a subconscious need to retreat, and a craving for work in solitude. Subtle subconscious doubts may affect your self-confidence. Often much loneliness is shown by this placement.

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Uranus in Houses 

Uranus shows that area of the life in which strong urges for individuality and freedom of expression are shown. In this house you should expect sudden and unexpected changes to occur during your life. Uranus brings radical behavior caused by your actions, the action of others, or by circumstances over which you have no control.

Uranus in 1st house

Uranus resides in the first house exerting its erratic behavior in the personality. This placement suggests that you may often be said to "march to a different drummer." Individuality is very strong in your nature, and you want freedom in your personal behavior. People may view you as eccentric, very unusual, or preferably, somewhat advanced. You are eccentric in many ways, and common sense doesn't always figure in your actions. The positive side of this placement is that you are very inventive. Yet all too often, a willful nature and impulsiveness restrict your progress and effectiveness.

Uranus in 2nd house

Uranus resides in the second house denoting erratic behavior in this house of material affairs. This placement often shows recurring unforeseen circumstances upsetting financial affairs. You'll experience ups and downs in money conditions. A need for independence, in a financial sense, may prompt you to go into business for yourself. Whether you do or not, your income is not likely to be fixed and stable.

Uranus in 3rd house

Uranus resides in third house bestowing its erratic behavior in that part of the chart associated with your thinking and method of communicating, as well as your early school life endeavors. This placement also has an association to your interactions with brothers, sisters and other relatives. It suggests a willfulness and a rebellious nature, especially in the early part of life. Yours is a very spontaneous mind that may be involved with advanced or new age thinking. You are apt to have frequent upsets in dealing with your brothers, sister, other relatives and acquaintances. Short trips and excursions are rarely planned; the urge just strikes, and you go.

Uranus in 4th house

Uranus in the fourth house exerts its erratic behavior in the home and base of operation. This placement shows the possibility of sudden upsets or changes in the home life. There is a tendency to seek a sense of freedom in the home environment; to want to come and go as you please. In some ways, the living conditions will be different or unusual, and counter to family traditions.

Uranus in 5th house

Uranus in the fifth house exerts its erratic behavior in house of love affairs, personal creativity, offspring, and dealings with children. The placement shows you are a highly inventive and creative person. Yet you may need to learn self-control, and perhaps gain a better sense of self-knowledge. You can be reckless and foolhardy. Urges toward speculation can be costly. You have strong urges to be free and independent. Your offspring possess many of these same characteristics. They can cause you much trouble unless you channel their energies in the right direction at an early age. Romantic involvement occurs in sudden and unconventional ways, and breaks are also sudden and unexpected.

Uranus in 6th house

Uranus in the sixth house exerts its erratic behavior in the area of your chart associated with the work environment and with health issues. This placement produces trouble when the nature of the work is routine. You must have change and the opportunity to express your original ideas for improving the work place. You are the type that has to learn the hard way to do what you're told, no more or no less. At times you may work yourself into a nervous condition, and at other times, you fight the job all the way. You are a highly inventive employee, but one who is bound to have problems with the boss, and sudden breaks and changes in work may be expected. When it comes to health and diet, you're an experimenter, trying new diets and health fads.

Uranus in 7th house

Uranus resides in the seventh house bringing its erratic behavior in this house of marriage and partnerships. This placement often shows the marriage or other partnership affiliations are with persons who are in most ways very different from yourself. Major unexpected changes can occur in partnership arrangements, including your marriage. You may marry on the spur of moment and be inclined to part just as suddenly. You must consciously strive to develop long term commitments as you are very independent. Relationship flourish when major upsets and unexpected changes can be accepted and absorbed.

Uranus in 8th house

Uranus positioned in the eighth house exerts its erratic behavior in this house associated with joint resources, corporate funds, and legacies. This placement suggests strong psychic feelings and a keen intuition. Joint finances and investments are subject to erratic ups and downs, and all types of business relationships are subject to sudden changes and swings. Unexpected legacies are often a product of this position.

Uranus in 9th house

Uranus in the ninth house exerts its erratic behavior in matter of higher thought, law, religion, philosophy and travel. This placement denotes a liberal and advanced philosophy of life. You have an intuitive, socialistic and utopian outlook. Your mind never seems to function along conventional paths, and you are more than willing to put aside customs of the past favoring new ideas. When it comes to traveling, you are independent and adventurous, enjoying long trips to exotic places.

Uranus in 10th house

Uranus in the tenth house denotes erratic behavior in the career and in the way the public views your actions. This placement denotes unique and offbeat approaches to the career. You must be your own boss if you are going to avoid clashes with people in command. Flashes of insight make it clear how the job should be done and you proceed following this insight, despite what anyone else wants or thinks. You are never afraid to make decisions and take authoritative action. It is always important for you to have much independence in your professional endeavors.

Uranus in 11th house

Uranus in the eleventh house exerts its erratic behavior in this house of your hopes and wishes, and with friends and associations. This placement suggests that your life's goals and ambitions can change in a sudden and unpredictable fashion. You have some difficulty making up your mind and settling into your life work. You make friends easily but keep a distance and probably have few close relationships. Your friends tend be freethinking and forward looking, and with them, you promote liberal and progressive causes.

Uranus in 12th house

Uranus in the twelfth house exerts its erratic behavior in the area relating to your subconscious mind. This placement suggests a subconscious feeling of "cabin fever" that may inhibit your strong urge to feel totally free and independent. You may be a loner that works best by yourself. Your investigative skills, and perhaps even psychic abilities, can be valuable assets. You need to accept life as you find it, and avoid setting up subconscious oppositions.

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Neptune in Houses  

Neptune, the planet of higher spiritual forces and unrealistic behavior

Neptune's spot in the horoscope may show that area of the life where sacrifices are likely to be necessary. Neptune has to do with the psychic. Its influences are vague, mystical and dreamlike in nature. The house that Neptune occupies shows where the higher spiritual forces may make their presence felt, and where you are unrealistic sometimes.

Neptune in 1st house

Neptune's placement in the first house indirectly imposes an influence upon your personality. This placement suggests that you are susceptible to subliminal influences. You're highly impressionable and intuitive. There is apt to be a strong reliance on spiritual qualities. There can be self-delusion associated with this placement, and often there is a good bit of confusion regarding goals and proper direction in life. Thus, you may drift in life, and miss or delay action that should be taken. A lack of definite self-image can, if you let it, force you to depend on others for support and direction. Thanks to this placement, you are probably much more psychic than most people and perhaps much more psychic than you believe yourself to be.

Neptune in 2nd house

Neptune residing in the second house imposes an influence upon material affairs in your life. Self-deception often influences spending and the result may be over extension of finances. You may experience losses due to poor judgment and carelessness with your money. The slightest compromise with the truth can cause you much difficulty in money matters. Beware of get rich quick schemes that seem too good to be true; they probably are.

Neptune in 3rd house

Neptune in the third house imposes an influence on your mental processes and your communication with others. This placement shows a very intuitive mind, and sometimes, an ability to communicate on a higher plane. It often suggests involvement in some way with mass media or with advertising. In your youth, your mind may be subject to drifting and wandering, and a practical channeling of ideas and information must be developed and maintained. Insecurities in the early part of life are likely.

Neptune in 4th house

Neptune in the fourth house suggests a strong association with the base of personal security, your home life, and perhaps your mother. This denotes strong and unconscious emotional ties with one's home and family. The lesser dominate of your parents may be somewhat psychic, or at least a distinctive personality in some way. There is a sense of uncertainty attached to the home environment, and this is often caused by some behind the scene problem, such as an alcohol or drug abuse in the home. You may have a strong desire to live near the water. As you grow older, by choice, you may become more reclusive and withdrawn.

Neptune in 5th house

Neptune, in the fifth house, imposes an influence on romances, the ability to be creative, and upon offspring. This placement shows an intuitive gift for role playing. Perhaps you have a talent for acting, or at least a strong love of theater, the movies, or about any kind of fantasy make-believe or image-making. In romantic relationships you are the true romantic, and experiences can be somewhat chaotic and confusing. Offspring are likely to be intuitive and highly sensitive, often requiring special handling and understanding. There is little pay back or appreciation received for your efforts and understanding in this regard.

Neptune in 6th house

Neptune in the sixth house suggests a strong association with the work environment, the need to provide assistance to others, and health. You may have a spiritual compulsion to help. This placement denotes glamorous illusions relating to the work attitude. You have difficulty concentrating on mundane jobs and attending to details. You have trouble getting organized and holding to practical objectives. Routine work can be a problem for you. You may have an abnormal sensitivity to drugs, alcohol, and medications and you should be cautious in this regard.

Neptune in 7th house

Neptune in the seventh house indirectly imposes an influence upon your ability to interact with others and to function in marital and other relationships. This placement can produce idealistic and often unrealistic views regarding marital relations, and for that matter, all types of relationships. Sometimes there is a strong psychic link with the marriage partner, and there is usually a strong intuitive awareness of other people.

Neptune in 8th house

Neptune in the eighth house suggests a strong association with the funds of others; inheritances, taxes, insurance and company funds. This denotes unusual, secret, or deceptive circumstances surrounding joint funds, insurance, taxes, or legacies. In some unfortunate cases, losses and bizarre difficulties relate to partners' finances or corporate money, through deception by either yourself or others. Be particularly careful with matters relating to taxation, the handling of insurance matters, and all legal dealings.

Neptune in 9th house

Neptune in the ninth house suggests a strong association with matters of higher education, philosophy, religion, and travel. This placement suggests a mind that is impressionable and highly intuitive. You are somewhat susceptible to embracing out of the ordinary religions or philosophies (such as astrology). In higher education, the study or teaching of the arts is likely. This position also shows confused interaction with in-laws caused by a lack of understanding of these individuals or their lack of understanding of you.

Neptune in 10th house

Neptune in the tenth house suggests some spiritual ideas regarding the career and public recognition. This placement suggests a degree of confusion surrounds the career, and it may be particularly difficult for you to settle on one. Your public image may not clearly reflect you actual persona or the private self. You may aspire higher than you can reach, or the world may refuse to give you the credit you deserve for what you have accomplished.

Neptune in 11th house

Neptune in the eleventh house denotes an influence upon your hopes and dreams, and those friends and organizations with whom you associate. This may show that you are somewhat indiscriminate socially. You may have a tendency to associate with people that are considered by normal standards to be very usual, and in some cases real oddballs. You're likely to be a schemer and a plotter. You dream big dreams and your hunches are often correct. Yet be sure your dreams are based on realistic and attainable goals.

Neptune in 12th house

Neptune in the twelfth house imposes an influence on issues in the realm of your subconscious. A twelfth house Neptune sometimes produces fears and neurotic problems arising from the past. There is a tendency to be deeply involved with the unfortunate side of life. You may have a great compassion for people who are the outcasts of society, or those with physical or mental problems. This is an indicator of deep introspection and sometimes a cloistered life, preferring this to the commotion of the mundane sphere.

Pluto in Houses  

Pluto, the "planet" of struggle and revolutionary changes 

Although Pluto is no longer recognized as a planet, its influence in astrology is well studied now for almost three quarters of a century.  Pluto's place in the chart marks the house in which revolutionary changes often occur. This dwarf planet represents reforming and regeneration. Pluto is a powerful influence for some individuals, and its presence in a house suggests a power struggle may also be found in this house.

Pluto in 1st house

Pluto positioned in first house results in an increased intensity to the personality and a more powerful will. Your personality is magnetic, and you often crave power, as the ego is very strong. You may have an expanded sense of initiative, but find it more difficult to work with people than your Ascendant suggested. This is because of the powerful and dominating tendencies in your nature. There is also a mystery here, as you are a difficult person to get to know. Conformity is never easy for you.

Pluto in 2nd house

Pluto positioned in the second house results in an enhancement of any drive you may have for acquiring material resources. You are resourceful in making money, often perceiving hidden opportunities others may overlook. Mining operations or research projects often produce gain. In certain cases, the legitimacy of methods employed in gaining wealth can be questioned. The financial circumstances can be subject to wide swings of gains or losses.

Pluto in 3rd house

Pluto in the third house shows the possibility of disruptive occurrences altering your early childhood, family relations, and education. This position adds a penetrating dimension to your mind. You comprehend the deep meaning of communications with others, and you develop very strong and often controversial opinions. Your opinions are either expressed in a very forceful manner or you are totally silent on the subject. You are likely to be interested in the study of deep and complex matters, and you have an almost compulsive need to learn.

Pluto in 4th house

Pluto in the fourth house results in a degree of tension in the home environment, and a dominating attitude with family members. Power struggles can develop in this environment. There is a strong and deep-seated attachment to the home or the land. This can sometimes extend to a serious interest in earth sciences or professions.

Pluto in 5th house

Pluto positioned in the fifth house suggests that you may produce offspring that are strong-willed and hard to control. There is a tendency toward strong urges to expend money on expensive pleasures, or to get too deeply involved in gambling. In your romantic relationships, there is an attempt to dominate, or to attract a partner who attempts to dominate you.

Pluto in 6th house

Pluto in the sixth house allows you to make major improvements in your work environment, but usually with methods that could be considered revolutionary or excessively strong-willed. When this planet becomes active in your chart, you can be an overbearing person toward coworkers or your employees, and this planet often produces major upsets in this environment. You may be an extremist when it comes to health and fitness issues.

Pluto in 7th house

Pluto is positioned in the seventh house producing attitudes that may make partnerships deep and complex arrangements. It is likely that your life will be drastically altered by marriage or other personal relationships. Your partner is shown by this placement to be especially strong-willed, and there can be some major tests of wills in this relationship. This placement may intensify your natural sense of justice and reactions against wrongdoers.

Pluto in 8th house

Pluto is positioned in the eighth house resulting in much penetrative potency and a focus on eliminating that which obstructs or restricts your course of action. You are highly analytical. You also possess a good money sense enabling you to wield much financial power. There is a tendency to let little stand in your way of reaching goals that may seem more like obsessions than merely objectives.

Pluto in 9th house

Pluto is positioned in the ninth house of higher thought suggests the need to understand the fundamental forces of man and nature. The higher mental powers are especially strong and inclined toward regeneration of legal, educational, moral, and philosophic systems. There is significant perception of the core causes of problems connected with the larger social order. The intuition regarding such matters is highly developed giving profound insight and understanding. You have little tolerance for hypocrisy and social injustice. There may be a tendency to impose views on others.

Pluto in 10th house

Pluto's place in the chart marks the house in which revolutionary changes often occur. This planet represents reforming and regeneration. Pluto is positioned in your tenth house denoting a strong will and need to succeed in a career. This planet here often shows an aptitude for some field of science, a healing profession, or perhaps merely dealing with powerful individuals such as in a political environment. Interruptions and breaks in business or professional activities may occur because of the disruptive nature of Pluto.

Pluto in 11th house

Pluto is positioned in the eleventh house suggesting reformer tendencies expressed though group activity. You are apt to be an activist in the most literal sense of the word. The placement suggests the potential for successful and dynamic group leadership. Strong and powerful friends are suggested by this house position. The rights of others must be respected, and you must use your will power cooperatively to function creatively within the group.

Pluto in 12th house

Pluto is in the twelfth house denotes a preoccupation with the mysteries of life and death, and matters relating to a higher consciousness in life. This placement sometimes shows association with social outcasts or subversive elements. At its worse, it can show force your will upon others, while at its best it may make you a champion of people who are very unfortunate. Karmic influences over which you have little control may affect your life.
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