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Binaural Beats
Binaural Frequency Harmonics for an altered state of consciousness

I got extremely excited the day I discovered Jim McElwee's page on binaural frequency harmonics.  I had long wanted to pursue information on a number of the spiritual/metaphysical topics that he features in his extensive audio offerings.  Also, my wife and I needed to lose a few (quite a few) extra pounds, and nothing seemed to be working.  This was several months ago, and now after using several of the programs, I am even more excited.  Binaural Beats work.  They are great!

But you don't  have to take my word for it.  Jim McElwee,, and Clickbank promise that you will be satisfied or your money will be refunded.  This is a no questions asked unconditional guarantee.

So what are these Binaural Beat Audios?

It might be better to shart which what they're not.  Binaural Beats are Not a "New Age" Fad. Binaural Beats have been researched for almost 170 years. The human brain goes through many frequency cycles during each day. Different frequencies produce different effects to the human consciousness. Using this information, it has been discovered that the brains receiving and operating frequency can be altered by sound waves. Many of the most powerful brain frequencies are under 20 Hz. Since the ear itself does not respond to frequencies below 20 Hz, Binaural Beat Technology came about which uses the inner wiring of the brain to produce the frequency with perfect accuracy.

Jim's selection of topics is the best you will find anywhere, and the quality is the finest.

Click Here and visit where you will find much more detail and ordering information.  After you have browsed though the info and inventory, if you are still unsure, why not take advantage of the free sample offer.  Free is good.

Thanks for looking,
Michael McClain