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Welcome to!  Whether this is a first time look into astrology and numerology or you're a serious novice student, these pages should be just right for you. This is a unique site providing a multitude of easy to understand and very informative astrology and numerology readings and explanations.  All of the content remains free for your enjoyment.

The contents of this site is truly the equivalent of several free astrology and numerology textbooks online. Below find info on the key astrology and key numerology pages.  We hope to show you that astrology and numerology can be easy and fun. Write your own horoscope or numerology reading! The tools are certainly here. The site is provided for your personal use to gain insight into some of the elementary and essential elements of astrology, the horoscope, and numerology.
The site is divided into two sections, each having its own index page. Many of the basics are explained in some detail on the pages that follow, but if you have a question that is not addressed, get confused, or have any sort of comment, . I hope you will bookmark this page.  If you like what you find here, please tell your friends.

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Astrology Index 

This is an index in that it links up to all of the astrology pages.  But it is the home page for lots of interesting astrology content. Starting with some astrology key words to remember, it moves into a discussion on the astrology element - earth, fire, air, and water.  Next comes the modes of activity - cardinal, mutable, fixed, AKA the quadruplicities. Then comes a nice astrology cheat sheet on the planet and sign symbols, followed by discussions on the great astrology ages, the influence of the hemispheres, Chiron, the lunar nodes, and retrograde planets.  

The Planets in the Zodiac Signs

As the title implies, this page provides a reading for the Sun, the Moon, and the planets in each of the 12 astrology signs.  Know your Sun sign? Sure.  But what about your Venus, Moon, and Saturn?  Find them here and enjoy.

The Planets forming Aspects

In astrology, when two planets form an aspect together, the influence of each is hightened  and enhanced.  Learn the potential of planets in aspects on this special page.  Also find help calculating astrology natal chart asepcts, followed by information on the major astrology aspect configurations such as the Cross, the T-square, Grand Trine, and Yod.  Finally, the page offers discussion on transiting aspects.

Planets in the twelve houses of the horosscope

Read about the placement of the Sun, the Moon, and all of the plaents in your horosocpe.  Learn about the part of your life influenced by these placements.

The 12 houses of the horoscope & ruler of each

The twelve houses of the astrology chart define 12 areas of our life.  The beginning of each of the houses is called the cusp.  Each house has what is called a natural sign and natural ruling planet.  This is the sign and planet which is associated with that house in the natural chart beginning with Aries and endingin with Pisces.  

The Ascendant/Rising Signs, and Other Cusps  

This page gets to the heart of reading the horoscope as it discusses the sign on the cusp of the ascendant, and the eleven house cusps that follow. Learn how your rising sign may say more about your personality than any of the planets, or even the Sun and Moon.

Readings that combine your Sun & Moon signs

This unique page couples all 144 possible combinations of Sun and Moon signs in a nutshell reading you will find very interesting.

Astrology and Relationships

This page takes an extensive look at relationships, and covers the astrology synastry fromr all directions.  Be prepared to stay a while!



Numerology Index

A handy numerology start page linking to all of the numerology topics.  This page is also key for the extensive introductory explanations.  Next a key word page showing the positive and negative traits of all of the numbers.  Then comes readings for every day of any calendar month, followed by my thoughts on master numbers, and articles on naming a baby or changing a name. Finally, there is an interesting essay on the US Presidents and their life path numbers.

Numerology Life Path Numbers

As the world learns that knowing your life path number is every bit as intresting as knowing your Sun sign in astrology, the numerology life path number page has become our most popular page.  Here you'll find a extensive reading on each life path number.

Information all about the Birth Name

So much about numerology centers on the name that you were given at birth by your parents; your FULL birth name.  This page covers the topics in detail.  Learn about your destiny number, your soul urge and inner dream numbers.  Next read about the special traits and karmic lessons that may show in your birth name, followed by the progression of the essences of the name.  Finally, the section on the planes of expression reveals even more.

Numerology Cycles

Cycles help us understand what is happening in our lives and look ahead to build forecasts.  This page discusses personal years, life path periods, pinnacles and challenges.  Mini readings are provided for each of these for understanding.

Numerology Relationship

This page is designed to help you find and/or help you understand your partner in numerology terms.  Mini readings hint at possible outcomes of the numbers combined in a relationship.