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Summary of the 12 Houses    

Summary of Houses       Your Rising Sign & Houses Overlay
The Twelve  houses of the astrology chart define twelve areas of our life.  The beginning of each of the houses is called the cusp.  Each house has what is called a natural sign and natural ruling planets.  This is the sign and planet which are associated with that house in the natural chart beginning with Aries and ending with Pisces.

The Astrodienst charts show another division of the houses.  This division places the houses in groups that are on the angles, the angular (ang); houses that follow immediately behind each angular house, the succedent (suc) houses, and the third in line, the cadent (cad) houses. There are four each, angular, succedent, and cadent houses. Older books taught that planets in the angular houses were somewhat stronger and planets in the cadent houses were weaker in influence. Now little attention is paid to this idea.

Here are listed the twelve houses of the astrology chart with the rulerships, and a brief summary of the area of life depicted there:

House Natural sign Planet Ruler House Affairs



The Ascendant. Your projected behavior, temperament, health, how you react to those around you, and your appearance.



Your material side. Security, gains, losses, financial condition and your concern about these matters.



Your mental aptitudes, early childhood, everyday communication, your siblings, and early education.



Domestic affairs and conditions, the nurturing parent, the home, and the family life. The end of life.



Love affairs, procreation, your children, creative expression, luck and speculation.



The work environment, the employer and employees, the routine, health issues, hygiene.



Marriage partner, business partners, contracts, joint endeavors.



Attitude toward life/death, possessions of others, wills and legacies; sex and regeneration.



Religion, philosophy, publishing, higher learning, distant travel, foreign countries.



Reputation, social status, fame or the lack of it, worldly standing, the other parent.



Friends, clubs, organizations, associations, goals, hopes, and wishes



The subconscious mind, hidden resources, hidden problems, social responsibility.

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Ascendant or Rising Sign

The First House of the Horoscope, Your Personality and Physical Traits

This first house is the "house of the self "as it deals with the physical person. The Rising sign/Ascendant is a filter lens through which the Sun, the Moon, and the planets come into play. The Ascendant distinguishes the different variables in disposition, temperament and even physical appearances in persons born on the same day, but at different times. Your Ascendant denotes the way you look at life. Often, it's the impression of "you" perceived by those around you.

Your Rising Sign (Ascendant):

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo
Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Aries on the 1st house cusp

Aries Ascendant - Aries Rising

Mars, ruler of Aries, produces a personality that is positive, aggressive, and competitive. Tact is usually lacking when Aries is on the rise because of the headstrong and aggressive mode of this influence. With Aries rising, diplomacy must generally be learned or obtained from other factors in the chart. Mars is the planet of direct action and high energy. Its influence in your horoscope suggests that true decisiveness allows you to act on ideas the moment they are formed, without much hesitation. You move from your ideas to action, never looking back.
You aren't one to waste any time getting into a project. Yet you are likely to become bored or impatient if results don't come as readily as expected, abandoning such a project to initiate something new. There's a desire to continuously prove yourself through a constant series of endeavors, whether anything gets finished or not.
Physical activity is a necessity for you, and if you don't get it, energy is apt to escape in the form of temper and frustration. You are keen, alert and possess quick reflexes. The influence of Mars produces individuals with above average athletic ability. The sign combines outstanding physical characteristics with competitive spirit.
Properly controlled, Aries can move mountains, but when out of control it can be too impulsive and self-centered in an unthinking way. You are a champion of independence and freedom, but sometimes outspoken in your opinions.
The aggressiveness of this sign often extends to mental outlook. Accordingly, you may do exceptionally well in circumstances requiring mental drive, ambition and cunning. Many leaders in business and the military can attribute their success to an Aries Ascendant.

Taurus on the 1st house cusp

Taurus Ascendant - Taurus Rising

Taurus rising produces a personality that is stable, graceful and harmonious, very much the country squire at heart. The nature of Taurus is affectionate, steadfast and loyal. You're an individual with very basic needs: good food, good sex, and a suitably luxurious place to live. Ferdinand the bull symbolized Taurus; very happy to sit in the meadow, smell the flowers and enjoy a cool summer breeze. This personality is passive and easygoing until pushed. When finally provoked, Taurus is stubborn and rigid, and can display an uncontrollable bull-like temper.
With Taurus on the rise, the majority of the time, your manner is slow and reserved. You are never one to take big chances. All reactions to proposed changes are carefully considered, and there is often resistance. You are very possessive and fixed in your convictions. Your steady and dependable methods insure that whatever project you undertake will be completed. Though dependable always, you cannot be hurried, and you refuse to do anything at other than your regulated pace.
You have a strong appreciation for the good things in life, and you never hesitate to indulge your desires. This is because Venus, as ruler of Taurus, is the ruling planet in your chart. The planet Venus, like Taurus, is associated with love, beauty, ease of living, graciousness, and charm. In a positive sense, Venus brings a high degree of diplomacy, tact, and sociability. From a more negative perspective, it can show laziness and self-indulgence. The temptation for one with this rising sign is pleasure. That can include pleasure of the sight, taste, touch, and feelings. The sensual nature is hyperactive. Frequently, there is talent or at least a strong interest in singing or speaking, natural Taurus attributes.
Physically, there is a tendency toward being heavy (prompted by both bone structure and the self-indulgence tendency) and very strong. With this strength and body design comes endurance that is rarely surpassed. The stability and steadfastness of Taurus are characteristics of the earth element. You are apt to display a very practical and pleasure-seeking approach to life that can be clearly defined as "down to earth."

Gemini on the 1st house cusp

Gemini Ascendant - Gemini Rising

Life is never the least bit dull when Gemini is in the rising position because this sign produces a personality that is so witty and clever. Unfortunately, the nature is also anxious, high-strung and diffusive. With this lively sign on the rise, you need constant mental stimulation. This is because you cannot stand the thought of being bored, not even for a minute. You want to keep yourself surrounded with people, activities, and exciting situations. You are happiest when you are very busy and fully engaged in a variety of activities. Gemini is a mental or air sign, and you are by nature very active mentally. You identify with ideas and consider yourself essentially a mental person.
You are friendly and adaptable, but at times you can be temperamental and a little indecisive. Although you appear confident, inner assurance is not a natural trait. Your disposition is good when you can manage to stay calm and serene.
You are a wonderful conversationalist, and many natives of this sign become writers, reporters or active in some phase of communication. Mercury is the ruling planet of your horoscope since Mercury is the planetary ruler of Gemini. Like the metallic chemical mercury, you are slippery and quick, extremely hard to pin down. Gemini is clever. You can out talk, out think and outsmart most people you meet.
Physically, you are agile and well coordinated. Nervous activity keeps you slender. Your enthusiasm for change is a trait that makes you perpetually young and progressive of mind, even as you grow older.
The symbol for Gemini is the twins, and this symbol depicts a duality in your nature. There is a tendency to be somewhat fickle. You can handle more than one job at a time. You tend to dart from one topic to another, from one task to the next, in and out of relationships. You are a collector of trivia and random information. With a Gemini Ascendant, you may indeed be a walking encyclopedia.

Cancer on the 1st house cusp

Cancer Ascendant - Cancer Rising

The Moon rules the sign Cancer, and therefore is called the ruler of your horoscope. When the Moon is so predominate in a chart, it produces a personality that is sensitive and a little on the timid side. You like to feel out a situation before projecting yourself into it. The Moon is the indicator of emotions, the feelings, and the sensitivities. It is also closely related to the mothering instinct. You are very protective of those who are close to you, as you are protective of yourself. If you don't have a family around you to mother, you'll probably exhibit these characteristics with your friends.
Being extremely receptive, you may be somewhat psychic or at least extremely sensitive to your environment. Your moods are very strong and changeable, much like the tides. You are ruled by your strong emotions and intuition. You can change moods in a significant way, two or three times in any day. You respond to life through feelings and emotions, instead of from thinking. You can become easily upset, but never stay that way for any length of time. When you are in control of your emotions, you can be the most understanding person one could hope to find. You are compassionate and receptive, in touch with those around you. When you are not in control, you can be miserable; the victim of your moods and sensitivities.
The symbol of Cancer is the crab. Like the crab, a Cancer Ascendant often chooses an indirect approach to meeting objectives. There is a tendency to retreat when directly confronted, but with a tenacity of purpose that is unsurpassed. The Crab is always vulnerable, but seeks shelter in a rock-hard shell. Like the crab, you can protect yourself with a shell-like personality that can make you nearly unapproachable when you feel threatened.
You identify strongly with your family, and a solid "home base" is essential to your well-being. There is a very strong connection with background and tradition, leaning toward a sense of heritage and warm, homey trappings. You can become very attached and sentimental about people, places, and belongings. You are particularly affected by memorabilia that reminds you of good times and special people.
You pick up the feelings of those around you. This makes you especially sensitive to slights, or just about any other type of negative energy. It's important for you to avoid people with problems because you are so receptive that you pick up their problems as your own.

Leo on the 1st house cusp

Leo Ascendant - Leo Rising

Leo rising produces a personality that is generous, warmhearted, and forceful. Leo is the royal sign, and having this sign for your Ascendant gives you a regal bearing and a sense of control over most situations. You are a very open and active person, showing a very happy face when things are going well. Integrity, courage, and dignity are your chief virtues, and your "sunny," extroverted disposition helps you gain the popular following you need.
Being fond of power and command, you sometimes attempt to dominate situations when it may not be called for. Even if you're not the one in charge, you carry yourself so proudly and almost reek dignity and self-assurance. You're so self-confident that you may be even a little careless at times.
Though you are quick tempered, you get over your upsets as quickly. Your personality is so engaging when everything is going well, but you are less well equipped to handle adversity. You haughtily ignore persons causing conflict in your life.
There is a tendency for you to overdo, at times becoming too extravagant and too daring. You are stubborn, but not in an unpleasant or disagreeable way. You may find it extremely difficult to break undesirable habits and behavior patterns.
You are romantic and sentimental, but sometimes a little foolhardy. You appreciate what people do for you, and you are a devoted friend who will remember and repay a kindness. You have royal tastes and a sense of luxury, prompting you to spend much to keep up appearances. Your personality is on the dramatic side, steeped in pomp and ceremony, and you may look for opportunities to release a flamboyant side of your nature.

Virgo on the 1st house cusp

Virgo Ascendant - Virgo Rising

The sign Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. Virgo is an earth sign, suggesting a practical approach to life. Mercury expresses mental energies. Thus, this rising sign is known for its practical approach, objectivity, basic detail, and analysis. Virgo rising produces a personality often on the quiet side, somewhat unassuming, and never crude or coarse.
With Virgo on the rise, you possess a mental acumen expressed in everyday practical affairs. Analytical and methodical in everything you do, you are very systematic in developing ideas and seeing projects through to completion. You are careful to notice details. So much so there is rarely a flaw in anything you do. Your mind is the epitome of neatness and order, absorbing facts and tidbits like a squirrel storing away nuts for the winter. You are a master at handling all the boring nit-picking matters others want to avoid. There is a tendency for you to become something of a workaholic, going over the same ground to be sure you haven't missed anything. You probably are a list-maker, wanting to have everything you need at hand. Everything should have a place and everything should be in its place for you to be comfortable.
As you love detail, you also love precision and order. You're refined in your conduct and demeanor. Unassuming in your behavior, you can be so modest that you may not get the credit you deserve. There is a tendency to hide behind an inquiring mind and stay out of the lead. You prefer the role of researcher, observer, critic, or teacher.
You can become very restless and nervous, having difficulty learning to relax. Your restlessness, combined with a critical nature, sometimes results in picayune fault findings. Despite the tendency to be a little fussy, Virgo rising is rarely mean or ugly. Even the tendency to criticize is just a bad habit formed early in life as a defense mechanism.

There is a tendency to focus on what is in the immediate present, often neglecting to form a vision for the future. You feel comfortable living in a world of facts and you tend to arm yourself with intellectual awareness to combat natural feelings of insecurity.

Libra on the 1st house cusp

Libra Ascedant - Libra Rising

Libra rising produces a personality that is naturally diplomatic and sociable. Graciousness, compatibility, and sociability are your obvious personality traits. This is the sign of the scales of balance and justice. The primary quality associated with Libra is a strong sense of fair play. You can see both sides of nearly any issue, and there is always a demand in your nature that justice be served. Perhaps because of this latter trait, an amazing number of the world's most famous political leaders have had Libra on the rise.
With Libra on the rise, you are good at debate, but you are not likely to be too argumentative. You strive to win your points in ways that are shrewd and politically careful. Your fixed nature is well hidden by your cooperative demeanor.
You don't function well in discordant environments as there is an overwhelming need in your nature for harmony. Neatness and order must be maintained if you are to remain comfortable in any situation. You may constantly find yourself readjusting to align yourself to the forces around you to get an inner sense of balance. You have such an even disposition, and so much charm, that you can usually please nearly everyone. You usually try to do just that. You are one who reacts to others, and you are better suited to making your way by being agreeable and taking what comes your way almost naturally.
On the negative side of Libra rising is the tendency to maintain the status quo. You want to avoid the disruption of change and avoid making waves. You may give in sometimes to the temptations of indolence. You may have a natural tendency to say what you think will please others, rather than what you really feel. The object being to hide your true feelings for the sake of winning approval and maintaining order and harmony.
Because of your inborn peace-loving and diplomatic tendencies, you are sometimes prone to fail in the primary job of taking care of number one. You are not very good at aggressively advancing yourself. You need to concentrate on learning how to stick up for yourself and realize your identity.


Scorpio on the 1st house cusp 

Scorpio Ascendant - Scorpio Rising

Scorpio rising produces a personality that is deeply reserved, secretive and determined. The power of the personality emerging from a Scorpio Ascendant is so intense, magnetic, and charismatic, that it is often somewhat overwhelming. Symbolized by the scorpion, you have an external "coat of armor" that protects and lets you survive in hostile situations. You are not the sort of person who ever knuckles under, even when pressures and circumstances would defeat lesser souls. When cornered, the famous "deadly scorpion sting" may be brought into play.
With Scorpio on the rise your personality is very powerful. People find you hard to understand, to know what you are thinking at any particular time. There is a hidden depth to your persona that is nearly impossible for others to comprehend. Much of the time you may feel as though you are misunderstood. You are very willful and self-reliant, appearing calm and in control on the surface. Yet there are strong emotions at work inwardly. Scorpio is a water sign, and it is a fixed sign. This means that you are an emotional person. These emotions are very controlled (fixed), giving you the determination and the strength to overcome just about any opponent.
Resentment and jealousy can be intense with you. You always pursue your goals with intensity. You can stand under heavy strain, and be relied upon to stay cool, even in the most serious emergency.
You're inclined to be very suspicious or skeptical, and occasionally you can be "stingingly " sarcastic. Every sign has a positive and negative expression, but with the Scorpio the range of possibilities is extreme. Everything is black or white. There are no shades of gray with Scorpio on the rise. Your penetrating stare can look right through a person or a situation. You can make an instant diagnosis and it is usually the right one.
The Scorpio personality is often maligned as over-sexed, a bit on the evil side, and often bent on revenge. This is not completely true, but Scorpio does get what it wants, when it wants it, most of the time. It is not a personality to be trifled with.


Sagittarius on the 1st house cusp

Sagittarius Ascendant - Sagittarius Rising

Sagittarius rising produces a personality that is restless, outgoing, and very independent. This Ascendant is one that produces goal oriented individuals; people with a long-range outlook and philosophical attitude. Your ambitions are geared to those long-range and large-scale goals. Simultaneously, you are apt to have a positive and optimistic outlook. You feel matters will turn out okay, no matter how large the challenge may be.
You have strong urges to cover vast distances, both physically and mentally. Usually, everything does turn out well for you. Your "Ruling" planet is Jupiter, the "great benefic." Jupiter is considered the luckiest planet in the zodiac. It produces a personality characterized by humor and a happy-go-lucky disposition. You have a need to experience life fully in a variety of ways. Open and friendly, you are usually cheerful, interested, and jovial.
One difficulty that you may have from time to time is that you to take everything and everyone for granted. You don't like dealing with pessimistic or emotional people, and you don't want the burden of dealing with their problems. You don't even like dealing with your own problems, often ignoring them with an attitude that if you don't acknowledge these situations, they will go away. There may be a fear of disappointment in your makeup that can prevent you from seeing your path to success clearly.
Although you are an excellent abstract thinker, you are also very much an outdoor person. You love nature. In this vein, you are a very spiritual person who can tune in to the higher forces in life simply by taking a walk in the woods.
You are a very direct person. Your speech can be blunt and to the point, often lacking in tact and diplomacy. Your reasoning powers are superb. To be fulfilled, you need a constant challenge and goal. If these two factors are combined in effective ways in your life, you may do much. This sign enjoys the good fortune of having thought patterns that remain young and fresh throughout life. Your outlook won't become jaded by time or turmoil


Capricorn on the 1st house cusp

Capricorn Ascendant - Capricorn Rising

Capricorn on the rise produces a personality that is serious, prudent and patient. Saturn rules Capricorn, and becomes the ruling planet in your chart. The Saturn influence suggests the most responsible type of personality, and gives a "never say die" approach to life that is the essence of your nature.
The Capricorn Ascendant also gives a reserve and a restraint that can make you seem very austere and even melancholy. You appear critical and cold because of an ethical and righteous attitude that duty must be done. This is a complex sign.
You seem aloof and remote, yet an elegant quality may conceal an inherent shyness. You are somewhat timid, and you may even suffer from feelings of inadequacy, especially in the early years of your life. Very straight-laced and proper behavior is sometimes a facade hiding a sense of insecurity or of feelings that you are unwanted or unappreciated.
You may be somewhat a workaholic and expect those around you to share such dedication to duty. You can be judgmental of others on a variety of issues. This often strains personal relationships. Because you're such a perfectionist with your work, you procrastinate a great deal. You are conservative in your actions and habits, and will remain this way even if you accumulate considerable wealth.
Usually, Capricorn on the rise produces an ambitious person. Yet you have more concern with your degree of prestige and status, than with the amount of money that achieving your goals may eventually bring. You seem very serious and old before your time while you are in your youth; even as a child, you are likely to be very self-sufficient. Sometimes responsibility is assumed at an early age.
Like the Capricorn symbol, the Mountain Goat, you climb to the top in a very slow, sure-footed way, always staying on solid ground and taking your sweet time about it. There is much stability in your makeup and you rarely become discouraged, even when you are faced with frequent setbacks and roadblocks. The combination of your superior organizing ability and overwhelming determination assures your eventual, if sometimes delayed, success

Aquarius on the 1st house cusp

Aquarius Ascendant - Aquarius Rising

Aquarius rising produces a personality that is creative, independent and detached. It is a sign that suggests many unique qualities. Often, an unusual personality which is different and ahead of its time emerges. You are intelligent and in many ways eccentric. You have a good mind that is spontaneous, inventive, original, and unique. Yet you always seem to operate on intuition and impulse, instead of a set plan. If you resist these natural inclinations to be "different," and attempt to conform to be like everybody else, you're apt to revert and rebel at crucial and inopportune times. You can become high-strung and unpredictable, thinking of yourself as a maverick. The thing you fear most is being "fenced in" and suffering the loss of your innate individuality. You are friendly and can always make significant contributions to group activities. Even in a group, you remain personally independent and somehow resist yielding to, or becoming part of, the establishment.
You can seem cool and calculating where feelings are concerned. The Aquarius personality expresses the most humanitarian instincts of the signs, but it does so in a very impersonal and detached manner. You care about people in a special way, while sometimes being accused of neglecting family and those closest to you. You can always think of ways that things could be improved, and you are a reformer at heart.
Your original and free flowing spirit allows you to succeed at most intellectual pursuits. Yet you may have difficulties with everyday mundane affairs. Being tolerant, broad-minded and curious, your interests may include many "off beat" areas of life. You especially enjoy anything that involves helping some segment of society, or reforms for the benefit of humankind.

Pisces on the 1st house cusp

Pisces Ascendant - Pisces Rising

With Pisces rising, the planetary "Ruler" of your horoscope is Neptune. This Ascendant produces a personality that is idealistic, supersensitive, and usually a person with much vision. The Neptune influence in your nature causes you to have something of a Don Quixote complex, with little concern for reality. You may be very easygoing, at times you can even seem indolent; a romantic and a dreamer.
With Pisces on the rise you may the type of person who frequently asks for advice, because you often lack the confidence to move ahead on your own, and you are so unsure of yourself. Strangely, you rarely take the advice you receive. You tend to dream your way through life, glamorizing situations, people, status, and circumstances. You are a very secretive person, in part because you are somewhat timid, a fact you hide with great skill. You may avoid drawing attention to yourself, and because you do, you may not receive the credit you often deserve. You have a strong inner need to serve others in your life's work and you can be really happy if you can do so.
Self-realization is of prime importance, and it is therefore essential for you to spend a good deal of time by yourself. Often this sign denotes involvement or strong interest in music or another form of art.
You are likely to set high goals and expect much from yourself and from those around you. Since you expect people to be perfect, you are often disappointed in them. Although you don't at all like being confrontation, you are heavily vested in the idea that you are right all of the time. Living the utopian life, you find it hard to accept that you have miscalculated.
Pisces is a water (emotional) sign and it is mutable, or adaptable. The sign of Pisces is the two fish, swimming in opposition directions. This symbolizes the difficulty that you may have in making decisions. Confrontation and clear-cut decisions are not easy for you to manage. You prefer a more considered approach that relies on your strong intuitive feelings to lead the way. There is a certain naivety associated with this Ascendant that is not unlike the Ostrich who has hidden his head in the sand.

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Second House

Material Values and Security

The second house relates to personal possessions and general prosperity. It deals with your sense of values and how you view your security. Factors associated with the second house may show how you acquire and how you spend your material resources. The house may also relate how important these assets are in your life.

Cusp of the 2nd house: 

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo
Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Aries on the 2nd house cusp - Aries material values

This part of your life is ruled by the aggressive planet Mars. Thus, when it comes to making money, you can be very assertive and competitive. There is a deep-seated inferiority complex behind your strong quest for significance. You may continue to drive yourself hard even when you no longer have a sense of material need. You tend to be impulsive and impractical when it comes to money and possessions. You put little forethought in expenditures, displaying an attitude of "easy come, easy go." Nonetheless, you almost seem to enjoy a good fight over money or possessions.

Taurus on the 2nd house cusp - Taurus material values

The Taurus influence in the second house denotes a strong drive to earn money; to build and hold financial worth and material possessions. Venus, the planet of love ruling the second house suggests a real love of money. You are good at business affairs because in this area of your life, you are practical and "down to earth." You believe in living within your means and preferably on a cash basis. You spend for tangible assets of enduring value. It's not that you won't spend money, but you demand your money's worth. Taurus is the natural sign for the second house, and you are a natural for making and accumulating money.

Gemini on the 2nd house cusp - Gemini material values

The Gemini influence in the second house focuses the mind on material matters and on making money. With Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, controlling the second house of money and possessions, you express an active interest in financial affairs. This placement shows manipulation of values toward greater earnings, and taking care of yourself in a materialistic sense. Your resourcefulness in accumulating money may result in holding more than one job simultaneously. You have a tendency to weigh and measure everything and everybody by material success. You should learn to view achievements based on social and cultural values. You probably make your money with your head instead of your hands.

Cancer on the 2nd house cusp - Cancer material values

The influence of Cancer in the second house shows that you are protective of your financial assets and possessions. The sign Cancer suggests an emotional quality. You won't be extravagant, except perhaps when in matters of the home and family. You are very adaptable and receptive to the people around you, and you instinctively perceive their needs. You can naturally derive income from some form of commerce. Your income may be closely keyed in some way to whims of the public. It may fluctuate a good deal. You have a basic fear of insecurity. Yet even with this fear, you are a generous person. Emotional and financial affairs are very much interrelated in your nature.

Leo on the 2nd house cusp - Leo material values

This is the sign of the zodiac that is ruled by the Sun. The Sun denotes your self-esteem, so your financial condition may have a close association with your self-esteem. Your earning capacity may have a lot to do with your sense of self-worth. The Leo drive for self-expression strives to accumulate material security. You tend to make finances your major objective to insure your security. You are smart in financial affairs because of knowing what the public wants, and you know how to profit from this knowledge. Doing well financially is especially important to you for the benefits it provides your offspring, and because you have this natural concern for your long term security.

Virgo on the 2nd house cusp - Virgo mateial values

Virgo on the cusp of the second house suggests that you are particular and exacting about money and possessions. You earn and accumulate by using your mind and attention to detail. You appear very careful with financial affairs, but often you can become somewhat penny-wise and pound-foolish. You may save on trivialities only to squander major amounts on luxuries and expensive entertainment. You enjoy being entertained and served in a royal fashion. When financial affairs aren't in good order, worrying about them can affect your health. 

Libra on the 2nd house cusp - Libra material values

There is balance and harmony in material affairs when Libra is the sign on the cusp of the second house. This sign suggests the accumulation of possessions is highly dependent on ventures with a partner, normally the marriage partner. With Venus ruling this house there is a love of luxury and a willingness to spend money for pleasurable and sociable activities. You want items that reflect the highest quality and finest workmanship. Yet most of the time you are a frugal soul and you don't like to waste anything. You are good at juggling figures and balancing budgets, taking the utmost care to spend and save in proper proportions to the total income. When, through the extravagance of other people, you can't keep that budget in order, you become very upset.

Scorpio on the 2nd house cusp - Scorpio material values

Scorpio on the cusp of the second house denotes a tendency toward secretiveness regarding financial affairs. You may put much intense effort in managing such affairs. You do this in a private way and it's unlikely anyone will realize much about the situation, whether it is good or bad. Further more, you resent anyone prying into your business. There is an insecurity here that diminishes sharing tendencies and forces you to try to hold on to what you have with a tenacity and reserve. Rarely do you fail to get your money's worth. Despite your natural inherent possessiveness, with Pluto ruling the house of finances, there can be some major ups and downs in your financial life.

Sagittarius on the 2nd house cusp - Sagittarius material values

The Sagittarius influence in the second house suggests that your reserve does not extend to financial affairs. You are a most generous person, willing to share what you have with those in need. Your attitude toward money is philosophical. Your interest in financial matters extends only to taking care of your needs and sharing. Accumulation is not particularly important to you. Nonetheless, you are very effective in doing whatever you set out to do in a material sense. You are lucky in this regard. Your personality attracts financial success naturally. You may have a somewhat inflated estimate of your worth, and you can be extravagant in your expenditures. You are a risk taker who may get burned from time to time. Your goal oriented approach to life usually assures that plenty of money is available to satisfy your desires. Your income is likely to be the result of long-range planning. Often long-distance travel is associated with producing revenue and earning a living.

Capricorn on the 2nd house cusp - Capricorn material values

The influence of Capricorn in the second house suggests prudence and practicality in the handling of money. Even if you were somehow to amass a much wealth, you would always be careful about how you spent it. It may be that you have a "poor" complex. By not knowing how much you are worth or what your earning potential is, you continue to live as though you had very little. When buying investments, you are inclined toward the blue chips and sure bets. Your personality is very open-hearted, but with pocketbook issues you are very cautious and practical. You may reject luxury or expensive living. It just may be that you just don't want to deal with anything so mundane as financial matters, preferring to keep your sights on the horizon.

Aquarius on the 2nd house cusp - Aquarius material values

The influence of Aquarius suggests that you are impersonal about money and possessions, and material factors can never rule your life. You are creative and even original in your methods of earning a living. It is not uncommon with this sign for individuals to have unstable incomes and derive most of funds from free-lance methods. Often income comes from capitalizing on technology and the discoveries of modern science. You are spontaneous in your earning; impulsive and even nervous when you spend. You are unafraid to take chances financially, and you look for unusual and inventive ways to invest.

Pisces on the 2nd house cusp - Pisces material values

With the sign Pisces influencing the second house, you tend to be lax and impractical when it comes to personal financial affairs. You'll spend your money on dreams and schemes, but then become emotionally upset and disturbed when the books don't balance. You have, nonetheless, a very generous spirit. While you have a definite appreciation for the better things in life, you could never be considered greedy or even materialistic. You should scrutinize financial documents and contracts carefully before you sign, for you have a tendency to be a little careless in this regard. On the more positive side, Pisces on the cusp of the second lends a sense of timing and intuition that may be an asset financially.

Third House

Learning and Communication 

The third house of the chart concerns your thought processes and how you relate to others in your formative years; your early environment and relationships. It deals with subjects such as writing, news, communication and speech; learning to deal with the world. Accordingly, it is associated with early education and basic learning.

Cusp of the third  house:

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo
Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Aries on the cusp of the 3rd house

Aries influencing activity in the third house gives a strong need to communicate with others, and to communicate forcefully. Drive and ambition is channeled into the area of communication. Your mind is active, alert and capable of making quick decisions. You are an independent thinker and somewhat likely to "shoot from the hip", and do so very well, when it comes to expressing yourself. In your early environment, you were mentally competitive. You are an aggressive learner, always seeking new ideas and new knowledge. Still you may need to learn to stay with the lesson until is mastered. You are a little too unsettled, constantly on the go and moving about. You may find it necessary to have a physical outlet to avoid mental aggravation, impatience, and verbal outbursts.

Taurus  on the cusp of the 3rd house

The influence of Taurus on the cusp of the third house creates a stubbornness in your thinking that belies your pliable nature. You are a slow learner, but once an idea is lodged in your brain, it's there to stay. In early education you may have been an indifferent student, but as you mature you accumulate a wealth of knowledge and understanding. This sign, ruled by Venus, often shows a strong interest in the arts, especially music.

Gemini  on the cusp of the 3rd house

Gemini is on the cusp of the third house suggests quickness both in thought and speech. Mercury, ruling Gemini, is the planet of intellect, thought, speech, and wit. Its rulership of this portion of the chart denotes a good conversationalist, a fact collector, and a mentally stimulating person. The only hesitation in your speech occurs when too many ideas are simultaneously present at on time. You can see and adapt to a wide variety of points of view, and argue effectively in as many directions. You can get close to a situation to investigate it well, and need to pull away to retain some objectivity. Sometimes your active mind does not stop long enough to form a conclusion. In this sense you can be a good diplomat because you can agree with divergent views and present rational alternatives. Guard against uttering hasty words and the over exercising of your nimble tongue, as this may tag you as one who speaks without forethought. You get along well in your environment because you are open and friendly, having something to say to everyone with whom you come in contact.

Cancer  on the cusp of the 3rd house

With Cancer on the cusp of the third house there is a very sensitive manner of communication. You have an ability to tune in to people's needs and public trends. An excellent memory permits you to retain the information you receive. You learn as if by osmosis. When you are interested in a subject, you can remember exact words, gestures, and even the tone of voice of the delivery. Yet you may have experienced difficulties in your early childhood education, simply because you were too emotional and moody then. Even now, your ability to discuss matters rationally, is often low, and you may react to others emotionally. During your early years you may have been close and very protective of any brothers and sisters. The influence of Cancer in the third house denotes close and emotional ties to the immediate family. You pay solicitous attention to those with whom you feel a close relationship.

Leo  on the cusp of the 3rd house

The influence of Leo in the third house suggests that the creative focus of your life is centered in matters of the mind. You take pride in your ability to present ideas in an inimitable style. Your powers of self-expression are outstanding, but sometimes style exceeds substance, as you speak for effect and appeal to the emotions. You are good at knowing what to say and what not to say. Despite your versatility and adaptability, most of your ideas and opinions are rigidly fixed. You must shine in this arena. Your pride is such that if anyone punctures your ego you may say you forgive, but you never do.

Virgo  on the cusp of the 3rd house

Virgo on the cusp of the third house suggests a strong emphasis on writing and communication. It highlights the need to talk, discuss, read and learn. This sign suggests an inferiority complex centered around communication skills, especially in the early years. Virgo produces a nervous mind, and a tendency to brood over the past. Also, there can be apprehension about the future. So you worry a lot. You can be sentimentally attached to people, and still you'll be critical of their ideas and try to improve their way of thinking. You can be overly critical of brothers, sisters or neighbors. You can be fussy about inessentials that matter little. As you grow, you are precise in speech, writing, and forming ideas that usually go into minute detail. Your plans are practical and workable.

Libra  on the cusp of the 3rd house

Libra on the cusp of the third house shows that thoughts and ideas are expressed with a graceful flair. This sign, ruled by Venus, often produces artistic talent as a mode of communication. Frequently, artists and musicians grow out of this placement. You are eager to have others agree with you, and your method of obtaining this is the use of tact and finesse. Your mind is highly refined, artistic, and idealistic. You get along easily with family members because you dislike conflict and argument. You are adept at the art of cooperation and adjustment.

Scorpio  on the cusp of the 3rd house

The Scorpio influence in this sector suggests very fixed ideas and attitudes toward matters of the mind and of learning. The sign puts much force into communication and the use of words. There is an ability to transform with the written or spoken word. In a quest for knowledge, you are intense and persistent, and the information you get is well retained. You have a discerning mind that develops fixed opinions, and you can be sharply critical of those who differ with you. Because of this critical nature, there can be friction between family members, as well as friends and acquaintances. There is a tendency to demand compliance without question to what you say.

Sagittarius  on the cusp of the 3rd house

Sagittarius influencing the third house suggests you are very talkative, expressing broad viewpoints with your very mobile mind. The influence of Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, suggests a very cheerful outlook on life, natural exuberance and optimism. You have a natural ability to communicate, especially important issues such as politics, education, and religion. Learning is very important to you, and you are likely to have set important long range goals in this regard. You love to travel and keep in touch with friends located in distant places. You believe in being well organized and prepared for whatever situation arises. You have an executive type of mind that files away details for use later. An excellent judge of character, your instincts rarely fail you.

Capricorn  on the cusp of the 3rd house

The Capricorn influence in the third house shows your careful expression of thoughts and ideas. You refrain from writing or saying anything unless there is a reason for doing so. This is why you may have a reputation for being secretive. Words are usually chosen for maximum affect. Sometimes this results in harsh and exacting speech. You have little capacity for small talk, and many people may find it difficult to communicate with you. In your early years, you may not have been very interested in school or you were in some way restricted in your ability to get an education. Later in life, this changes, and you are apt to turn to studies to attain your ambitions. You take yourself and life in general very seriously.

Aquarius  on the cusp of the 3rd house

The influence of Aquarius in the third house denotes a sparkling intellect and an inventive mind. Your thinking and writing show originality and progressiveness, but usually in fixed and inflexible terms. Sagittarius Rising often produces individuals whose thinking is well ahead of their time, and sometimes radical. New and different ideas may grab your attention. You seek education simply for the sake of learning instead of just for preparing to earn a living. There is a strong inclination to learn, and then to pass your knowledge on to others. Uranus, the spontaneous planet, rules this area of your chart. Nervous energy generated by this planet may prompt you to say whatever comes to your mind.

Pisces  on the cusp of the 3rd house

Pisces influences the third house in your Horoscope creating a curiosity in your mind regarding the underlying meanings in the words others speak. You seem profoundly aware of connections and have an innate ability to grasp the complete picture on an intuitive level. This position is associated with strong right brain learning ability, and you may have some difficulty with details even when the concept is clear. You are very private about your ideas, and you confide in only a few. In communicating, you can become over emotional and you may experience problems articulating, especially in your youth. You like to be alone when you are performing any type of mental work. When allowed this solitude, you are very creative and imaginative in your thinking and writing.

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Fourth House

Home Life and the Base of Operation

The fourth house of the chart is your base of operation; in a material sense, your home, in a more spiritual sense, your soul. Psychological roots, including family or racial traditions, are among the affairs of this house. It is associated with real estate and property, or your home and your security.

Cusp of the 4th  house:

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo
Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Aries on the cusp of the 4th house

Aries on the cusp of the fourth house denotes an aggressive attitude toward the home and family. You always take an active interest in the affairs of the home. Too often though, quarrels and spats result if your ideas of how things should be handled aren't accepted. There is a tendency to force issues and demand too much. Much of your success in life may be attributed to an ambitious mother who inspired you to make the best of yourself. The fourth house denotes activities in the latter part of life. With Mars ruling this sector of the chart, the later years will be very active. A more daring and outgoing, even youthful personality emerges as you grow older. Mature and serious in your youth, you are apt to grow child-like, and more assertive and physically active in the latter part of life.

Taurus on the cusp of the 4th house

Taurus influences affairs in the fourth house producing a strong underlying urge toward security for your family. The home must be attractive, and, if possible, paid for and well insured. You strive to put down roots and become as stable as society will allow. Preferably, you will live in the country or at least in an area large enough to allow you to garden and have a sense of nature in your environment. You have strong instincts to provide materially for your family. Unless Venus is badly aspected, the influence of Taurus on the cusp of the fourth house suggests a very pleasant, easygoing home environment, and harmony, serenity, and graciousness in your latter years.

Gemini on the cusp of the 4th house

The influence of Gemini suggests that ties to home are not particularly strong. You are apt to move about a good deal, or at least you would like to. You like to have people around you, but not the same people for too long. There is a reluctance to form lasting ties and a solid foundation. With the strong influence of Gemini in the latter part of your life, many vague ideas that formally floated through your mind may become clarified. You may find that your inclination to write or otherwise express concrete intellectual ideas increases as you grow older. Mental stimulation is likely to continue throughout your life.

Cancer on the cusp of the 4th house

The Cancer influence in the fourth house shows an unexpected sentimental side of your nature regarding home and family affairs. Roots hold an emotional importance to you as you are strongly affected by inherited patterns and responsibilities in life. You have a great sense of feeling, sensitivity, and vulnerability to issues relating to the home and family. There is a deep attachment to family traditions and home relationships. You may be especially protective of your parents and assume a role of responsibility for them. That you may have departed your early shelter at a young age has nothing to do with this idea. As you mature, there is an increasing urge for a settled center. In the home environment your assertive nature becomes easygoing and can be moody.

Leo on the cusp of the 4th house

The Leo influence in the fourth house places a significant emphasis on the home. Pride and ego characterize your attitude toward your home and family. You want home to a castle where for entertaining in grand fashion. You have home ownership and you want it to be a show place. Owning a piece of land would give you a sense of self-worth. If where you live is not a reflection of your ego, it's likely your self-image is low for some reason. Persons with Leo on the cusp of the fourth house are apt to be the one that "rules the roost." In either sex, this placement often shows the one who is the boss and makes the decisions in the family.

Virgo on the cusp of the 4th house

The Virgo influence in the fourth house makes you fussy and particular around the home. Everything has its place there. Perfectionism is at the root of your nature, and you can fuss and nag over inconsequential matters. Like your house, your desk is organized, and you may do much your work in the home. The intellectual potential promised by this position may be delayed until the last third of your life. The whimsical quality that marked your youth becomes more down-to-earth with maturity. It becomes easier for you to sort out ideas and express analytical qualities missing in your early years.

Libra on the cusp of the 4th house

Libra influencing this house suggests that you are very much in need of roots. You want to own your home and possessions, free and clear, and you need this for your emotional security. You appear very peaceful and quiet, but until you are well anchored in life, you will experience much inner restlessness and vacillation. Your home is the balancing point in your life. You need to have your abode attractively decorated, and filled with congenial people.

Scorpio on the cusp of the 4th house

The Scorpio influence in this house produces extremely strong feelings about the home and family life. This is a secretive sign, and certain matters regarding family matters are kept locked away and very private. There is a strong loyalty and protective tendency shown toward family members. You don't waste time coming to their defense when this becomes necessary. In return, you expect the complete respect and loyalty of your family members. In the early home life, your were strongly influenced by the parent of the opposite sex. This sign wants a sense of royalty, splendor, and space in the home environment. Even if you are not born to this, it's very likely that you will be living in the grand style later in life.

Sagittarius on the cusp of the 4th house

Sagittarius influences affairs of the home suggesting a strong urge to control and direct family matters. Jupiter, the planet denoting optimism and expansion, rules this area of your chart. This planet often brings a large, even opulent environment. Your goal in life is to do right by your family because of a philosophical sense of responsibility. The obligation to family is one of doing right in family matters. You hold high the meaning of the family unit in society. Morality is at the deepest roots of your nature. With Jupiter ruling the fourth house, the latter portion of your life will be very beneficial. You'll get wealthier as you grow older, both in material ways and in spiritual ways.

Capricorn on the cusp of the 4th house

When Capricorn influences the fourth house there is much responsibility in this house of home and family. With the planet Saturn ruling the home, issues of security can be of paramount importance. There is also ambition linked with this placement. You're likely to be very particular about the way your household is run, wanting everything to be efficiently organized and precisely placed. You dominate your home with a practical and no nonsense outlook. You are a strong disciplinarian, with strict, old-fashioned principles and a lofty code of ethics. You also display a solid sense of community involvement and never hesitate to accept responsibility in this regard. You are likely to take on increased responsibility in the last third of your life.

Aquarius on the cusp of the 4th house

The Aquarius influence in the fourth house suggests a strong demand for freedom in the affairs of the home. Your power drive makes it impossible to tie you down merely to the affairs of home and family. There can be many domestic upsets associated with this placement. You are likely to find it necessary periodically to change your address, and you never like the idea of moving. Your home environment is distinctive, perhaps even a bit unusual. You have many original ideas and want the latest innovations as a part of your lifestyle.

Pisces on the cusp of the 4th house

The Pisces influence in the fourth house shows an emotional tie to the home. You are sentimental about your family and willing to make sacrifices for your loved ones. You have a strong need for domestic peace and seclusion. You value the privacy of your home and use it as a retreat. Neptune, the planet of the idealistic and unrealistic, is ruling this area of the chart. You are sensitive to your home environment, and to the environment in general. You want and need ideal conditions in your surroundings. You look for the kind of living space that provides an escape from the realities of your everyday life.

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Fifth House of the Horoscope

Recreation, Romance, and Creativity

The fifth house is the field of self-expression. This area shows effort put forth to distinguish yourself from others. It deals with your romantic affairs, procreation, your offspring, and with artistic endeavors, hobbies, books written, etc. It deals with your aptitude toward speculation; how naturally lucky (or unlucky) you are.

Cusp of the 5th  house:

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo
Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Aries on the Cusp of the 5th House

The influence of Aries in the fifth house suggests that you aggressively seek romance, entertainment and recreation pleasures. You never mind spending your money for leisure time activities, whatever they may be. You love the outdoors and a need to stay on the move. You have a sporting attitude that makes you fun to be around. With Mars ruling this sector of your chart, physical activity is necessary for your well-being and happiness.
You are well equipped to work with young people, but you may be a bit impatient dealing with very young children.

Taurus on the Cusp of the 5th House

With Taurus on the cusp of the fifth house there is an emphasis on love and beauty, harmony and getting along. So you are romantically inclined, and physical affection is important to you. You have a very loving nature toward your offspring, but the fixed nature of Taurus suggests very strong and fixed views regarding their behavior and the proper upbringing. You have a tendency to adore your offspring, dote on them, and sometimes you may spoil them. Often, the offspring of this sign are artistic, talented, and have social graces. The Taurus influence also suggests personal artistic talents, and you may have a natural artistic ability leading to self-expression in some form of the arts. Self-expression in any form, romantic involvement, or children, serve to mitigate the pressures and possible hardships of your youth.

Gemini on the Cusp of the 5th House

The influence of Gemini on the cusp of the fifth house produces a cool and intellectual approach to romance. Variety is the spice of life, and before you settle down, you will likely have a large variety of casual affairs. Extremes in passion never seem your style. Gemini is the sign of mental energy and the fifth house denotes creativity. Thus, mental energies are best used for creative endeavors; this positions frequently produces writers and otherwise talented people. You express your creative talent in a variety of ways, never delving deeply in any area. Your offspring are likely to exhibit the duality associated with Gemini, displaying wit and intelligence. This sign is somewhat more inclined than others to produces twins.

Cancer on the Cusp of the 5th House

Cancer on the cusp of the fifth house produces a sensitiveness regarding creative efforts, and you need immediate recognition and approbation for all you do. In romance, you are somewhat old-fashioned and sentimental. You are very protective of your family, and tend to be very maternal toward offspring. Your creative work may tend toward the artistic, especially theater. You have good writing abilities and you can communicate more easily in writing than in speech. You are tuned in to the trends of the time, and you are very much aware of the needs of others. You can generally trust your gut reaction in matters of speculation. Your emotional security is very dependent on the affairs of this house; your personal self-expression or in having children. The Moon's involvement in romance can produces some very emotionally painful experiences until you learn to deal with your innate vulnerability and feelings in a positive way.

Leo on the Cusp of the 5th House

The Leo influence in the fifth house shows dramatic tendencies and the need to have center stage. The Sun rules Leo, and the placement of this sign here suggests that a good deal of your energy is spent on romance, self-expression, and your children. You devote yourself fully to whatever creative activity has your interest at the moment. You are eager for approbation, requiring constant approval to maintain your enthusiasm. You identify strongly with your children and you're very proud of their accomplishments. You are a born gambler and speculator, with more than your fair share of luck. The need for self-expression through creative projects is high. A romantic a heart, you look for drama in romance and love.

Virgo on the Cusp of the 5th House

The influence of Virgo in the fifth house shows a critical nature in romantic situations. You enjoy affections, but find it hard to commit yourself completely. More than anything, you need mental companionship; someone to discuss the pros and cons of a variety of subjects. You exercise the utmost discrimination in selecting the object of your affections, and you become impatient with the ritual of courtship. Relationships with offspring can be strained as you lack the patience for properly disciplining them and understanding their needs. Virgo can be creative, but its necessary to spend much time in preparation and planning before starting. Even when you are just going out to have a good time, you make sure that all the details of the evening are well planned and carefully thought through. Spontaneity is not your way.

Libra on the Cusp of the 5th House

The influence of Libra in the fifth house denotes the need for association with others to be creative. You don't want to feel responsible for others, but you need their support and encouragement in many respects. Usually those you choose are highly refined and together. You balance your work engaging in intellectual discussions, parties, and sports with these individuals. This placement provides a very artistic temperament and suggests naturally creative abilities. Romantically you are charming, but very inconsistent and fickle. You are lucky at love, as you are with all creative endeavors. Libra is naturally suited to the raising of children, although you are somewhat prone to spoiling them. You have many child-like qualities in your makeup.

Scorpio on the Cusp of the 5th House

The influence of Scorpio on the cusp of the fifth house yields a natural need for emotional attachments and romantic encounter. This need may bring you into contact with a variety of dynamic and charismatic people. The nature of Pluto, the ruler of this sector of your chart, can produce some major upsets resulting from these attachments. You are not very good at picking people who are good for you, often getting hung up on a need to transform the other person. In romantic affairs you become intensely emotional, jealous, and possessive. Clandestine or somehow unusual love affairs are not uncommon because of the secretive Scorpio influence. You are concerned for your children, almost to an extreme degree. As they mature, it's hard for you to release them.

Sagittarius on the Cusp of the 5th House

The influence of Sagittarius on the cusp of the fifth house shows how important you think it is to provide the best for your children, even spoiling them. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good fortune. You have a constant need to show off, and you enjoy the thrill of any adventure. You are a natural gambler who will speculate on just about anything. You have a good understanding of young people, and you can get along with them so well because you treat them with true respect as individuals. Your self-expression is marked with optimism and high expectations. Even if there are forces out there that impede your progress, it is hard to dampen your spirit.

Capricorn on the Cusp of the 5th House

The Capricorn influence in this house shows self-expression is inclined toward the practical and the matter-of-fact. You are a hard worker, good with details, but accomplishments remain earthbound. You can make a scrupulous teacher and disciplinarian of young people. There is a good deal of reservation and restriction associated with romance and the exhibition of personal creativity. In romantic affairs, you may be prudish, and may even appear cold. Yet you may be highly sexed. Self-fulfillment may be delayed. Sometimes, it may be a sense of obligation to your children that cause delays to personal accomplishments. You are very cautious in any form of speculation, rarely taking a chance. In seeking pleasure, you're also conservative, spending much free time involved with and enjoying your work. The love of accumulating a wealth of information may prompt you to spend much of your entertainment time reading and studying.

Aquarius on the Cusp of the 5th House

The Aquarian influence in this house denotes affairs here are unconventional or in some way unusual. Creative outlets may be a way that you express rebellion and nonconformity. Unlikely romances and the possibility of sudden breakups mark this position. You are, nonetheless, cool and detached concerning romance. You're very sociable and enjoy recreational activities shared with the group. You have a general concern for your offspring, but your interest in improving their mind is the main focus. Your children are apt to display a rebellious nature, and they need to be taught discipline at an early age.

Pisces on the Cusp of the 5th House

The Pisces influence in the fifth house denotes a sense of frustration associated with creative endeavors, romances, and with your offspring. You may sometimes be disappointed and disillusioned in these matters. Yet you have a very strong need to be creative and to leave your mark on the world. You may dream about creating something so significant that you will be remembered for you efforts long after you're gone. You feel far greater powers than you can express in this regard. Raising children can be difficult and confusing. Sacrifices for children are likely to be required.

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Sixth House

The Work Environment, Duties, Health

The sixth house of the astrology chart is about the field of service. Subjects here revolve around work and health matters. Duties, practical responsibilities, and mundane tasks are affairs of this house, as are relations with employees and coworkers. Your interest in health and fitness matters are likely to be shown here.

Cusp of the 6th  house:

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo
Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Aries on the 6th house cusp

The Aries influence in the sixth house shows that you are a very hard working member of society. You are single minded in performing your duties, approaching every assignment with emotional intensity and determination. You have a tendency to lose yourself in your work. You may run into difficulties with coworkers and employees because of your critical nature, and because you are far too quick to pass judgment on them. They may complain because you work them too hard, but you work no one harder than you.

Taurus on the 6th house cusp

The Taurus influence in the sixth house makes one who is practical and conservative at work. You approach your responsibilities with determined discipline and firm goals in mind. Be careful in selecting the work you do because unless you really love what you are doing, you can never be happy. Teaching is very attractive for you because it affords ample opportunities for security and the time necessary for your varied extracurricular activities. While Taurus known for perseverance, at times the lazy side may appear. You may want to rebel against the demands of the job and take life easier if there is any way you can.

Gemini on the 6th house cusp

The influence of Gemini on the cusp of the sixth house suggests a wide variety of work. You can handle technical details without any problem. You are one who is very prone to become deeply engrossed in your work. For this to occur, your work must provide intellectual stimulation and challenge. You dislike boring and repetitious tasks. You like to work with your mind, and you are likely to succeed in fields related to scientific research, business or finance. You can write clear and concise reports, and review a wide selection of alternatives, normally choosing the right solution. Overwork is apt to have a harmful effect on your nerves. Tension is a severe problem for many with this rising sign; muscles may tighten and teeth may grind even as you sleep.

Cancer on the 6th house cusp

The Cancer influence on the sixth house denotes a tendency to become deeply and emotionally involved in work. There may be more emotional involvement in your work than in your personal affairs. Concern with human health and welfare may prompt employment in an area directly benefiting others. The Moon's rulership of the sixth house suggests that you're tuned in to the needs of people. You are the type that must secure work that you like. If you are dissatisfied with what you do for a living, it will cause emotional upset and adversely affect your health. As a supervisor, you are very understanding and concerned about the welfare of your employees.

Leo on the 6th house cusp

The influence of Leo in the sixth house shows that your work is the focus of your life. Pride of accomplishment is strongly marked when the Sun rules the sixth house. You can lose yourself completely in work and service. It is natural for you to want to show off the product of your labors. There is a tendency to be domineering over coworkers and subordinates. You have a feeling of authority where work and services are concerned because of the influence of the Sun ruling this house. You are naturally low in vitality when things are not going well on the job or when you are not getting the recognition you feel you deserve. Illnesses, for the most part, are psychosomatic and used to attract attention. Objective self-evaluation brings increased energy and vitality.

Virgo on the 6th house cusp

The Virgo influence in the sixth house denotes a concern for the body and health issues. Mental stimulation is required if you are to remain healthy and happy. You seldom eat or drink to excess, and you are health conscious in choosing what you consume. When you become ill, you are very irritable, since you resent anything that restricts your freedom of motion. In your work you have a great capacity for detail and research. History is especially interesting to you because of your ability to accumulate and relate details. Your perfectionist tendencies makes it hard for you to complete projects on time and sometimes you don't finish them at all. Often you become a very demanding person. You who must avoid a tendency to nit-pick and become too analytical.

Libra on the 6th house cusp

The influence of Libra in the sixth house shows one cooperative, tactful, and diplomatic in the work place. Pleasant and harmonious working conditions are essential for your well-being. If you don't enjoy your work, it's impossible for you to do a good job. You may sympathize with union principles because of your sense of fair treatment for all. In this regard, you are well equipped to become an arbitrator and finder of solutions to people's differences in opinion. If you work in a discordant situation, you may become physically ill for no apparent reason. Health problems also may arise because of a tendency to consume too much rich, sweet food. This, with another tendency to be a little on the lazy side and not spend enough time exercising.

Scorpio on the 6th house cusp

The influence of Scorpio is the sixth house shows commitment and seriousness about work. You become intensely involved in your job. Frequently, people with Scorpio on the sixth become known as compulsive workers. You have a faculty for fact-finding that serves you well in your professional life. Work often involves matters of investigation such as journalism, research, laboratory science or psychology. Your work must keep you active and interested if you are to remain happy with it. If you experience health problems, it will likely stem from the depletion of mental energies and relate to the sensitivities of your nervous system. Your lack of patience makes it hard for you to get along well with coworkers especially when they won't bear their share of the load.

Sagittarius on the 6th house cusp

The influence of Sagittarius on the sixth house brings a tone of optimism and help to the workplace. You have a natural buoyancy regarding your job and your work environment. Your work is inspirational to you, and you need to believe in what you are doing. If you get bored you may eat or drink too much. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, indicates a tendency to overwork and to over-extend yourself in your work. Yet you do need to be challenged, kept on your toes, to be fulfilled in your work. You may not have enough energy, and because of this you need to obtain a healthy measure of sleep to maintain your vitality. You are well adjusted in your work, and your health may be good, simply because you are such a positive thinker in this aspect of your life. Jupiter is sometimes the planet of overdoing, and in the sixth house. This can suggest a tendency to eat or drink too much, or to have an extravagant taste in food and drink. This can lead to health problems in the area of digestion. Finally, Jupiter also shows a need to get close to nature and you probably should find some time to walk in the woods and keep in touch with the great outdoors.

Capricorn on the 6th house cusp

The Capricorn influence here denotes a capacity for concentrated hard work. Unfortunately, the Leo Ascendant often works diligently in areas where there is less than truly satisfying responsibility. You may tend to pick work that is limiting and not fulfilling. Your sense of responsibility can cause you to push yourself until you have physical problems. You fail to count the cost of your attitude toward work, eying only the achievements. As a supervisor, you are stern in demands and apt to be a disciplinarian. Yet you're as hard on yourself as you are on others. You are very stable in your occupation, remaining hard at work until you have risen as high as you can go. Oddly, sometimes just the opposition of this compulsive work ethic may be the case. Some with Capricorn on the sixth avoid work altogether because of disinterest in their lot. Nonetheless, you aren't afraid of a challenge and assuming responsibility. No one will work harder than you to meet the test.

Aquarius on the 6th house cusp

The Aquarian influence in the sixth house promises that promises a good deal of originality will be sought in the work environment. You are a cooperative employee, treating your coworkers as friends, though remaining a bit detached from them in most ways. You can function especially well within group situations. You take an impersonal view of your accomplishments, and you can persist in your diligent efforts without praise and recognition. You are modern and even advanced in your approach to health and diet matters. If you have health problems, they are likely to be related to a high-strung nervous system. Nervousness comes from the pressures of stress.


Pisces on the 6th house cusp

Pisces influencing the sixth house of the chart may result in a tendency toward overwork and excessive worry about the job. A sense of emotional responsibility can generate concern harmful to health. The essence of this concern is an overriding fear of failure, or of not being the best at what you do. There is a degree of subterfuge involvement, and you are likely to employ private maneuvering to attain your ends. For you to be satisfied with your work, you need to have a dream to work on; a vision of what you are trying to do. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, is the planet of dreams, idealism, and vision. If you become disillusioned with your dream and your work, your health is likely to suffer.

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Seventh House

Relationships, Partner, Marriage

The seventh house is the field of relationships. This house, opposite the first (matters of the self), relates to the other people with whom you enter close association. It is your social consciousness and cooperation, or the lack of it. Contracts, including the marriage, and other relationships, adversary encounters and law suits, are housed here. Partnerships in business and in life are seventh house matters.

Cusp of the 7th  house:

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo
Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Aries on the 7th house cusp

The Aries influence on the seventh house denotes a pairing with someone expressing assertiveness. It's strange that such an easygoing person is attracted to partners that are energetic, aggressive, sexy, innovative, and pioneering. It is probably good for you to have the kind of partner that is not deterred by obstacles. Someone to do the fighting for you. Yet this doesn't mean you are likely to be dominated in the process. When your sense of justice is offended, you don't take it sitting down. Oddly enough, as much as you love harmony and peace, conflict may mark many of your relationships, perhaps including your marriage(s). You have a love of peace and harmony, but when you are crossed, you find a way to get even. You try to rule the roost. To work effectively with you, one must live up to your expectations and meet you half way.

Taurus on the 7th house cusp

The Taurus influence in the seventh house suggests one who is a loyal but jealous marital partner. You are conservative and discriminating in choosing a mate. Once you've picked someone, the marriage usually sticks, although it may be stormy sometimes. There is a much stubbornness in both you and your partner. You seek a marriage partner expressing the qualities of Taurus; easygoing to a point, but stable, steady and sometimes stubborn. Marriage is for love, but a few material luxuries help make the union a success. Often, marriage and other partnerships bring material benefits.

Gemini on the 7th house cusp

The influence of Gemini in the seventh house creates a need for versatility and diversity in relationships. You must have a partner who is intelligent and shares your wide assortment of interests. Good mental rapport is essential. You are casual in relationships, and partnerships are better when the mate is not so demonstrative and demanding. The ideal partner exhibits the qualities of Gemini; bright, quick-witted, diverse, and always fun. The possibility of nervous tension causes periods of irritability in this relationship, but these periods usually pass quickly. The partner should be active and full of ideas, busy enough in his/her life to allow you the space you need.

Cancer on the 7th house cusp

The influence of Cancer in the seventh house suggests an emotional attachment to the marital partner. If this is untrue, then you may attract a partner that is very emotionally dependent upon you. The Moon rules Cancer and this seventh house of the marriage partner. The Moon denotes sensitivity, feelings, emotions, vulnerability, and nurturing instincts. But it also can reflect changes of feelings, extremes of sensitivity, and moodiness. Thus, you are apt to be attracted to someone who is moody, changeable, or the relationship may be an especially sensitive, nurturing one, and one full of changing phases. You crave to be mothered or cared for in an emotional sense, by your mate. Marriage may fill deep emotional needs for both of you. You are very loyal and dedicated, and while there may be many fluctuations in the marriage, as time passes, the bonds of the union tend to strengthen.

Leo on the 7th house cusp

The Leo influence in the seventh house suggests marriage to a strong, and sometimes even dominating personality. You tend to be attracted to a partner who is dynamic, dramatic, strong, and vital. Oddly, the Aquarius personality is inclined to seek a mate that is a close reflection of the ego, or of what you feel about yourself. The stronger your ego and sense of self-esteem, the more likely you are to marry one with such qualities. If your sense of self-esteem is not strong, the person you attract will tend to have similar deficiencies. There is the likelihood of a negative power struggle, both of you hoping the other will control the reins. There can be conflict in the marriage because both you and your partner will express willful natures. You tend to marry for love, but there is also an eye to the prestige that the partner presents. This partner will likely have or will seek their place in the Sun, and efforts to remake or change such an individual, will fail. The ideal relationship when Aquarius is on the rise is for the partner to run the business, the household budget and so forth. There is the need to have the partner assume the reins of leadership, leaving you free to express your intellectual qualities.

Virgo on the 7th house cusp

The influence of Virgo in the seventh house denotes a need for a mate or a partner who will compensate for your lack of efficiency. As a very idealistic person, you are attracted to the intellectual who will balance and help bring your dream world to more of a reality; someone who can manage the detail while you have the vision. Partners, including the marital partner, tend to be hard working and effectual, and assume most of the responsibility of helping you take care of your practical affairs. You are not a particularly easy person to live with. You tend to be highly right-brained oriented, while your partner operates best in a left-brained environment. It is beneficial when you connect with an intelligent, analytical, and fact-oriented partner. 

Libra on the 7th house cusp

The Libra influence in the seventh house shows a strong need to have others play an important part in affairs. You need the calming, tranquil effects of the Libra/Venus type person in any sort of long term romantic relationship. You want to be admired, and you want the feeling that you are influencing another's thinking and behavior. You sow your wild oats at an early age and become calm and judicious when it comes to selecting a marital partner. You must curb your frankness and become more diplomatic to succeed in marriage or in other partnerships. Sharing is not a natural trait and must be learned. You have difficulty seeing the other person's frame of reference. Fortunately, you attract a diplomatic partner who knows not to contradict you directly, but uses tact to maneuver and lead you.

Scorpio on the 7th house cusp

The influence of Scorpio in the seventh house suggests much energy devoted to social relationships, especially the marriage. There is almost a compulsion for partnership of some kind, whether in business or personal life. You are likely to be attracted to partners possessing creative expression and the power to get things done. Marital relations may be marked with possessiveness and periodic battles of will. You consider success in partnership a personal challenge. There is much compulsiveness and force associated with marriage and partnerships, and your mate may be inwardly powerful and dynamic.

Sagittarius on the 7th house cusp

The Sagittarius influence in the seventh house suggests a reluctance to be hemmed in by marriage or other formal partnership entrapments. This hesitancy to be tied down is a result of concern for growth. When you do marry it's likely to be somewhat later than most. You'll require a good deal of freedom and flexibility. Fortunately, you'll often attract a mate who also shares this need for liberty. Marriage does usually come because of your need for companionship, more than a need for sex and mothering, or security. With Jupiter ruling the marriage house, this becomes another area of the chart that is blessed with good fortune. There is a freedom seeking quality to your quest from marriage. You are attracted to a partner that is very independent and free-wheeling.

Capricorn on the 7th house cusp

Capricorn influence on the seventh house denotes a certain shyness and reserve, and a definite caution and restraint in forming partnerships. Marriage may be for status and security as much as for love. You are not one to be quick or impulsive in such matters. There is a tendency for you to feel restricted by the duties of wedlock or of any partnership. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of restrictions and responsibility. Capricorn relates to restrictions and you are likely to be required to carry more than your share of the responsibilities. You attract partners that want or need your nurturing support. The Saturn type as a mate is the parent figure, who is there to give a solid base, be supportive and responsible. Yours is likely to be a relationship that is very nurturing to both you and your partner. You are mutually supportive to each other, and to others with whom you come in contact.

Aquarius on the 7th house cusp

The Aquarius influence in the seventh house suggests a drive for independence in relationships. It often shows a degree of trouble on this account. You are inclined to pick a partner who, like yourself, is highly individualistic and independent. You attempt, nonetheless, to keep a tight rein on your mate, though you may insist on maintaining much of your personal freedom. You're the sort who wants to have your way, to do what you want, when you want. This attitude doesn't lend itself very much to marriage unless you can find a spontaneous person who can adapt to your style. A mutual understanding must be reached. Partners will be friends, and the most fruitful relationships for you are likely to be those that remain detached, and those in which the two of you are not so demanding upon one another.

Pisces on the 7th house cusp

The Pisces influence on this house shows the difficulty that can be experienced in partnership and marital relations. Relating with others is not easy for you. It's necessary for you to find a sympathetic mate who will soothe your frayed nerves and commiserate with you about your problems. When you do, you are willing to make sacrifices to benefit the union. Often, the Pisces influence on the house of relationships inclines toward a partnership with a person having opposite traits. Rather than a practical, common sense person like yourself, you may choose someone very intuitive and visionary. Thus, in any partnership arrangement, you are the one to provide the organizing influence. Your partner helps you expand your horizons to new fields. Sometimes, this sign suggests the single life-style. You may have an innate fear of relationships before the fact; a fearing of letdown, and that you could never find anyone to live up to your ideal.
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Eighth House

Meeting Needs, Life's Secrets, Joint Resources 

The eighth house is the field of joint resources. This house deals with possessions that are not earned by you, but obtained through relationships or inheritance. It also involves funds belonging to others such as taxes, corporate money, insurance, and the stock market. It addresses matters of generation, regeneration, research and investigation. The eighth house relates to interests in the mysteries of life.

Cusp of the 8th  house:  

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo
Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Aries on the Cusp of the 8th House

With Aries influencing joint financial affairs, there can be conflict and disagreement about how money should be spent. You are decisive in this regard, and you'll fight to hold to your convictions. Conflicts can arise regarding legacies, and sometimes such conflicts may result in litigation. Aggressive Aries shows that you will have the spirit to fight for your needs, and to insure your security.

Taurus on the Cusp of the 8th House

Taurus influencing the eighth house suggests a good head for business and a sense for sound investments. There is a tendency to marry for money or security, as well as for love. Cooperation in joint relationships may be lacking and there is a personal attachment to possessions, instead of a spirit of sharing. There may be ups and downs in the financial affairs, but eventually matters turn out profitably. Your very pleasant disposition serves you well in getting what you want out of life. 

Gemini on the Cusp of the 8th House

The Gemini influence in the eighth house brings a healthy curiosity about the mysteries of life. You like to talk and think about such subjects. You love a good mystery, and you have the kind of mind that can dig to bottom and solve complex problems. You are full of ideas about how properly to handle joint finances.

Cancer on the Cusp of the 8th House

The sign Cancer rides on the cusp of the eighth house denoting an emotional interest in many mysteries of life on a very basic level. You have a very introspective interest in the profound issues of life and death. In many ways, it may be difficult for you to ask for anything that you need of an emotional nature. Thus, you rarely expose emotional needs, withdrawing instead. There may be two distinct sides to your personality; one happily extroverted and the other brooding and reflective. When the latter side of the nature takes over, you tend to draw back. You cease to be the go-getter that usually marks your style.

Leo on the Cusp of the 8th House

The influence of Leo in the eighth house gives a large capacity for the physical side of romance. There is also a much creative energy directed toward business and large scale investments. Money making becomes a game to be enjoyed. In maturity, you have a solid sense of self-worth and a knowledge of how to get what you want out of people and out of life in general. As generous as you can be, you insist on controlling the purse strings of the joint or business finances. This position usually promises living to a ripe old age.

Virgo on the Cusp of the 8th House

With Virgo influencing affairs of the eighth house, you may become more concerned and critical in the conduct of joint financial affairs. Your impulsive nature is considerably restrained when it comes to family expenditures and handling money that belongs to someone else. You believe in being adequately insured and protected. You can succeed in occupations requiring close attention to detail and investigative skills, such as chemist, psychologist, or detective. This sign suggests a restrained or constrained sex life.


Libra on the Cusp of the 8th House

The influence of Libra in the eighth house denotes financial gain through marriage and partnerships. It also shows that you can get just about everything you really want with a diplomatic approach. Often the balance obtained in partnerships produces an equilibrium otherwise missing in your nature. Much of your potential for success depends on the support of others. You have a large capacity for love at the communal level.

Scorpio on the Cusp of the 8th House

The Scorpio influence in the eighth house suggests secrets regarding joint finances and possibly trouble with legacies. The approach to love-making is more sensual than sentimental, and deeper feelings in this regard are kept to yourself. You have a real understanding of human nature. You expend little pretense or effort to play the games people devise to make their actions nobler than they really are. As this house relates to needs gratification, Scorpio on the cusp shows an individual whose needs are powerful and aggressively sought.

Sagittarius on the Cusp of the 8th House

The influence of Sagittarius in the eighth house suggests a natural flare for business and good fortune when it comes to money. You may have the good fortune to benefit from large-scale enterprises that grow and prosper. Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, provides good fortune and abundance in the part of the chart it controls. Its influence here in the eighth house supplies a natural expectancy and enthusiasm that brings financial help to you throughout your life. You are the type of person who can usually get what you want out of life because of your good-humored nature and generous, outgoing demeanor. Optimism and high expectations are attributes that serve you well.

Capricorn on the Cusp of the 8th House

The influence of Capricorn in the eighth house produces a sense of responsibility regarding money. You do not like to borrow and you don't like being in debt. The sign yield very high sense of ethics in business dealing and you would never stoop to cheating or deceptions. If you did, you would suffer guilt for years. There is a very heavy sense of burden associated with obligation; it may be hard for you to accept any sort of gift or "strokes" with grace. You take on the responsibility of handling other people's money and do so with serious concern. 

Aquarius on the Cusp of the 8th House

The Aquarius influence on the eighth house denotes one who is independent and original in ideas regarding life's mysteries and universal laws. You have a surprisingly strong interest in the spiritual side of life. You are likely to have very unorthodox views on sex, birth control and abortion, normally being surprisingly liberal in this regard. You understand human needs well, and have a modern and enlightened ability to express yourself in this regard.

Pisces on the Cusp of the 8th House

The Pisces influence on the eighth house denotes a strong intuition and sometimes even psychic inclinations. There is worry and concern over joint financial affairs, even when there is no real reason for such concern. Personal desires may have to be renounced. There is likely to be confusion or disappointment concerning legacies and you may be deprived of what you assumed was to be yours. The nature of Pisces is compassion, and in a material sense, you are likely to be called on to meet obligations and responsibilities to satisfy your inner needs.

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Ninth House

Travel, Higher Learning, Philosophy of Life 

The ninth house is the field of long range goals, planning and long distance travel. Matters of profound mental interest, including religion, philosophy and higher education are ninth house affairs. Also associated with the ninth are journeys to far off places and searches for new horizons, both physically and mentally.

Cusp of the 9th  house: 

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo
Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Aries on the Cusp of the 9th House

Aries ruling the ninth house shows an optimistic and forward-looking spirit. You take the initiative in forming plans, realizing that all enterprises begin with ideas. You have no problem visualizing your goal and you are such a positive thinker that you are sure you can get there. No matter how bad things get today, you know they'll be better tomorrow. You're a trail blazer that loves to travel, but you want to have the path well planned and know the reason for the trip.

Taurus on the Cusp of the 9th House

The Taurus influence on this house suggests an approach to religious and philosophical issues that is steeped in traditional values. You are the archetypal reactionary in these matters; rarely changing or relinquishing your initial views. Your abilities to teach may extend to expounding on the dogma to which you firmly subscribe. Your ideas are related to particulars, instead of generalities and progressive notions. Venus, as ruler of Taurus, has domination over the affairs of this house. Venus makes travel and education especially enjoyable, and you are very much at ease living far from your native home.

Gemini on the Cusp of the 9th House

The Gemini influence in this house shows that serious matters such as philosophy and religion attract your interest in a passing way. They must be presented with reason, common sense, and logic. This placement shows mental restlessness and the need for constant activity or stimulation. You have much curiosity about life and about people. You especially enjoy travel mostly for sake of meeting and observing different people and places. You may not be the most profound thinker around, but you're never at a loss for words. You can hold your own mentally in most crowds. 

Cancer on the Cusp of the 9th House

The Cancer influence on the ninth house denotes strong emotional ties to religious and philosophical beliefs. As the Moon rules Cancer, the emotional impulses of the Moon are felt in affairs of publicity and promotion, and personal recognition for you. You will work in a selfless fashion, with as sense of emotional vigor, for causes in which you believe. You are very adaptable culturally, feeling much at home away from home. You could adjust easily to life in a foreign country. You react intuitively to all people and cultures.

Leo on the Cusp of the 9th House

The influence of Leo positioned on the ninth house cusp is shown in the pride and confidence you take in your ideas. The Sun rules Leo focusing this as the area of greatest vitality in your chart. Energies are consolidated in the affairs of this house denoting a love of these more profound matters. Travels of long duration may be your favorite form of recreation. Travel can become as much a necessity as food or drink. Your quest for education may be insatiable, and many with this influence become "professional students." Philosophical and idealistic, you are caught up in abstract thought. You'd like to convert, or at least enlighten, those less informed than you. You are a natural teacher of higher thought.

Virgo on the Cusp of the 9th House

With Virgo influencing the ninth house, pragmatism rules the view on major issues, including religion and philosophy. You are very interested and in tune with foreign affairs and what is going on in the world abroad. Your view of life remains in a practical, cut-and-dried mode, and your thoughts and ideas are as orderly as your office files. Your insistence that what you "know" is absolutely correct can lead to an oppressive, closed-minded attitude on many subjects. This is not altogether unfavorable as you are intellectual in your approach and many of your views are based on careful analytical study and research. You hold to the letter of law, as you interpret the law. There is a tendency to fight change and maintain the status quo.

Libra on the Cusp of the 9th House

The Libra influence over the ninth house suggests a significant interrelationship between outward appearance and moral code. Outer appearances reflect innermost attitudes. It is likely that you always display very good taste in your appearance, and, that you are put off by things of a crude nature. You are balanced in your views of life's more serious issues, and you have a strong sense of justice. The rulership of Venus over the ninth house denotes a considerable appreciation for education, travel, law and philosophy, the issues related to this sector of the chart. Cooperation and a strong sense of social justice are shown by this placement. The public demeanor is harmonious and easygoing.

Scorpio on the Cusp of the 9th House

The influence of Scorpio in the ninth house shows a strong interest in abstract ideas and studying the many mysteries of life. There is great depth in your need to know and understand the purpose of living. It is probable that your studies and philosophy will be outside what is considered orthodox; it is likely that occult laws will hold a special interest for you. You are critical of formal academic disciplines, preferring to attune yourself to these questions through direct experience instead of through normal intellectual processes. There is a strong, almost compulsive urge to travel around the world. Although it is a bit out of style these days, traveling by sea should have a special appeal for you.

Sagittarius on the Cusp of the 9th House

The Sagittarius influence in the ninth house shows a continuous longing for "greener pastures" and the urge to travel and explore. You possess a farseeing outlook and a broad-minded nature. You have a built-in sense of philosophy. With respect to the issues of religion, education, and philosophy, your views are serious and follow conventional lines. With maturity, the development of a viable philosophy of life becomes increasingly important to you. Perhaps because of the optimism and a willingness to reach out, good fortune and good things often happen to you.

Capricorn on the Cusp of the 9th House

The influence of Capricorn in the ninth house shows a conservatism associated with ideas and abstract thought. Before changing any of your views, you have to be shown hard evidence supporting such a change. Your approach to spiritual life is orthodox. You tend to travel only when it serves a useful purpose, usually associated with business. The planet Saturn rules Capricorn, and this is the planet of restriction and devotion to duty. Saturn ruling the ninth house implies responsibility associated with publicity or recognition. The call to duty with this placement may be very strong, and the weight of recognition, very heavy.

Aquarius on the Cusp of the 9th House

The influence of Aquarius in the ninth house shows one who is progressive, unusual, and freethinking in matters of philosophy, education, and religion. Some of your friends may be involved in these areas of endeavor and you enjoy exchanging ideas with them. Your scientific outlook prompts you to rebel against many orthodox dogmas and you like to expound on your beliefs. You like to travel to break out of the pattern that was established for you in your early life. Much of the way you view life is modern and sometimes even advanced.

Pisces on the Cusp of the 9th House

The Pisces influences on actions in ninth house often denotes an association with religion and suggests this will play a major role in your life. Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces, is the altruistic planet. This planet placed here produces a philosophical attitude that's idealistic and visionary. Inspired insights help you solve many of life's major problems. You are unusually curious about the reasons for your existence on earth. You may never travel vast distances physically, but you do experience those adventures of the mind and the imagination.

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Tenth House

The Career, Prestige, and Reputation

The tenth house is the sector of worldly attainment. This field denotes how you present yourself to the public at large, and those deeds for which you'll be remembered. The tenth house concerns the profession, offices held, and, in a more mundane sense, your reputation. The house also relates to affairs of state or of other large scale operations. 

Sign of the cusp of the tenth house...

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo
Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Aries on the Cusp of the Tenth House

The Aries influences on the cusp of the tenth house causes an innate tendency toward shyness to disappears when you get on the public stage, or even in public view. You are determined to make a name for yourself in whatever career you select. At a young age, you may jump into the wrong profession. This would be a reaction to some impulsive urge. Once you are finally established in the right place, you work hard at your profession because you feel you should be the best at what you do. Mars, as the ruler of Aries, is the ruling planet of tenth house matters. Mars is assertive, the planet of action, determination, drive and ambition. Your natural energy is directed to the career, and in this area of your life you are not afraid to compete and charge out ahead of the pack.

Taurus on the Cusp of the Tenth House

The Taurus influence in this house denotes a drive to earn money in the main to support a standard suitable to your high self-image. You have a strong drive for personal prominence. Even if you are not at all well to do, people will never realize it because of the way you present yourself to the world. You are possessive of what authority you may develop and you find it difficult to relinquish the reins of power. You can't delegate authority well because of your need to show what you, yourself can do. Venus, as ruler of Taurus, often inspires artistic leanings in the chosen career. Art, theater, and music are apt to be important parts of your social life or public image. You are interested in matters that bring pleasure to the public, or anything that brings beauty to people.

Gemini on the Cusp of the Tenth House

The Gemini influence in this house denotes a tendency to gravitate to professions requiring the use of words, or in occupations making use of your skills in dealing with mental and dexterous details. Any career activity must have variety and be fast moving. You can communicate your ideas well, and you enjoy doing so. Your duties must provide never ending variety and challenge to command your continued interest. You are so hyperactive professionally that you may even take on two careers simultaneously, and succeed at both.

Cancer on the Cusp of the Tenth House

The Cancer influence on the tenth house shows deep feelings about the career and the general status in life. There is a restlessness causing many changes, or at least ups and downs, in your professional life. It is important for you to feel responsible and respectable. You are acutely sensitive about your reputation and your standing in your environment. This placement often produces a career that in some sense caters to the public. You are likely to have a good feel on the pulse of public whims and desires.

Leo on the Cusp of the Tenth House

The Leo influence in the tenth house denotes strong professional ambitions. You take pride in your standing in the world. The Sun rules Leo, and when the Sun has dominance on the Midheaven (tenth house), the ego, executive ability, and leadership potential are all emphasized. Public recognition is all important and you must be sure the ego does not get out of hand. If you maintain a proper perspective, you are likely to get a position of leadership and authority, and be admired for your accomplishments. You are happiest running your own business. If this is not possible, you still want to be the one in charge. You are not as effective working as a member of a group. You have wonderful organizing skills, but at times you need to be more persuasive and not so demanding. Learning to understand others and bringing out the best they have to offer is a task you'll face often.

Virgo on the Cusp of the Tenth House

The Virgo influence in tenth house suggests that attainment is gained through service. Often this service is associated with improving people's minds. You work with diligence and devotion to fulfill professional commitments. Despite your broad views, you can efficiently cope with many details in your work. Your career may deal with writing and critical analysis, allowing you to express your practical, concrete observations and your thoughts and theories. You will be bored unless your career requires the exchange of ideas and a complexity of detail. You probably play it safe in selecting a career. You may prefer to find employment in a large, well-established organization such as civil service, a church, or an educational institution.

Libra on the Cusp of the Tenth House

Libra influencing the tenth house suggests entering a business or a profession with a partner, or some type of project in cooperation with others. You present yourself professionally in a poised and balanced way, with much charm and diplomacy. You insist that your affairs remain neat and well run. You have the capacity to be an excellent administrator, and the decisions you make are carefully weighed and considered. Your public standing may rise well above that attained by your parentage. In the public arena, a beautiful and more balanced part of your nature emerges.

Scorpio on the Cusp of the Tenth House

The Scorpio influence on the tenth house suggests the display of a degree of intensity and determination toward making your mark in the world. There is much drive to succeed in whatever you set out to do, and you are naturally able to impress others with the forcefulness of your mind. Some field of research in which you can dig out bits of information necessary to solve major problems may be the best place for you to concentrate career efforts. You project yourself to the world in very powerful and confident ways. You are inventive and determined to succeed; a strong combination.

Sagittarius on the Cusp of the Tenth House

The Sagittarius influence in the tenth house shows that you have the abilities to be a leader in an inspirational sense. There is a philosophical angle to your attitude in this area, and the importance of the career is measured more in terms of idealism and service to others, instead of in terms of power. You can rise in your profession because of your willingness to work long and hard. Your studied approach usually permits you to sell your ideas to the public, and you never hesitate using your influence to attain goals. A good deal of travel is likely to be associated with your career. You may have more than one career in your lifetime as it is important for you continuously to feel a sense of challenge if you are to be successful.

Capricorn on the Cusp of the Tenth House

The Capricorn influence in the tenth house makes you cautious and prudent regarding matters that could affect your reputation and status in your profession. You need prominence in your field and get it through competition and hard work. Power and authority are your goals. Saturn, ruling Capricorn, is the natural ruler of this house. Saturn's influence here denotes a very strong sense of duty, an attitude of dedication. With this dedication comes a high degree of pressure and responsibility. The progress in the career may be slow, but it is consistent. You know instinctively that you are capable of climbing to the top. You can build a solid public image. This is a very achievement oriented placement. Position and security will be attained, but it may take patience.

Aquarius on the Cusp of the Tenth House

The Aquarius influence in the tenth house denotes original and inventive approach to the career and life work. Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is the planet of change, freedom, humanity, and rebellion. You may have new and ingenious ideas to present the public. You are a team player and function well as a part of the team. Your goals are likely to be stated in advance, and your aim will be accomplishments producing publicly useful results. The tenth house Aquarius personality is inclined to a public life. You may be involved in many humanitarian ventures if you are in touch with that part of your nature. Yet, you are likely to feel a real sense of reluctance to the "glare and scare" connected with public recognition. There is a natural reluctance in your personality to risk-taking in the career. This must be overcome to achieve true success and measure up to your potential. You must be willing to take chances. No matter what career you finally choose, your special inventive quality will be stamped on the end product.

Pisces on the Cusp of the Tenth House

The Pisces influence in your tenth house makes it hard for you to decide what it is you want to do with your life. You can succeed in several areas, so there is a natural vacillation from one idea to the next. You have a strong image of the heights you want to attain, but there is a lack of practicality to your actions at times. When you do pick a career the selection probably will be based on appeal to your emotions. There is a good bit of idealism associated with this placement. Many times Pisces on the tenth shows people who want to go out and save the world, or at least some small part of it. Many professions in the health field are ideal, as are jobs in film, theater, music, and literature. With Neptune ruling the career, there is also a need to be practical. When accessing career choices, avoid a natural tendency to deceive yourself and become unreasonable.

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Eleventh House

Friendships, Associations, Ideals and Causes

The eleventh house is associated with the achievement of goals and objectives. Often it is called the house of hopes and wishes. Humanitarian and philanthropic enterprises, clubs, groups, associations, and the sharing of ideals is emphasized here. People that help you, friends, connections and influence matters relate to this house.

Sign on cusp of 11th house...

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo
Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Aries on cusp of 11th House

The influence of Aries in the eleventh house shows that you are active in associations, club or other such organizations. You attract a wide and varied circle of friends. These relationships may not be close or lasting, and you enjoy the company while refraining from becoming closely involved. Ties are often broken only to be reformed later. You have the gift of sociability and you make the most of your contacts. Often friends are key to helping you attain your goals.

Taurus on cusp of 11th House

The Taurus influences on the eleventh house cusp suggest that objectives or goals in life are associated with the basic material issues of everyday living. Making money, accumulating a comfortable standard of living, and establishing a secure situation. You interest is not just money and possessions for the sake of wealth. Instead you want to gain a sense of security, and status to overcome a basic insecurity. You are attracted to artistic, stable and well-to-do friends, who may be called on to help you attain your goals. Your basic sentimental nature is very apparent in selecting friends. Friendships are very close and warm. Time spent with them is rewarding as you enjoy visits to art galleries, museums, theaters, or a variety of other pleasurable pursuits.

Gemini on cusp of 11th House

The Gemini influence in this house denotes many personal connections. You are naturally attracted to people who are witty, intelligent, and verbal. You make friends very easily, especially with persons younger than you, and you gravitate to friends you consider interesting in a variety of ways. You have a good sense of humor and you can laugh, even at yourself. You are not a loner, and you need constant, mentally compatible companionship to be happy and fulfilled.

Cancer on cusp of 11th House

The influence of Cancer here suggests social activities are limited to an informal style normally conducted within the home. Favorite comrades are often pets, to which you may become very attached. Pets are appreciated because they never resent your tendency to criticize. You are never much of a joiner, but you can work very diligently within organizations promoting the welfare of children, animals, or the underprivileged. Friendships are never taken lightly by this emotional and feeling placement. So, there is a very discriminating attitude toward selecting those to whom you become close. To those close friends that are developed, you have a very protective and nurturing relationship.

Leo on cusp of 11th House

Leo is the sign influencing this house, denoting leadership qualities displayed within groups and organizations. The Leo quality associated with the eleventh house suggests a very deep need for friends and associations. In this setting you display your friendliest and most outgoing demeanor. You take pride in your friends and associates, most of whom are socially prestigious. Some may even be rich and famous. The influence of Leo here is not one of dominating friends. You may tend to draw strength from your friends as if they fulfilled a special need in your life. You are always careful to dress in good taste, and you tend to notice what others are wearing as well. You have a very wide circle of friends, most of who have much respect for you.

Virgo on cusp of 11th House

The Virgo influence in the eleventh house suggests a readiness to serve close friends. Despite a certain aloofness, you work especially hard for the welfare of companions. You can be content to defer to the will of the majority in groups in which you function. You're never altogether comfortable in a crowd, and you don't crave a wide circle of friends. At times, you can be sharply critical of your associates.

Libra on cusp of 11th House

The influence of Libra in the eleventh house shows an amiable demeanor with friends and working in group situations. In this context, you are diplomatic and evenhanded. You are likely to be selected to head a group just because of you are acceptable to those with divergent interests. Venus ruling this house denotes a highly social attitude. You really love to be with friends. Often this sign denotes marriage to a friend of long standing. You can identify with all different types of people. This placement also shows a degree of indecisiveness and vacillation in clearly defining and setting goals and objectives.

Scorpio on cusp of 11th House

With Scorpio influencing this house you tend to develop close relationships with intense and aggressive friends who are influential and powerful. Though your circle may not be wide, you are close to the few that rate your confidence, and these individuals will tend to share views very similar to yours. You are not outgoing, and tend to keep your social affairs on a close hold. You never accept weak individuals as friends. The Scorpio connection here sometimes produces associations with people who are not reliable, those who tend to manipulate and play games, and it may be necessary from time to time, to reflectively evaluation associations, especially if you get a position of some authority.

Sagittarius on cusp of 11th House

The eleventh house is influenced by Sagittarius suggesting a wide circle of friends and associates with whom you enjoy free-wheeling exchanges of ideas. You enjoy such casual relationships, and rarely impose demands on any of your friends. Yours is a live and let live philosophy that makes it easy for people to be around you and enjoy your company. Through your natural popularity you do tend to obtain the necessary help and support to attain your goals. Good luck and good fortune seem associated with this position.

Capricorn on cusp of 11th House

The Capricorn influence in the eleventh house severely limits the number of friends, and by your own choice, especially in the early part of life. Those with whom you're intimately close are few, yet later in life you may enjoy the companionship of those who are older than you (though not necessarily in years). You are not gregarious and most of the time you try to avoid crowds. You are socially very isolated and never a joiner. This influence adversely affects the degree of assistance you receive from others, and you are left to achieve your goals on your own.

Aquarius on cusp of 11th House

The influence of Aquarius in the eleventh house suggests an intolerance for dull people. You have an attraction to those who are more interesting, even the unusual and oddball types. You are attached to people who are not only interesting, but to those who are not afraid to take chances with their lives. Your friendships are intellectually motivated rather than sentimentally stimulated. Your attitudes and group relationships have very liberal leanings, and you are one who doesn't hesitate to join the group. There is often a rebellious nature associated with this sign. Your social life is usually in high gear and exciting.

Pisces on cusp of 11th House

The influence of Pisces in the eleventh house suggests a bond of loyalty and sympathy between friends. You may be the type of person who puts loved ones on a pedestal, yet expect them to be perfect. Or, you may be the sort that puts them on a pedestal, and refuses to see any fault that may exist. So doing, you set yourself up for disillusionment when they let you down. You would give the shirt off your back to a friend in need. You expect such friendships in return. You are especially sensitive to slights, should they ever occur. These relationships are extremely important to your well-being. You are a very generous person who understands the true meaning of charity. You are very idealistic and maintain a positive attitude toward friends and associations. This is thanks to the rose-colored glasses that you wear, cutting the glare of harsh and unpleasant reality.

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Twelfth House

The Subconscious, Psychological Issues, Secrets

The twelfth house is the field of the subconscious mind, of problems stemming from unseen causes, and limitations. This area relates to behind the scene maneuvering, emotional problems, secrets, deceptions, and problem areas to overcome. This is the house that gets away from the mainstream of life, and allows the soul to step back and take a look at the world. On the mundane level, the twelfth is the house that takes individuals away from everyday life. It involves prisons, hospitals, and other institutions that would remove one from society.

Cusp of the 12nd house: 

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Aries on the Cusp of the 12th House

The influence of Aries in the twelfth house shows an active subconscious life. Aries is ruled by the assertiveness of the planet Mars. Thus, subconsciously, you are a very assertive person, although this trait may not be at all outwardly apparent. In a safe situation, you can release your true aggressive energies. You will be most ambitious in the deepest recesses of your mind, yet only show your easygoing sociability to the public at large. It may be very difficult for you to exhibit an overt competitive attitude in your early years. Yet you rarely give up to defeat inwardly. Anyone trying to tear down your self-confidence will quickly experience the unexpected ire that lurks in this subconscious state. Though you are very slow to anger, when you do cross the line, your temper can be irrational. Fortunately, you can repress your impatience and withstand a good deal of abuse, maintaining your placid nature.

Taurus on the Cusp of the 12th House

The influence of Taurus in the twelfth house denotes more worry about financial affairs than your happy-go-lucky demeanor would imply. Past occurrences, stored in your subconscious, are collected and prey on your nervous system. It's hard for you ever to feel comfortable about your security and financial stability. This may be a source for subconscious fears and apprehension. Subconsciously, you are a very stable person, but this may not surface to the conscious day-to-day behavior very often.

Gemini on the Cusp of the 12th House

With Gemini ruling the twelfth house, you do your best thinking when you are alone. You can think of many clever ideas when alone with your thoughts. Yet it is so difficult to get them to come out when you are around people. The Gemini association with early family affairs suggests that some difficulties stem from relations with your family. Although you need roots and security, you will find it very difficult to live with or near your brothers, sisters or other close relatives. You may like to discuss your emotional problems while keeping your ideas and plans secret. You operate on instinctive urges and the subconscious mind, rather than from reason. You are impressionable, with the practical mind buried beneath subjective impulses.

Cancer on the Cusp of the 12th House

With the Moon ruling your twelfth house, it is hard for you to let your emotions show. The influence of the Moon, ruler of Cancer, causes you to keep your deeper emotions much to yourself. You are a generous person. Yet you may feel slighted when you believe your generosity has not been appreciated. You require much attention, acting hurt when you think that those near and dear are beginning to take you for granted. When slights occur in your mind, you sulkily refuse to say what is bothering you and become difficult to approach. As you guard your feelings, so do you frequently appear unconcerned with someone else's woes. You may feel very deeply, but you may reflect the attitude that you have little time for pity and that your focus is on because life goes on.

Leo on the Cusp of the 12th House

The influence of the power sign, Leo, in this sector of the subconscious, suggests that you are a power behind the scenes. You play a back room maneuvering role in matters. Sometimes, this position shows that dominate executive or leadership traits are hidden and recessive. Often, your contributions are not fully appreciated because you are never one to blow your own horn. You have a self-sufficiency about you that keeps you from being lonely, even when you are completely alone. You need to spend a good deal of time by yourself. Much of power in your makeup is contained on a subjective level. With introspection and soul contact, it's easier for you to become aware of ways you can be of true service to humanity.

Virgo on the Cusp of the 12th House

The Virgo influence in your twelfth house suggests a strong critical nature present in your subconscious. It not likely you show this outwardly. Repressed anxieties can sap psychic energies. Even when being outwardly friendly, a critical tendency may be in play just under the surface. Virgo is associated with matters of health, and you may have strong interests in health matters and harbor secret concerns about health issues. Although you are spontaneous in what you express to other, you have probably spent a good deal of time thinking the matter through and rehearsing while you were alone before making your views public.

Libra on the Cusp of the 12th House

The Libra influence in the twelfth house suggests that much of the time you are a loner with some apprehensions regarding reliance on others. Your partnership arrangements, including the marriage, may be fated in some way. For no discernible reason, acting in collaboration with others, rarely works out well for you. The necessary lesson in this house is cooperation and the development of a more outgoing personality.

Scorpio on the Cusp of the 12th House

The influence of Scorpio in the twelfth house suggests guarded secrets regarding beliefs of a mystical or spiritual nature. You are likely to proclaim views on these subjects that are very orthodox, outwardly shunning ideas that are vague and without form. Inwardly, such issues fascinate you, but you keep such interests much to yourself. Scorpio is a powerful sign on the subconscious level. You can transform and affect many people by saying and appearing to do little in an obvious way. Yet the power of your thoughts can be profound.

Sagittarius on the Cusp of the 12th House

Sagittarius influences the twelfth house affairs denoting a "behind the scenes" planner. You often have all the angles figured out before anyone realizes what you are doing. The higher ideals represented by this sign are locked away and kept hidden from view. You are secretive about your religious and philosophical convictions, and you tend to keep most of your ideals and thoughts to yourself. Cautious and cool on the outside, when you get on safe ground or alone, you become humorous, joyful, and enthusiastic. It's difficult for you to let down the guard that has protected you from childhood; the stoic acceptance you project.

Capricorn on the Cusp of the 12th House

Capricorn influences the twelfth house showing that the subconscious may be home for restrictions and conservative attitudes that aren't nearly so apparent in your conscious personality. You have subconscious feelings of limitation and inadequacy deeply ingrained in the psyche. This is because the restrictive Saturn rules this sector of your chart. Depending on the aspects of the ruling Saturn, this placement can serve to provide what is a very deep-seated sense of responsibility, or it may produce a realistic elusion that you are constantly swimming upstream.

Aquarius on the Cusp of the 12th House

The influence of Aquarius in the twelfth house produces a significant interest in the matters of the subconscious mind and the hidden laws of the universe. Your association and interest in these matters may cause others to view you as a dreamer, when you are remarkably systematic and objective in your thinking. High humanitarian ideals put you ahead of your time in the inner realms of awareness. The responsibility of Aquarius is service to others and if you fail in this, you tend to feel hemmed in, restrained, and of little worth.

Pisces on the Cusp of the 12th House

The Pisces influence in the twelfth house shows the aspects of compassion and sympathy in your nature are well hidden behind the drawn curtain of this house. You repress the tender side of your being, pushing feelings in the background so that they never interfere with current projects. Though these feeling are buried in your subconscious, you may be much more sensitive than you show. Behind all the aggressive action that is so much a part of your life, lies a dreamer of dreams, a visionary, and an idealist. This energy is never easy for you to express openly, but it may be what you think about when you are alone. Learning to trust your intuition can be a difficult, but important, lesson.

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