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I frequently get requests for information regarding the history of astrology. Since I have nothing written in this area, I have assembled some of the best links I could find on the subject. Hurry back.
The Astrology Parlor's History of Astrology by Robert Helms. A few interesting thoughts.
A Short History of Western Astrology by Anthony Pena
A brief, very well written piece that covers the topic very well indeed.
Parkers' History of Astrology by Derek and Julia Parker
This is a uniquely balanced book. It doesn't seek to prove or disprove anything, only to give a vivid but accurate account of the fascinating history of astrology.
The History of Astrology -- Another View part 1 by Robert Hand
The author states that the account which we present here is mostly derived from mainstream academic sources, although we will also present some of our own speculations in areas where there is no clear evidence. We do not present such speculations whimsically but only where internal evidence seems to justify them, and always they will be presented with clear indications that they are speculations. Part 1 is the introduction.
The History of Astrology -- Another View part 2 by Robert Hand
Mesopotamian Astrology First Stages
The History of Astrology -- Another View part 3 by Robert Hand
Contrasts and conclusions
A Brief History of Astronomy and Astrology from Astro Energetics
This is a well written brief history of astronomy and astrology.
A Brief History of Astrology by Jail Maharaj
This short history just touches on the various countries with documented histories in astrology. It reflects a strong bias toward eastern astrology.
Early Concepts of Heavenly Influence by Laura Laurance
This is concise, well written and interesting short history of the earlier times. The site features an aray of interesting picture with the account which starts in China and brings the reader through the centuries to Ptolemy's universe.
The Astrologer's Attic from the Zodiacal Zephyr
From ZZ comes these comments: "You are about to be flung to the far reaches of the Earth for a glimpse of antiques only an astrologer or astronomer could love."
Marriage and Divorce of Astronomy and Astrology: History of Astral Prediction from Antiquity to Newton and Beyond by Gordon Fisher
Here is one for the really serious student. This is a study of the union of astronomy and astrology, and relations to astral worship, from early Babylonian times, through medieval European times, up to and including the time of Isaac Newton, especially in relation to prediction, with extensions into more recent times.  There is also discussion of related matters in other cultures, such as Chinese, Indian, Native American and African. 
Professor A. F. Seward Sometime around the turn of the last century, there lived a rather extraordinary man named A.F. Seward who called himself "The World's Foremost Astrologer" and who had a dream. Professor Seward's dream was to see the teachings of Astrology accepted as a mainstream part of the scientific community. He felt so strongly that every man, woman and child could benefit from the Science of Astrology, that he wrote a book in 1915 and priced it so as to be within the reach of most people. Read his book here.
Renaissance Astrology by Christopher Warnock. Explaining how traditional horary and electional astrology provide detailed and precise predictions. This site also specializes in the art of astrological magic.