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Numerology Links

Astronlogia Numerology blog, articles and services.

Daniel Heydon's Website  Daniel offers many of his wonderful articles on astrology and numerology.

I'm Not Marvin - Strange name, but the numbers page provides an interactive read on your life path number.  Fun.
In-Depth-Numerology By Rona Van Dam Numerology Readings, Non-Computerised Charts,Free Registration,Free Downloads,various article's related to Divination, The Tarot and Astrology.
Numerology+ A freeware program designed by Krzysiek Olczyk, a student of Computer Science at the Technical University of Lodz, Poland.  The program employs text from
Numerology 369 - Numerology software and online guide.

The Numerology Calculator by John Kostura. A free numerology download. Interestingly, John also offers the world some wonderful artwork as well.
Free Numerology Calculator: Calculate all important numerology numbers with a click of a button - all main numerology numbers, challenge numbers, bridge numbers, expression chart, numerology cycles, manage user profiles, print charts and reports... and much more. Immediate free download.

Numerology-Free   Provides a good mini numerology study course and some excellent links.
Professional Numerology -  This is one of the few sites offering Chaldean numerology and Pythagorean numerology readings.  Find info on both systems.

Your Lucky IP  Site calculates numerology value of IP address and produces a reading of same.

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