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This is a very comprehensive running 30-50 pages. Body & Soul can help everyone from the beginner to the professional learn how to improve themselves physically and spiritually.

The writer Dr. Charles McWilliams is a noted author and researcher in the world of Medical Astrology. He also holds many seminars a year lecturing on such things as clysmology, massage, detoxification and rejuvenation.
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DISCLAIMER: The information and recommendations presented in this report are based on historical lore and research. It is not intended to dispense specific medical advice or prescribe the use or discontinuance of any medication or drug on the advice of an attending physician. All recommendations herein contained are made without guarantee on the part of the author or company, their agents, and employees. The author, Astrology -, Michael McClain, and TCR, Inc. disclaim all liability in connection with the use of the information and lore presented herein. Information is presented solely as an educational experience for the student of medical astrology.

The special price for this report is just $14.95. Place Order



Medical Astrology is a fascinating, timeless subject of antiquity that has unfortunately lost its value in the wake of chemical (allopathic) medicine. While almost everyone knows his or her astrological Sun sign from their month and date of birth, they are not generally familiar with the personal characteristics associated with it, dietary and hygienic measures to be advised, and even preventative measures it provides to preserve, regain, or maintain one's health. Historically, the two oldest sciences of man's history are astrology and herbalism. In a rare book uncovered from the English archives on medical astrology, it was stated that as late as the 1700's, those who entered the profession as "doctor of medicine", either in England or other European countries, were obliged to pass an astrological examination. And if the candidate was found deficient in the knowledge of medical astrology, the individual was deemed unfit to practice medicine!

The usefulness of medical astrology, today, does not have to be restricted to doctors of medicine. Thanks to computers and the science of astronomy, those who turn their interest into more understanding and the application of medical astrology will gain some truly unique insights about themselves and others.

The purpose of medical astrology is to find and prevent conditions and disorders. Just as a doctor will look at a blood chemistry report to gain an insight to diagnosis, so the medical astrologer looks at a birth or nativity map (horoscope) to gain an insight as well. The horoscope does not diagnose, rather it provides an insight into the constitution of the native, whether strong or weak, the healing potential, the metabolism whether normal, fast or sluggish, and pathological tendencies. It provides general insights which are then modified by the native's heredity, early childhood, and environmental factors (weather, climate, exposure to radiation, toxic waste, trauma, accidents, etc.). It also provides an insight into the general psychology of the native and if psychosomatic illness could be present. Further, based on Hindu and Tibetan philosophy, the horoscope can also show past life potentials and whether past events have been carried over into this life.

There are many types of astrology and the individual has the freedom to choose that which is of benefit. Predictive astrology deals with mundane factors, like timing events, predicting financial gain or loss, when to start or end events, etc. Judicial astrology deals with positions of the planets with respect to entire populations and was reportedly used by former President Roosevelt. Astro-Meteorology deals with weather forecasting and has been in use since the beginning of man's history and is still reported today in the Almanac. Medical Astrology is of course, the purpose of this report.

Sometimes you will have a condition or unusual symptoms that are not seen in the chart or by this report, but you will generally find the cause. For example, you may have beginning pains in the joints which a homeopath would classify as rheumatic or arthritic in nature. The chart shows Saturn in Libra indicating sluggish kidneys and slowed down filtration of its blood toxins. The arthritic pains come and go depending upon your diet and lifestyle, i.e. when fasting or drinking pure water the native's pains are reduced or eliminated, when eating during the holidays or rich foods, the pains are increased. Diagnosis is thus weakened kidneys, and the treatment is by detoxification, and long term management is to eat lessened amounts of protein, avoiding hard cheeses, hard water, salt, and rich meats which clog the kidneys with protein overload.

As the Earth rotates around the Sun, against the background of the stars of the night sky, the entire circumference is divided into twelve sections of orbital view known as the zodiac. When people refer to their astrological sign, they are merely stating which sign of the zodiac the Sun was in when they were born. This composes a relatively stable frame of reference along a horizontal plane called the ecliptic. The zodiac may be conceived of as a fixed pattern of stars, in terms of twelve divisions of the Earth's orbit.

In dealing with Medical Astrology, we must understand that the twelve signs of the zodiac equate to twelve major parts of the body, each separate part being under the dominion or ruled over by one of the twelve zodiacal signs. For example, Aries rules over the head and face, Taurus rules over the neck and throat, Cancer over of the breasts and chest. The placement of any planet, as it travels through the zodiac in its orbital path, represents the mode or type of energy the zodiac is under influence. For example, the Sun in the zodiac represents vitality. If in Aries, during the spring, the head region is energized, ideas abound, the outlook is promising. If however, Mars is in Aries as well at that time, the Sun is called "combust" with Martian energy, which translates into dynamic action, if not anger, headaches, and inflammations for any part of the head. This is referred to as planetary action.

Person-centered astrology deals with two essential features:

a) The basic geometrical structure of the space in which the person was centered at birth.

b) All celestial bodies which passed through your body and time in ever varying relationships or "aspects", also called planetary angles. In this sense, the individual person is the most important dynamic in terms to relationship to the environment.

The natal chart is fundamental, it is the "promise" given at birth, progressed planets as they slowly change through life sets the stage for change - adaptation or maladaptation; and the current location of the planets as they move over positions in your natal chart indicates the type of stress factors that times the actual events or illness. Thus, the natal chart is the most important chart to begin your studies in medical astrology. It is the core chart from which all interpretations are based.

The natal horoscope also deals with a vertical line of reference known as the horizon or "meridian". When a human being is born he/she is surrounded on all sides by celestial bodies, visible in the sky, or invisible below the horizon. He/she has a vertebral spine that points towards the sky as an activity to daily relationship to the external environment as the Earth rotates on its own axis. The vertical lines, running from pole to pole, are divided into twelve houses, marked by an Ascendant, or time of sunrise, and a Descendant, or time of sunset.

Zodiacal signs (horizontal) and houses (vertical) represent two fundamentally different sets of values and interpretations. The horizontal axis of the zodiac signs represents consciousness and anatomical organ localities (called rulerships), while the vertical-house axis represents power or expression on the physical plane and environmental factors that affects one's health.

In terms of health, the first point of reference is to study the Sun's location and its aspects to the other planets. Electronically speaking, the Sun sign represents the amount of VOLTAGE the body is able to produce. In fire signs the Sun is at its peak and burns the brightest. Secondly in air signs, the Sun burns well, for if there is no air (oxygen) there is no fire. Water is more condensed and puts out fire as the Sun is weak in these elemental signs, especially in Cancer and Pisces. The earth signs, which represent the densest matter, confers more tenacity than vitality, as they receive and give energy more slowly, as in the burning of coal - it takes eons to form, is hard to light, but once lit, it burns for a long time. The signs are as follows:

Fire - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Water - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Air - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Earth - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

The Moon controls the body amperage, or rate of flow, its rhythmic or unrhythmic energy movements. The third important consideration is the Ascendant or location of the sunrise meridian at your time of birth. Thus, for example, in electricity you have three factors - 1. voltage or electron mass, 2. amperage - rate of flow in time, and 3. resistance through the material conducting the electricity. In this case, the Ascendant represents the resistance or conductivity to the energy of the Sun and Moon. So in the body you have metabolism of cells and organs indicated by the Sun sign and season of the year; the metabolic exchange of nutrients in and toxins out indicated by the Moon sign; and the overall flow of vital energy as indicated by the rising sign.

The first and most important aspect in relation to health is the study of one's own horoscope, and a simple diagnosis of the bodily and constitutional strengths and weaknesses, natural functions, and of the various ailments and disorders shown therein. It is therefore necessary to analyze the various zodiacal and planetary influences of your birth chart, which gives simple and reliable rules for the prescriptions for health and prevention of disease.

The most basic step that must be considered, is taking each zodiac sign separately and revealing which sign is rising, containing the Sun, the Moon, how their special influences can be analyzed and their afflictions be prevented by simple methods. The twelve zodiac signs are classified as having elemental qualities of either earth, air, fire or water.

In considering the human body from an astrological point of view, we must understand that it is divided into twelve parts. Each of the twelve major parts are under the dominion or "rulership" of one of the twelve zodiac divisions. These are general divisions and organ rulerships which can be mixed with organ functions designated by other signs or house divisions. From this vantage point we view anatomical location - zodiac sign - as separate from physiological functions - planetary location and aspects.

Utility and diagnosis with a medical chart interpretation entails examining the general tendencies of the health and constitution, to the detailing of specific disorders. First look at your Sun sign, as it provides the key to your vitality and metabolism. This report will give you the dietary and other lifestyle factors conducive to your solar sign and vitality. So here are the keynotes to keep in mind as you read your Io Body & Soul astrological profile:

The "Luminaries" (Sun and Moon) are the most important planets in your chart with regards to health. All manifestations of life depend upon the conversion of food into chemicals necessary for energy, structure and function. Essentially, your body is a flow system of nutrients in, and by-products and toxins out. A normal biological flow of ingestion and excretion maintains your balance and homeostasis. The Sun, its energy (prana or ch'i), photons, and light is vital not only for the production of food (photosynthesis), but the conversion inside your cells to obtain the energy necessary for metabolism.

Interruption of either body cycle, ingestion (air, water, light, and nutrients), or excretion (defecation, urination, exhalation, sudorification) disrupts the normal biological flow. Diseases are thus the expression of the battle of the organism against toxins, interruption of excretion phases, and its attempt to counteract or expel them. During the ensuing interruption phases, which are shown by the horoscope, parasitic viruses, bacteria, and fungi enter the field and further complicate the disorder(s). From the medical horoscope, we look at these essential factors with regards to health:

1. The Sun, its zodiac sign location and if it is afflicted by the malefic planets indicating overall metabolism whether -normal, fast (afflictions by Mars), or slow/sluggish (afflictions by Saturn). From the Sun sign is gained knowledge of the types of foods the native should be eat, the colors and aromas that enliven one best, and the gemstones and elixirs that can provide energy and longevity. The Sun, according to the season you were born in indicates your overall metabolic rate.

2. The Moon, its zodiac sign and if it is afflicted by the malefic planets indicating the flow of lymph, urination and excretion phases. From the Moon sign is gained insight into the native's ability to detoxify, condition of lymphatic flow, emotional factors for good or for worse, and homeopathics that can offset negative influences.

3. Saturn, the Great Malefic: its location according to sign and house represents the weakest point of the body, where toxins will accumulate, and if afflicted most certainly shows where a chronic disorder is located. Its nature is cold, constricting, weakening the metabolic powers, and allows toxins to settle and do their damage.

4. Uranus, if afflicted, causes spasm of the blood vessels and a local oxygen deficiency which results in incoordination, a "choking" of endocrine function, faulty autonomic nervous steering (dystonias), and peculiar dyscrasias that must be dealt with by remedial measures. Disturbed erratic functions is shown by the zodiac sign Uranus is located. If for example, in Cancer, it would indicate periodic breast pains, a stomach that shuts on and off leading to indigestion, heartburn, gas, etc., and menstruation that is normal sometimes and abnormal other times. These afflictions are a bit of a mystery but are usually functional and not organic and amenable to homeopathics, physical therapy, massage, and lifestyle corrections. Uranian afflictions often account for the ongoing life nuisances or complaints that are difficult to diagnose. This is where medical astrology can provide key insights and remedial actions otherwise not available or explainable. The Uranus sign and house location will show where the spasms are most likely to occur.

5. Neptune, if afflicted, indicates atony as its placement by sign and house shows where the vitality or prana is liable to be "leaking" out from the etheric body. Sunlight tends to harden or anneal the etheric body and prevents this leakage. Therefore the diseases of Neptune tend to be those that arise from living indoors for too long. Neptune rules viral and septic diseases like strep throat, pneumonia, and tuberculosis.

Without the Sun, there would be no life on Earth. During the twelve months it takes to make one complete orbit around the Sun, the Earth receives life-giving solar rays from continually changing angles against the background of the grand cycle called the zodiac. This cyclical pattern produces the four seasons, also referred to as the four elements previously mentioned. Birth, growth, maturity, and death; the cycle of the seasons is ordained by the Earth's relationship with the Sun, and every individual life upon its surface is in imitation and under control of this pattern.

In judging the health and constitution from the horoscope, however, it is first of all necessary to observe three vital points: The Sun sign, The Ascendant or where the Sun was located at the time of day since the Earth rotates itself against the face of the entire zodiac in 24 hours, and the Moon sign (where the Moon was located against the face of the circular zodiac). The Sun is the giver of life in the male horoscope, while the Moon is giver of life in the female horoscope. The Ascendant shows the physical constitution and the strengths or weaknesses where one may be prone or susceptible to external influences. These are the preliminary steps a medical astrologer interprets upon face value of one's natal horoscope at the time of birth. Then as the other planets are viewed from the chart, you can begin to see how a composite analysis is arrived at.

In regards to the overall vitality and metabolism we first look at the Sun and its aspects or angular relationships with other planets. The zodiac signs show or "rule" certain organs and tissues whereas the planets represent the flows of energy, rhythmic or unrhythmic, as they move through these organs and tissues. Rhythmic flows are known as trines and sextiles. Medically speaking, these good aspects - trines and sextiles - are anabolic, they point to good metabolism and exchange of nutrients. Hard aspects are catabolic, indicating organ weakness, immune deficiency, and even predisposition to cancer. Unrhythmic flows are known as "hard aspects" or afflictions - squares, oppositions, and conjunctions. They represent energy that is blocked or not flowing smoothly, which contributes to the disease process. It paves the way for disorder if certain health rules are not followed. As a result, they denote "Pathological Tendencies" in your interpretation. These are only tendencies, and the purpose of this program is to show you how to offset these tendencies and avoid their influences, be it hereditary or karmic, circumstantial, nutritional and dietary, and whether these influences or afflictions are amenable to treatment by various modalities. The hard aspects also show certain nutritional factors or deficiencies that can be followed to offset the afflictions of the hard aspects. All of these are detailed for you in your report. You may simply obtain these vitamin and mineral supplements from the health food store. Instructions for use can be provided from a nutritional consultant or doctor.

The planet in aspect determines or signifies the flow of energy as follows:

SATURN: The great afflictor, stasis, coldness, sluggish action, hypo function, retention and deposition of toxins. The Saturn location represents where most of your toxic organ(s) (foci) are to exist. When in hard aspect to the Sun, your metabolic fires are dampened and need to be raised by correct diet, exercise, proper climate to live in, vitamins, etc. When in hard aspect to the Moon, it indicates coldness, lymphatic stasis, puffiness, etc.

MARS: Inflammations, irritations, acute illnesses, throwing off of disease toxins. Your Mars location represents were your year to year irritations and accidents are found. In hard aspect to the Sun, your metabolic fires are in overdrive, and need to be moderated by a cooling, vegetarian diet, swimming and bathing in cool water, and other forms of cooling and moderating modalities.

URANUS: Erratic actions, autonomic nerve dysfunction, and spasm. Your Uranus location determines which organs are in spasm, and need remedial correction as in physical therapy, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc. The Uranus location shows where oxygen is most needed and the native is improved by proper breathing, yoga, ch'i kung, or even oxygen therapies (ozone).

NEPTUNE: Atonias, atrophy, dropped organs, mystery/undiagnosed illnesses; sub-oxygenation, a leaking of vital energy due to emotions. The Neptune locations shows where you will break down the easiest as you get old.

There are three levels of affliction as follows:

1. When there are hard aspects to the Sun there are definite weaknesses, if not overt illness.

2. A malefic planet in retrograde is a point of tension in the chart. If the planet is free of hard aspects to the Sun or Moon, but retrograde, we consider this a grade 2 level of affliction. It may not be active, but can be activated by improper lifestyle, progressed or transiting planetary positions which serve as the trigger for breakdown.

3. No hard aspects or easy aspects (trines, sextiles, semisextiles, etc.) but a lingering weakness that must be attended to as the native gets older.

The Sun indicates constitutional vigor and metabolism, while the Moon represents the native's health, its sign (Moon sign) and aspects show the flowing of vital force as well as the body's fluids, blood and lymph. A disturbed flow therefore shows some forms of functional illnesses, particularly those caused or precipitated during the early years of life. The Moon also shows the habits that were formed early in life that now represent disease patterns, e.g. oral fixations that now translate into overeating or smoking, food preferences that become food addictions and allergies.

The Moon sign also shows talents from past lives. These are proclivities that enable you to easily become proficient in certain areas. They are also your line of least resistance, offering little opportunity for soul growth. The Moon's nodes represents the Karma carried over from your last life and the challenges that are present for your soul's growth or hindrance.

Moon diseases today predominate the health chart. The Moon has special affinity for the eyes and eye disorders, putrefaction of the bowels, autointoxication; and disorders of the breasts, womb, and stomach. Moon forces harden and crystallize the body with age. Moon dominated persons are inconstant, restless, changeable, and variable, and succumb easily to infectious illnesses, colds and flu. Hard aspects show an inclination to little or no exercise. The less afflictions in the female nativity, the better a chance of a long and prosperous life. Cancer, the malignant disease, is a Moon disease, today so prevalent in our mood based society of foul language, nasty thoughts, toxic diet, and bad habits. The Moon in astrology "rules" the sign Cancer.

Basically, an interpretation starts with the generals and then leads to the specifics. Generals should be studied by the interested laity, specifics are studied by students of medical astrology, or by doctors wishing to treat specific health complaints. Like any scientific subject, there is no end to study and detail, yet in astrology there is always "light at the end of the tunnel".

Start your studies as follows:

a) Sun sign, keynotes for vitality and things you can do to increase it.

b) Moon sign, keynotes of your emotional nature and things you can do to make yourself more in line with your Sun sign, by controlling emotions to have less effect on your mind and health.

c) Ascendant: It has been stated by some that your Sun sign is where you should be directed now, while your Ascendant is the place your soul is headed to improve your spiritual progress in life tomorrow and in the next life.

Some traits are shared by certain signs or houses. This may seem confusing unless you understand how traits are classified astrologically. One classification is known as Elements which divides the twelve signs into four groups: Fire signs, Earth signs, Air signs and Water signs as previously mentioned. The other classification is known as Qualities, tendency to movement, which divides the twelve signs into three groups: Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), and Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). The qualities tend to outline general features or problems. For example, afflictions in the cardinal signs indicate gastrointestinal and kidney problems, in other words, problems with elimination. Afflictions in the fixed signs tend to be stubborn and chronic, and center on heart and cardiovascular diseases. Afflictions in the mutable signs tend to be acute and short lived, and are nervous and respiratory in nature.

The signs represent where the disease potential is present by so-called "anatomical rulerships" of the body's organs and tissue systems. The houses represent conditions that come from the outside environment, or how certain illnesses develop.

The planets indicate the movement of energies and forces within your body, e.g. the Sun ruling metabolic fires, the Moon ruling movement of body fluids, Saturn ruling pathological deposits, Jupiter ruling the body's fat and sugar stores, Mercury ruling the movement of nerve and mental forces, etc. Hard Aspects are angular relationships that denote tension or blockage of energy as was occurring at your time of birth. It represents the promise or tendency of energy and fluid movement patterns you are endowed with at birth. The hard aspects are the potential for disease and are called "afflictions". They are known as the Opposition (180�), the Square (90�), the Conjunction (0�), and the Quincunx or Inconjunct (150�).

Astrology and the concept of reincarnation are inseparable. Astrology is the study of cycles and behavior patterns in individuals that repeat themselves. "Karma" is a Hindu term that literally means "motion" which when initiated follows a destiny or cycle of duration. Included in those cycles are reactions, responses, and consequences to the initial energy or desire which put it into effect. These cycles coincide with universal energy patterns represented by planetary and celestial motions of which Astrology constitutes its study of cause and effect. According to the American College Dictionary, karma is "the cosmic operation of retributive justice, according to which one's status in life is determined by his deeds in a previous incarnation. . . the doctrine of inevitable consequence". Thus, karma is the result of desire, actions, reactions and consequences applied to the human condition. It is a cycle of motion due to energies set forth by passion.

Getting back to your location of the North and South nodes on your Tropical-Placidus Chart. You can reasonably expect to find a mark or weakness on the body part denoted by sign location of the South Node. Often this is an area of the body that requires cosmetic attention or embarrassment. Check both the house location and zodiac sign and the body parts they rule as follows:

SIGN/HOUSE - Corresponding body areas


TAURUS/SECOND HOUSE - Throat and neck

GEMINI/THIRD HOUSE - Arms, hands, lungs, nerves

CANCER/FOURTH HOUSE - Stomach, breasts, thorax

LEO/FIFTH HOUSE - Heart, spine and back

VIRGO/SIXTH HOUSE - Intestines, digestion


SCORPIO/EIGHTH HOUSE - Colon, sex organs, lower back


CAPRICORN/TENTH HOUSE - Skin, knees, bones

AQUARIUS/ELEVENTH HOUSE - Circulation, blood, legs


The Astrological Chart shows one's mind patterns (Sun sign and Ascendant), our past conditioning (Moon nodes), and the emotional (Moon sign) patterns. The chart reveals what we are now - because of what we have thought (12th house) and done (planetary locations) in the past. In the interpretation of the Io Body & Soul Chart, most any factor can be regarded as having karmic factors. For example, the location of Saturn, often called the "Lord of Karma" is said by many astrologers to represent the major karmic problem in any individual's life. The sign and house position, and aspects, reveal where we meet most of life's specific tests, with its pain, illness, and frustrations. Saturn shows where our difficult karma comes into focus.

The Moon sign in karmic astrology represents a general reflection of what we have been in the past. It is an image of assimilated experience and behavior patterns with which we now feel comfortable. The Moon, according to sign location, shows karmic emotional patterns which either inhibit or help us in our attempts at self-expression and adjustment to the outer world. If the planetary aspects to the Moon are harmonious (trine 120�, sextile 60�, or semi-sextile 30�), past lifetimes and conditioning help the native to adjust to life. If the Moon aspects are hard (opposition 180�, square 90�, semi-square 45�, and quincunx 150�), it represents an inability to adjust oneself easily to life, or there is a negative self-image, emotions to which must be outgrown and transformed. Hard lunar aspects show emotional blockages of which were particularly active in childhood and adolescence. The house position of the Moon shows where we need to see ourselves more objectively, where we can tune in to find tranquillity.

Some examples may help clarify this point. If the predominance of planets, particularly those that are in hard aspect, and in the case of Saturn, are located in water, there is a need to refine one's emotions and mode of emotional expression. There is a need for emotional discipline as they flow easily from the astral body and are readily sensed and perhaps misinterpreted by others. If the stressed planets are in fire signs, there is a need to control one's impulsiveness and egocentric behavior. There is a need to develop love, sensitivity, and patience. If the stressed planets are in air signs, the individual needs to discipline the thought processes, not only how one thinks (erratically and nervously) but also the manner in which thoughts are expressed to others. Fantasies, day-dreaming, intellectual escapism and unrealistic schemes need to be moderated into the habit of rationalization and purpose. If the stressed planets are in earth signs, there is too much attachment to the physical senses, comforts, and possessions. The native must come to terms with what will really and truly provide the deep security he or she longs for. As one spiritual teacher most aptly stated, "karma is attachment". The birth chart shows our attachments and attunements, and hence our karma.

There are years of study one can learn about themselves from the factors generated in this report. But let's begin by pointing out a few of the pertinent areas:

1. SUN SIGN: Your Sun sign will give you key dietary pointers that you can and should implement now. The foods that are compatible for your constitution are listed. Bach Flower Essences according to your Sun sign are also periodically helpful during times of stress. The Homeopathic Cell Salt will also be of benefit and can be readily purchased at a health food store. Take 3 tablets daily for one week and then take once weekly as a tonic for one year as a course of treatment.

2. MOON SIGN: In this report you will find your emotional proclivities and the lines of least resistance with regards to behavior. Remember, it is the Moon we should be steering away from. Counter the stress factors that you find in this report. Learn to moderate or eliminate those negative emotions. Benefiting foods will be listed that will help regain or maintain your vital circulation of bodily fluids. Eat them on a regular basis and remember the Greek Dietary Rule: never eat the same food twice in the same day! This helps prevent allergies to those things you have come to crave or desire.

A Rashi Homeopathic Mixture is also suggested. This is a Hindu formula that will help offset lymphatic stasis and other undesirable lunar tendencies based on your Moon sign.

3. MERCURY SIGN: This sign shows how your nervous system reacts with your brain and how vitality is distributed throughout your body. Listed will be recommended Nirvana: herbs and spices conducive to your Mercurial placement. Nervines are agents that have a calming or soothing effect on the nerves. Again, these herbs and spices are available at your health food store. Prepare as a cup of tea or include it in your cooking as part of your weekly routines. One cup of tea twice a day over a week or month can be considered as a course of treatment when under undue stress.

4. VENUS SIGN: This is not only your love sign, but also may indicate your areas of self-indulgence. Herbal and dietary astringents and tonics will be listed that are compatible and may offset the "battle of the bulge" which is now affecting a good part of the population. Begin by including these items regularly in your diet.

5. MARS SIGN: Our Mars sign is our nuisance sign, at worst a spot of regular and upsetting inflammations. Again, fruits, vegetables and herbs that offset these inflammatory factors will be listed. These are known as ANTIPHLOGISTICS: agents which reduce inflammation. In the Orient they are called "cooling foods". Also listed will be the ruling VULNERARIES: healing applications compatible with your Mars sign (for when you have those little accidents) that will help wounds, cuts, and scrapes heal faster.

6. JUPITER SIGN: Jupiter rules the liver as well as fatty accumulations. Listed with your Jupiter sign will be a recommended LIVER CLEANSING protocol suited to your constitution. You can engage in this activity periodically, or as part of a detox program.

7. SATURN SIGN: The area of your body where you are to most likely accumulate toxins. Listed will be compatible STIMULANTS & PURGATIVES which should become part of your routine weekly diet.

8. URANUS SIGN: The area of your body most likely to be under spasmodic congestion. Listed in your program will be herbs and spices that act as ANTISPASMODIC to offset this tendency.

9. NEPTUNE SIGN: The area of your body most likely to become under vitalized or even atonic or atrophied, especially as the age progresses into retirement. Listed will be recommended herbs and spices which will help offset these tendencies, compatible and sympathetic to the Neptune placement.

10. PLANETARY ASPECTS: The afflictions or hard aspects indicate blockages or stress points which translate into increased needs for vitamins and minerals.

The four fundamental temperaments are largely determined by the predominance of planets at birth in the air, fire, earth or water zodiac signs. Of chief importance are the Sun sign, Moon sign and Ascendant (rising sign). Next in importance are the zodiac locations of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Thus the temperament is determined by the grouping of planets in the horoscope. For example, if the predominance of planets and your rising sign are in air signs at birth, your tendency is to be a Spring type. Follow this simple exercise below and determine whether you are a Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter type.

Spring-Air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Summer-Fire signs are Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. Autumn-Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Winter-Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

After your read this report, simply fill in the Tally below based upon your horoscope's report. Add up the four totals to see if your are predominately air, fire, earth or water. The highest score shows your predominance.

1. Rising sign:________________ 5. Mercury sign:__________________

2. Sun sign:__________________ 6. Jupiter sign:__________________

3. Moon sign:_________________ 7. Saturn sign:___________________

4. Venus sign:_________________

HIGHEST TOTAL:______________


Skin Tones: Delicate skin, finely textured, oily. Reveals a golden undertone either golden beige, creamy ivory; peachy; rosy cheeks that flush easily, pale golden freckles; golden brown in people of color and Orientals; ivory (Asian).

Tissues: Elastic, delicate, soft and loose, warm, fine hair; fat is soft, elastic.

Hair: Golden shades; strawberry blonde or redhead; golden brown; dove gray; creamy white.

Eyes: Blue; green with golden flecks; aqua, teal; golden brown.

Body: Long, narrow thorax; long, delicate limbs; of thin stature.

Best Colors: Blues, ivory, lemon, scarlet, turquoise, aqua.

Worst Colors: Burgundy, yellow, violet, browns.



Skin Tones: Expressive, virile, robust. Reveals a red or yellowy undertone; rosy beige; rosy brown; pale beige, even sallow; people of color - soft grayish tone and light. Summers tan evenly, while autumns burn.

Tissues: Dense, firm, sinewy, muscular; fat firm.

Hair: Never a redhead; strong hair and colors, very hairy, strong beard; usually blonde as a child, becoming mousy or ashy with a grayish cast with age; brown with auburn cast; blue-gray; pearl white; charcoal brown; salt and pepper; pearl gray; platinum blond; dark blond or ashen blond.

Eyes: Soft gray-blue; soft gray-green; brown-eyed; hazel (green brown); blue with whitish flecks.

Body: Athletic, muscular limbs; thorax long and wide; narrow waist.

Best Colors: Blues, turquoise, lavenders, plums, mauves, pinks.

Worst Colors: Black, bright orange, red.



Skin Tone: Sallow, gray, rough, wrinkled. Reveals a blue-gray, dull, dark, and sallow undertones; ivory; ivory with freckles (usually redhead); yellow beige; dark beige (coppery); golden brown; peach with freckles; a few Orientals and people of color are autumn with truly golden undertones but most are other types. Autumn people sunburn easily.

Tissues: Dry, coarse, firm, body; fat firm.

Hair: Rough, shaggy hair, dark colors, coppery red-brown; auburn; red or gold highlights; dirty blonde; charcoal brown or black; golden blonde; golden gray; oyster white.

Eyes: Dark brown; golden brown; green with yellow/brown flecks; pale green; teal or steel blue; olive green; amber.

Body: Broad, angular shoulders; tough, bony; oldish.

Best Colors: Magenta, teal blue, olive, jade, greens, red, purple, violet.

Worst Colors: Gold, black.



Skin Tone: Whitish, chalky, bloated, puffy. Reveals white, and pasty undertones. Milky white skin with a translucent quality when healthy. No visible pinks; gray-beige or brown; olive; blackish-blue undertone or sallow tone in people of color.

Tissues: Spongy, soft, lax, loose-textured fat, flabby.

Hair: Blue-black; dark brown or ash brown; salt and pepper; silver-gray; white.

Eyes: Dark red-brown; black brown; hazel brown; blue with white flecks; dark blue or violet; gray green; green with white flecks.

Body: Thorax short and wide; large bellied; short limbs; stout.

Best Colors: True reds, magenta, green, purple, violet.

Worst Colors: Orange, yellow, browns, lemon.

These types are also used in the fashion industry to type skin tones and choosing which colors are most suited for the native. These colors tend to bring out one's aesthetic features while harmonizing the personality.

Medically speaking, when the Sun sign is in fire or air signs, we consider a predominance of genetic traits to be linked to the father. When the Sun is in water or earth signs, we consider the heredity to be linked mostly to the mother. If both the Sun and Moon are in the same elemental zodiac sign, then we pay special attention to the rulers of the fourth and tenth houses, as the ruler of the fourth house is linked to the mother, and the ruler of the tenth house is linked to the father.

NOTE: Your typology may have no bearing on your health. It only shows your temperament and your tendency to be either vital or somewhat weak. It generally shows what colors, gems, and environments vitalize you best.



Antiphlogistics - an agent that relieves inflammation

Bach Flower - essences for emotional stability originated by homeopath, Dr. Edward Bach of England

Decanate - zodiacal arc in ancient astrology; every sign is divided into 3 decanates of 10�

Hara - one's personal power

Karmic - the whole ethical consequence of one's acts considered as fixing one's lot in the future existence

Nervines - agents that have a calming or soothing effect on the nerves

Normergic - reacting or pertaining to that which reacts in a normal manner

Pathological - study of the nature and cause of disease

Photobiotic - capable of living only in the light

Polycrest - some of the great homeopathic remedies numbering around 50

Rashi - homeopathic formulas of Dr. Bhattacharya that counteract Moon afflictions.

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