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Zodiac Signs, Glyphs and Symbols

Zodiac Sign

 Sign Glyph
 Sign Symbols 1  
Sign Symbols 2
 Aries  aries  aries ram  aries ram
 Taurus  taurus taurus bull  taurus bull
 Gemini  gemini gemini twins  gemini twins
 Cancer  cancer cancer crab  cancer crab
 Leo leo  leo lion  leo lion
 Virgo  virgo virgo virgin   virgo virgin
 Libra  Libra  libra scales  libra scales
 Scorpio scorpio   scorpio scorpion  scorpio scorpion
 Sagittarius sagittarian   sag archer  sag archer
 Capricorn  capricorn  cap goat  cap goat
 Aquarius aquarius  aquarius water bearer  aquarius water bearer
 Pisces  pisces  pisces fish  pisces fish

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 Sign Symbols 3    Sign Symbols 4
Aries Aries baby    Aries symbol
Taurus Taurus baby   Taurus symbol
Gemini Gemini baby    Gemini symbol
Cancer Cancer Baby    Cancer symbol
Leo Leo baby    Leo Symbol
Virgo Virgo baby    Virgo symbol
Libra  Libra baby    Libra Symbol
Scorpio Scorpio baby    Scorpio symbol
Sagittarius  Sagittarius Baby   Sagittarius symbol
Capricorn  Capricorn baby    Capricorn symbol
Aquarius Aquarius baby   Aquarius symbol
Pisces  Pisces baby    Pisces symbol