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Jupiter Aspects

Aspect Interpretations  

The reading below delineate the aspects formed by Jupiter with the outer planets in the natal horoscope.
conjunctions Sextiles Squares Trines Oppositions

Jupiter conjunct Saturn

The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn shows a serious outlook on life and an involvement in heavy responsibilities. This aspect makes you much more conservative and practical than may otherwise be shown in the chart. You have some significant hurdles to get over before you can achieve the financial security you desire. Optimism can be drained by a series of disappointments and delays. Larger social issues may play an important part in your life. The conjunction doesn't deny success, but shows the necessity to work hard and be patient.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus

The conjunction of Jupiter with Uranus produces a good deal of restlessness in your nature. You dislike restrictions and like to be the one in charge. You are an organizer, a planner and a doer, and you do especially well when assigned to handle a big project. Your plans have a solid touch of idealism attached. Your basically very lucky, and you usually get full credit for what you do. Sudden and unexpected gains are frequently a product of this aspect.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune

The conjunction of Jupiter with Neptune shows creative imagination. You may be very artistic, and somewhat excessive in the expression of your talents. Often this aspect shows much idealism, and you may be drawn to a religious or humanitarian life. You may be an escapist, too.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto

A conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto confers the determination to achieve goals that will bring about improvements for both you and others. You have a very strong and penetrating insight, and a good deal of leadership ability. You are determined to enjoy life to its fullest. Dedicated to your ideals, you have a bit of the zealot in you.

Jupiter sextile Saturn

The sextile formed between Jupiter and Saturn shows the good business attributes of caution, prudence, and good organization, combined with optimism, enthusiasm, and expansion. You are thus able to carry through plans and fulfill your obligations, earning respect in your business or profession. You are respected for your honesty and integrity.

Jupiter sextile Uranus

The sextile of Jupiter and Uranus tends to break down orthodox tendencies and add more of a metaphysical or liberal attitude. Humanitarian goals and issues are more important with this, an uplifting aspect. Good fortune relating to ideals in life come as a bi-product of actions.

Jupiter sextile Neptune

The sextile between Jupiter and Neptune shows imagination and much hope about the future. You solve problems in theory, and some ideas may be impractical. An idealist, you are always trying to help. You are certainly one who is willing to stand and be counted. You want to believe the best can come from every situation, and of course that is not always true.

Jupiter sextile Pluto

The sextile formed between Jupiter and Pluto indicate your exuberance, enthusiasm, and ambition. Even with these characteristics, you encourage others to explore their potentials as much as you do yours. You have many organizational skills, and you are most productive in business, education, and politics. Your interests are extremely broad based.

Jupiter square Saturn

The square between Jupiter and Saturn denotes some problems with self-esteem. You question your abilities and put yourself down when you compare yourself to others. Parental influence may have contributed to this lack of confidence.

Jupiter square Uranus

The square formed between Jupiter and Uranus shows inhibiting conflicts which limit your goals and achievements. You may be expansive in your imagination and plans. There is a tendency to be impractical and too idealistic in your thinking. In some cases, eccentric religious beliefs and practices are shown by this aspect. Speculation, if allowed to get out of hand, can produce unexpected and unsatisfactory results, and you may have a tendency to go off the deep end in handling financial matters. Long-shot gambles that may tempt you, rarely work out.

Jupiter square Neptune

The placement of Jupiter and Neptune form a Square aspect in your chart. This aspect shows a tendency toward exaggeration and confusion. There is a likelihood of being deceived or deceiving others. In any event, there are emotional excesses and impractical behavior. This aspect is often associated with religious idealism lacking discipline. There is a degree of self-indulgence associated with this placement, and this can result in a failure to attain potential success.

Jupiter square Pluto

The square formed between Jupiter and Pluto suggests that you set yourself up as a law unto yourself and rarely agree with accepted codes. Dogmatic and exaggerating, you could be an adventurer or a gambler. Oddly enough, you see-saw between overconfidence and self-doubt. Learn to profit from your experiences and don't exploit others for your own benefit.

Jupiter trine Saturn

The trine between Jupiter and Saturn shows serious purpose to your life which may have been influenced by a family tradition. Although you are somewhat materialistic and desire the finer things in life, you lack the motivation and drive to attain them. There is a tendency to seek and find easy ways of doing everything. Whatever success you are to achieve is apt to come in the latter part of your life. You have a bad habit of comparing yourself unfavorable to others rather than realizing your own self-worth.

Jupiter trine Uranus

The trine formed between Jupiter and Uranus shows that you are original, creative, determined and practical. You can achieve any goal set for yourself. Personal liberty is very important and you don't like to be tied down to convention. You may have strong mental energy and much staying power in work that requires you to use you intelligence.

Jupiter trine Neptune

The trine formed between Jupiter and Neptune expands your latent intuitive faculties, giving a practical application to your hunches. You may find you often gain materially by following the dictates of your intuition and what just feels good. If you have any artistic leanings, this aspect helps your expression become more salable. The personality is likely to appear very jovial and human, allowing you to make friends easily.

Jupiter trine Pluto

The trine between Jupiter and Pluto produces a powerful exuberance in your nature that allows you to inspire others to their potential, as you likewise are able to achieve your own. You have wonderful organizational skills that can be useful, especially in business, education, and public welfare.

Jupiter opposed Saturn

The opposition between Jupiter and Saturn suggests difficulty in recognizing personal limitations. In one sense this is good. You continue to plod forward in the face of just about any adversity, and you may face a good deal of adversity. This aspect often shows success coming in the later part of life. There is a tendency to compare yourself unfavorably with other people.

Jupiter opposed Uranus

The opposition between Jupiter and Uranus suggest that you are more enthusiastic, independent, outspoken and willful than may otherwise be shown in your chart. You tend to bite off a bit more than you can chew, and you want to start at the top without due preparation. Speculation and gambling should be avoided. Learn moderation in everything, and try not to be hypocritical.

Jupiter opposed Neptune

The opposition between Jupiter and Neptune shows a tendency to promise more than you can fulfill. You are creatively talented, but you must develop self-discipline to channel your energies in a productive direction. This aspect showing a lack of practicality damages business and financial affairs. You are extremely generous and kindhearted, but you may lack discrimination in this regard. You are somewhat revolutionary and may be over-emotional in your personal involvements. This aspect often denotes difficulty with drugs or alcohol.

Jupiter opposed Pluto

The opposition of Jupiter and Pluto shows questioning of social ideology. You challenge dogma by asserting your own views, which may often be out of step with those of society. Autocratic attitudes and a lack of humility can cause a loss of popularity. This is a powerful placement for Jupiter, the planet associated with religious and philosophic issues. You may have much to offer in correcting social injustices.
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