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Mercury conjunct Venus

The conjunction of Mercury and Venus shows an affable manner and social grace. You can get along with most people because you understand the art of compromise. This doesn't mean that you always give in, but just that you try to be fair and don't offend people without a good reason. You know how to express your opinions with skill and color, and without being argumentative. You are refined in your presentations and you usually see to it that your position is well documented.

Mercury conjunct Mars

Mercury and Mars in conjunction increases your mental energies and produces a very sharp mind. You are mentally aggressive and have a tendency to become more partisan and decisive in your views. You are less apt to waste time making decisions, and you are quick to act on your ideas. You love the competition of debate because it allows you to prove your intellectual superiority. Always being so sure you are right, you sometimes make premature judgments and decisions. Your sharp mind often jumps ahead in conversations and you have a tendency to interrupt others when they are speaking, and this can be annoying at times. With this placement you need to concentrate on slowing down your racing mental reactions and get all the facts before responding.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter

Mercury in conjunction to Jupiter increases your confidence in your mental abilities and makes you skillful at influencing other people with your verbal abilities. Interests in higher learning are enhanced because you have a need to learn that you can't satisfy. Because of your wealth of knowledge, you can succeed in any number of fields. Yet you have some difficulty choosing the one occupation or avocation on which to focus. Try to define goals you want to reach. You have a philosophical approach to life and a very generous spirit.

Mercury conjunct Saturn

The conjunction between Mercury and Saturn increases the depth of your mind. Yet ambitions are slow to be satisfied because you are often overshadowed by your more gregarious competitors. Feelings are apt to be inhibited. You build a wall around yourself shunning the help that may be available from social contacts. This aspect shows ambition and the willingness to work for success with little encouragement or help from others. You are methodical and orderly, solving problems logically, and wasting little time on superficial matters. You are a good listener who is cautious about voicing opinions in conversation. 

Mercury conjunct Uranus

The conjunction of Mercury and Uranus shows that you are bright, curious, articulate, and intuitive. You're easily excited, and your mind races to answer questions that arise. Your mind probably developed early by taking your toys apart to see what made them work. Electronic communication is especially fascinating to you. You are very futuristic in your thinking, rarely worrying about or dwelling on the past.

Mercury conjunct Neptune

A conjunction of Mercury and Neptune suggests that your imagination often works overtime. Logic and illusion become confused and you find it hard to express your highly developed and sensitive mentality. You are so attuned to the emotions of others that you may be vulnerable, and sometimes too easily influenced. There is a tendency to idealize and dream beyond attainable levels, often setting yourself up for disillusionment and disappointment. Good education and professional training are necessary before you can succeed in a career. This placement can produce creative writers or poets.

Mercury conjunct Pluto

The conjunction of Mercury and Pluto shows that your mind is deep, penetrating, and somewhat inclined to extremes. You look for hidden meanings in what others say, and you evaluate everything subjectively. You see through people and sense their motives. Once you have made up your mind on a subject you rarely change your views, and you are very assertive in expressing them. So much so you can be overbearing at times. Nonetheless, you are a spokesperson for whatever cause you engender.

Mercury sextile Venus

The sextile formed between Mercury and Venus shows grace and skill in your speech and writing. Often this aspect shows talent in a literary sense or in composing music. You know how to express your opinions with skill and color, and without being argumentative. You are refined in your presentations and you usually see to it that your position is well documented and tactfully delivered. Your personality is more easygoing than other factors in your horoscope may suggest.

Mercury sextile Mars

The sextile formed between Mercury and Mars gives mental energy and a sharp intellect. You are good at strategy and probably enjoy games requiring mental skill, such as bridge and chess. You are likely also to have very good math skills. You plan your actions carefully and completely, and because of this you usually get the job done right. There is a decisiveness to your nature. You say what you mean and mean what you say.

Mercury sextile Jupiter

The sextile formed between Mercury and Jupiter shows an intuitive mind that can easily handle abstract ideas. This aspect is favorable for pursuits in higher education, especially in the study of religion, philosophy, and the field of education itself. You can express yourself very well. Because of interests in the improvement of your mind, foreign travel appeals to you. You may use your intellectual talents to benefit humankind some way.

Mercury sextile Saturn

The sextile between Mercury and Saturn shows a well developed intellect. You are resourceful and careful in your actions. You like to keep yourself extremely well informed on subjects you are handling. When you are sure of your facts, you can state your case with force and authority. Your mind is highly disciplined for continuing to accumulate knowledge and to grow continuously throughout your life.

Mercury sextile Uranus

A sextile formed between Mercury and Uranus suggests that your intellectual abilities are well above average. You are alert, curious, and well-read on many subjects. You have an easy and clever way with words. This may allow you to succeed as a teacher because you are willing to share your knowledge. You are very progressive in your thinking and inventive in your ideas. Your mind is constantly in motion, thinking for yourself in a very independent manner. Logical reasoning goes on in the subconscious mind and solutions come to you in a flash.

Mercury sextile Neptune

The sextile of Mercury and Neptune gives intuitive insight and a fertile imagination. You are creative in writing and you may have more than a passing interest in photography, magic or illusion. You are thoughtful and contemplative, usually having schemes planned well ahead of schedule. You know not to accept ideas at face value, and you check every matter out in fine detail. You have an insatiable curiosity.

Mercury sextile Pluto

A sextile between Mercury and Pluto shows keen mental penetration and analytical intellect. You can grasp the most elusive and obscure subjects. Your comprehension is so deep that you derive more meaning from your experiences than others do. This is an excellent placement for anyone involved in scientific or investigative pursuits.

Mercury square Mars

The square formed between Mercury and Mars produces an overactive, energetic mind. You can become overheated, argumentative, and highly partisan in view. Guard against coming to conclusions before giving careful consideration to all the facts and viewpoints. You enjoy arguments and debates. You need to bear in mind that your judgment is not always infallible. Even when your reasoning is correct, you may have not received all the facts needed to arrive at the correct conclusion. This aspect may cause frequent headaches and also can produce nervous disorders. The virtues of patience and verbal restraint are necessary to learn, as these are not natural traits.

Mercury square Jupiter

The square of Mercury with Jupiter shows a tendency to entertain ideas too grandiose for realization. You are too optimistic and rush to attempt projects that are beyond your capabilities. Often there is discrepancy between your beliefs and the actual truth. You are impulsive in judgment, making decisions on insufficient information. Details get lost in the process. Be careful not to overlook the negative potential in your actions. You will have to concentrate on listening, because this is a challenge for you. Sometimes this square shows an aversion or mental block to religion or philosophical thinking.

Mercury square Saturn

The square between Mercury and Saturn suggests mental restraint and strong ties to traditional ways of thinking. Mental processes are on the pessimistic side. You worry too much, often about unimportant details. You have much concern about succeeding or failing to succeed. Your education may have been rigidly disciplined and conforming to traditional doctrine. There is a tendency because of this, to uphold the established order and resist change.

Mercury square Uranus

Mercury in a square aspect with Uranus speeds the perceptions, and quickens the intuitions. At times you can be erratic in your drive to be independent. Your speech can become sarcastic and brusque, and mental energies can be wasted in temperament. You love a battle of wits and will take the other side of just about any argument just for the fun of it. Your independence and vigor of mind can make you a leader of thought when you have learned to get the chip off your shoulder.

Mercury square Neptune

The square formed between Mercury and Neptune suggests that your imagination often gets in the way of logical thinking. You are somewhat absentminded. Reluctant to accept responsibility, you have tendencies toward escapism. There is a need to focus mental energies and prepare yourself to face competition. Be cautious or conservative in your romantic alliances, for your imagination can play tricks on you.
Mercury square Pluto
The square aspect between Mercury and Pluto produces a clear mental view of the realities of any given situation. Your speech and thought patterns can sometimes be harsh, so much so that you may at times seem insensitive. It is truly difficult for people to know how you will react, so some may avoid getting close to you. This also shows a tendency toward secrecy, especially when you are around people you don't trust. You have a need to shape the ideas of others to conform with your views.

Mercury trine Mars

The trine between Mercury and Mars suggests an alert and clever mind. You have a practical and positive approach to life. Reasoning powers and action are harmonized. You have much creative energy and the imagination to express it in many ways. You are active and restless, and require that something is always going on. The ability to be productive is linked to your success in controlling restlessness. There is almost immediate response to all mental stimuli. This aspect strengthens the mind so you never stop learning. You have the aptitude to deal in a practical way with the scientific and mechanical. Yet the tendency to want to live solely by your wits is always present. You have the potential to be a convincing debater with a dramatic delivery.

Mercury trine Jupiter

The trine formed between Mercury and Jupiter shows you are likely to get a good education. If you get a well trained mind, life should be easy. You have much confidence and pride in your mental abilities. You like to spend time philosophizing and thinking in broad general terms. Your mind may contain stores of knowledge because you learn rapidly, and you retain what has been learned. You may elaborate on and enlarge the truth to a degree, but you are a person of high integrity and high standards of behavior. You have an optimistic and fresh outlook on life, and an explicit belief in your capacity to succeed. Avoid being indulgent and pompous about your knowledge. Knowing what you know it should be unthinkable that you would not do much in life.

Mercury trine Saturn

Mercury forms a favorable aspect to Saturn in your chart producing a practical, well disciplined nature. The reasoning power and retentive memory is very strong. You are able to solve problems easily because you use every fragment of information you possess. You are very exacting in calculations and craftsmanship. You view life seriously. You're a disciplinarian type who can succeed in any role where management skills can be employed. Your sense of self-containment is notable. You are not inclined toward flattery, so any compliment you give is earned.

Mercury trine Uranus

The trine formed between Mercury and Uranus confers a special type of mental ability associated with the intuitive faculties. Flashes of intuitive insight are amazingly accurate. Uranus puts your mind more in touch with humanitarian matters, and also modern and progressive ideas. You can express your thoughts in an original and dramatic way, and thus, you make an interesting speaker or writer. You rarely make superficial statements because your mind does not dwell on trite matters.

Mercury trine Neptune

The aspect between Mercury and Neptune suggests you're a practical idealist with an intuitive mind. Because your intuition is so highly developed, you understand what motivates others in their relationships with you. You have an artistic imagination and the skill to express it well. You can visualize objects or processes in your mind, much as though you were looking at a finished product. In this regard, your mind is very inspirational. You communicate effectively, and with a flair for dramatic delivery. You are sensitive and intelligent and prepared to accept your social responsibilities without question. Superficial matters don't clutter your life. You focus on the important issues that have social implications and ignore other issues. Your life can be rich and full because of the many ways you have of expressing your potentials.

Mercury trine Pluto

The trine formed between Mercury and Pluto shows the ability to get to the roots of an issue in a mental sense. Your concentration is intense. This allows you, if you so choose, to probe the depth of little known or unknown matter. This aspect is often in the charts of investigators, detectives, and those involved in research. You have an easy understanding of logic, and of cause and effect.

Mercury opposed Mars

The opposition of Mercury and Mars shows an argumentative disposition causing conflict when you feel you have been treated unfairly. Sometimes you just take an opposing point of view for the sake of argument. Your personality has a much more critical and fault-finding tone. You can be a real stickler for accuracy in thought and word. Oddly enough, you sometimes overlook important details or fail completely to see and understand the other person's point of view. You have an ego identification with your ideas and you take personal affront to those who differ with your thoughts on any subject. To avoid becoming unpopular, you must control speaking with a sharp tongue and with any excesses in profanity. This placement gives a very active mind with limitless intellectual abilities. With it comes a restlessness and impatience to prove competence.

Mercury opposed Jupiter

The opposite positions of Mercury and Jupiter suggests mental overconfidence. It shows the tendency to go to extremes, promising more than you can deliver. Your talk is not always backed up with action and follow though. You have a constant need to produce thoroughness and attention to detail. In matters of education you may be somewhat conceited. Yet in your education, you may have pursued esoteric, literary, scholarly, or philosophic studies, which lack practical value for earning a living. Avoid alienating people with a "know-it-all" attitude. Your insatiable appetite for learning can serve you well once you have learned to focus your attention in one area, and develop a specific field.

Mercury opposed Saturn

The opposite positions of Mercury and Saturn shows conservative and traditional thinking. You are somewhat prone to depression and mental anxiety, and this tendency to look on the dark side prevents you from recognizing opportunities sometimes. You are strongly opinionated and prone to become narrow-minded. You are ambitious for intellectual recognition, but you may encounter many obstacles in attaining it. You may be very intelligent and still foster self-doubts about your mental capabilities and potential.

Mercury opposed Uranus

The opposite positions of Mercury and Uranus shows eccentricities in opinions and communication. You are stubborn in the sense that no one can change your mind. Yet you may change your position on just about anything at the drop of a hat. Unless factors in the chart suggest otherwise, you can be blunt and tactless in your speech. You think of yourself as especially gifted mentally, and well you may be. It's essential for you not to let yourself appear arrogant and conceited because of this. You have no problem seeing all sides to just about any issue. Because of this, it is surprising that you find it so hard to compromise with people. By concentrating on tact and diplomacy you can more effectively take advantage of your intellectual potential.

Mercury opposed Neptune

The opposite positions of Mercury and Neptune show communication is marked with creativity and imagination, a vivid imagination that is not always dependable. Competition is an obstacle that poses a problem for you. You are at your best when you don't have to look back over your shoulder and worry about what your competitor is doing. You have a sensitivity to the thoughts and motivations of others. Your advancement may be impeded by a tendency to dream and scheme a little too much. Beware of a tendency to be deceived often following this placement.

Mercury opposed Pluto

The opposite positions of Mercury and Pluto shows mental tension. You may become the repository of confidential information and problems of a personal nature by persons with whom you associate. This is a difficult aspect because you have a tendency toward harsh and abrupt speech. When challenged, you become emotionally and intellectually arrogant, as if your credibility is being questioned. You are impatient with yourself and others, demanding that projects get done immediately.  
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