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The Eleventh House of the Horoscope

Friendships, Associations, Ideals and Causes

The eleventh house is associated with the achievement of goals and objectives. Often it is called the house of hopes and wishes. Humanitarian and philanthropic enterprises, clubs, groups, associations, and the sharing of ideals is emphasized here. People that help you, friends, connections and influence matters relate to this house.

Sign on cusp of 11th house...

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo
Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Aries on cusp of 11th House

The influence of Aries in the eleventh house shows that you are active in associations, club or other such organizations. You attract a wide and varied circle of friends. These relationships may not be close or lasting, and you enjoy the company while refraining from becoming closely involved. Ties are often broken only to be reformed later. You have the gift of sociability and you make the most of your contacts. Often friends are key to helping you attain your goals.

Taurus on cusp of 11th House

The Taurus influences on the eleventh house cusp suggest that objectives or goals in life are associated with the basic material issues of everyday living. Making money, accumulating a comfortable standard of living, and establishing a secure situation. You interest is not just money and possessions for the sake of wealth. Instead you want to gain a sense of security, and status to overcome a basic insecurity. You are attracted to artistic, stable and well-to-do friends, who may be called on to help you attain your goals. Your basic sentimental nature is very apparent in selecting friends. Friendships are very close and warm. Time spent with them is rewarding as you enjoy visits to art galleries, museums, theaters, or a variety of other pleasurable pursuits.

Gemini on cusp of 11th House

The Gemini influence in this house denotes many personal connections. You are naturally attracted to people who are witty, intelligent, and verbal. You make friends very easily, especially with persons younger than you, and you gravitate to friends you consider interesting in a variety of ways. You have a good sense of humor and you can laugh, even at yourself. You are not a loner, and you need constant, mentally compatible companionship to be happy and fulfilled.

Cancer on cusp of 11th House

The influence of Cancer here suggests social activities are limited to an informal style normally conducted within the home. Favorite comrades are often pets, to which you may become very attached. Pets are appreciated because they never resent your tendency to criticize. You are never much of a joiner, but you can work very diligently within organizations promoting the welfare of children, animals, or the underprivileged. Friendships are never taken lightly by this emotional and feeling placement. So, there is a very discriminating attitude toward selecting those to whom you become close. To those close friends that are developed, you have a very protective and nurturing relationship.

Leo on cusp of 11th House

Leo is the sign influencing this house, denoting leadership qualities displayed within groups and organizations. The Leo quality associated with the eleventh house suggests a very deep need for friends and associations. In this setting you display your friendliest and most outgoing demeanor. You take pride in your friends and associates, most of whom are socially prestigious. Some may even be rich and famous. The influence of Leo here is not one of dominating friends. You may tend to draw strength from your friends as if they fulfilled a special need in your life. You are always careful to dress in good taste, and you tend to notice what others are wearing as well. You have a very wide circle of friends, most of who have much respect for you.

Virgo on cusp of 11th House

The Virgo influence in the eleventh house suggests a readiness to serve close friends. Despite a certain aloofness, you work especially hard for the welfare of companions. You can be content to defer to the will of the majority in groups in which you function. You're never altogether comfortable in a crowd, and you don't crave a wide circle of friends. At times, you can be sharply critical of your associates.

Libra on cusp of 11th House

The influence of Libra in the eleventh house shows an amiable demeanor with friends and working in group situations. In this context, you are diplomatic and evenhanded. You are likely to be selected to head a group just because of you are acceptable to those with divergent interests. Venus ruling this house denotes a highly social attitude. You really love to be with friends. Often this sign denotes marriage to a friend of long standing. You can identify with all different types of people. This placement also shows a degree of indecisiveness and vacillation in clearly defining and setting goals and objectives.

Scorpio on cusp of 11th House

With Scorpio influencing this house you tend to develop close relationships with intense and aggressive friends who are influential and powerful. Though your circle may not be wide, you are close to the few that rate your confidence, and these individuals will tend to share views very similar to yours. You are not outgoing, and tend to keep your social affairs on a close hold. You never accept weak individuals as friends. The Scorpio connection here sometimes produces associations with people who are not reliable, those who tend to manipulate and play games, and it may be necessary from time to time, to reflectively evaluation associations, especially if you get a position of some authority.

Sagittarius on cusp of 11th House

The eleventh house is influenced by Sagittarius suggesting a wide circle of friends and associates with whom you enjoy free-wheeling exchanges of ideas. You enjoy such casual relationships, and rarely impose demands on any of your friends. Yours is a live and let live philosophy that makes it easy for people to be around you and enjoy your company. Through your natural popularity you do tend to obtain the necessary help and support to attain your goals. Good luck and good fortune seem associated with this position.

Capricorn on cusp of 11th House

The Capricorn influence in the eleventh house severely limits the number of friends, and by your own choice, especially in the early part of life. Those with whom you're intimately close are few, yet later in life you may enjoy the companionship of those who are older than you (though not necessarily in years). You are not gregarious and most of the time you try to avoid crowds. You are socially very isolated and never a joiner. This influence adversely affects the degree of assistance you receive from others, and you are left to achieve your goals on your own.

Aquarius on cusp of 11th House

The influence of Aquarius in the eleventh house suggests an intolerance for dull people. You have an attraction to those who are more interesting, even the unusual and oddball types. You are attached to people who are not only interesting, but to those who are not afraid to take chances with their lives. Your friendships are intellectually motivated rather than sentimentally stimulated. Your attitudes and group relationships have very liberal leanings, and you are one who doesn't hesitate to join the group. There is often a rebellious nature associated with this sign. Your social life is usually in high gear and exciting.

Pisces on cusp of 11th House

The influence of Pisces in the eleventh house suggests a bond of loyalty and sympathy between friends. You may be the type of person who puts loved ones on a pedestal, yet expect them to be perfect. Or, you may be the sort that puts them on a pedestal, and refuses to see any fault that may exist. So doing, you set yourself up for disillusionment when they let you down. You would give the shirt off your back to a friend in need. You expect such friendships in return. You are especially sensitive to slights, should they ever occur. These relationships are extremely important to your well-being. You are a very generous person who understands the true meaning of charity. You are very idealistic and maintain a positive attitude toward friends and associations. This is thanks to the rose-colored glasses that you wear, cutting the glare of harsh and unpleasant reality.  
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