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The Third House of the Horoscope 

Learning and Communication 

The third house of the chart concerns your thought processes and how you relate to others in your formative years; your early environment and relationships. It deals with subjects such as writing, news, communication and speech; learning to deal with the world. Accordingly, it is associated with early education and basic learning.

Cusp of the third  house:

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo
Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Aries on the cusp of the 3rd house

Aries influencing activity in the third house gives a strong need to communicate with others, and to communicate forcefully. Drive and ambition is channeled into the area of communication. Your mind is active, alert and capable of making quick decisions. You are an independent thinker and somewhat likely to "shoot from the hip", and do so very well, when it comes to expressing yourself. In your early environment, you were mentally competitive. You are an aggressive learner, always seeking new ideas and new knowledge. Still you may need to learn to stay with the lesson until is mastered. You are a little too unsettled, constantly on the go and moving about. You may find it necessary to have a physical outlet to avoid mental aggravation, impatience, and verbal outbursts.

Taurus  on the cusp of the 3rd house

The influence of Taurus on the cusp of the third house creates a stubbornness in your thinking that belies your pliable nature. You are a slow learner, but once an idea is lodged in your brain, it's there to stay. In early education you may have been an indifferent student, but as you mature you accumulate a wealth of knowledge and understanding. This sign, ruled by Venus, often shows a strong interest in the arts, especially music.

Gemini  on the cusp of the 3rd house

Gemini is on the cusp of the third house suggests quickness both in thought and speech. Mercury, ruling Gemini, is the planet of intellect, thought, speech, and wit. Its rulership of this portion of the chart denotes a good conversationalist, a fact collector, and a mentally stimulating person. The only hesitation in your speech occurs when too many ideas are simultaneously present at on time. You can see and adapt to a wide variety of points of view, and argue effectively in as many directions. You can get close to a situation to investigate it well, and need to pull away to retain some objectivity. Sometimes your active mind does not stop long enough to form a conclusion. In this sense you can be a good diplomat because you can agree with divergent views and present rational alternatives. Guard against uttering hasty words and the over exercising of your nimble tongue, as this may tag you as one who speaks without forethought. You get along well in your environment because you are open and friendly, having something to say to everyone with whom you come in contact.

Cancer  on the cusp of the 3rd house

With Cancer on the cusp of the third house there is a very sensitive manner of communication. You have an ability to tune in to people's needs and public trends. An excellent memory permits you to retain the information you receive. You learn as if by osmosis. When you are interested in a subject, you can remember exact words, gestures, and even the tone of voice of the delivery. Yet you may have experienced difficulties in your early childhood education, simply because you were too emotional and moody then. Even now, your ability to discuss matters rationally, is often low, and you may react to others emotionally. During your early years you may have been close and very protective of any brothers and sisters. The influence of Cancer in the third house denotes close and emotional ties to the immediate family. You pay solicitous attention to those with whom you feel a close relationship.

Leo  on the cusp of the 3rd house

The influence of Leo in the third house suggests that the creative focus of your life is centered in matters of the mind. You take pride in your ability to present ideas in an inimitable style. Your powers of self-expression are outstanding, but sometimes style exceeds substance, as you speak for effect and appeal to the emotions. You are good at knowing what to say and what not to say. Despite your versatility and adaptability, most of your ideas and opinions are rigidly fixed. You must shine in this arena. Your pride is such that if anyone punctures your ego you may say you forgive, but you never do.

Virgo  on the cusp of the 3rd house

Virgo on the cusp of the third house suggests a strong emphasis on writing and communication. It highlights the need to talk, discuss, read and learn. This sign suggests an inferiority complex centered around communication skills, especially in the early years. Virgo produces a nervous mind, and a tendency to brood over the past. Also, there can be apprehension about the future. So you worry a lot. You can be sentimentally attached to people, and still you'll be critical of their ideas and try to improve their way of thinking. You can be overly critical of brothers, sisters or neighbors. You can be fussy about inessentials that matter little. As you grow, you are precise in speech, writing, and forming ideas that usually go into minute detail. Your plans are practical and workable.

Libra  on the cusp of the 3rd house

Libra on the cusp of the third house shows that thoughts and ideas are expressed with a graceful flair. This sign, ruled by Venus, often produces artistic talent as a mode of communication. Frequently, artists and musicians grow out of this placement. You are eager to have others agree with you, and your method of obtaining this is the use of tact and finesse. Your mind is highly refined, artistic, and idealistic. You get along easily with family members because you dislike conflict and argument. You are adept at the art of cooperation and adjustment.

Scorpio  on the cusp of the 3rd house

The Scorpio influence in this sector suggests very fixed ideas and attitudes toward matters of the mind and of learning. The sign puts much force into communication and the use of words. There is an ability to transform with the written or spoken word. In a quest for knowledge, you are intense and persistent, and the information you get is well retained. You have a discerning mind that develops fixed opinions, and you can be sharply critical of those who differ with you. Because of this critical nature, there can be friction between family members, as well as friends and acquaintances. There is a tendency to demand compliance without question to what you say.

Sagittarius  on the cusp of the 3rd house

Sagittarius influencing the third house suggests you are very talkative, expressing broad viewpoints with your very mobile mind. The influence of Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, suggests a very cheerful outlook on life, natural exuberance and optimism. You have a natural ability to communicate, especially important issues such as politics, education, and religion. Learning is very important to you, and you are likely to have set important long range goals in this regard. You love to travel and keep in touch with friends located in distant places. You believe in being well organized and prepared for whatever situation arises. You have an executive type of mind that files away details for use later. An excellent judge of character, your instincts rarely fail you.

Capricorn  on the cusp of the 3rd house

The Capricorn influence in the third house shows your careful expression of thoughts and ideas. You refrain from writing or saying anything unless there is a reason for doing so. This is why you may have a reputation for being secretive. Words are usually chosen for maximum affect. Sometimes this results in harsh and exacting speech. You have little capacity for small talk, and many people may find it difficult to communicate with you. In your early years, you may not have been very interested in school or you were in some way restricted in your ability to get an education. Later in life, this changes, and you are apt to turn to studies to attain your ambitions. You take yourself and life in general very seriously.

Aquarius  on the cusp of the 3rd house

The influence of Aquarius in the third house denotes a sparkling intellect and an inventive mind. Your thinking and writing show originality and progressiveness, but usually in fixed and inflexible terms. Sagittarius Rising often produces individuals whose thinking is well ahead of their time, and sometimes radical. New and different ideas may grab your attention. You seek education simply for the sake of learning instead of just for preparing to earn a living. There is a strong inclination to learn, and then to pass your knowledge on to others. Uranus, the spontaneous planet, rules this area of your chart. Nervous energy generated by this planet may prompt you to say whatever comes to your mind.

Pisces  on the cusp of the 3rd house

Pisces influences the third house in your Horoscope creating a curiosity in your mind regarding the underlying meanings in the words others speak. You seem profoundly aware of connections and have an innate ability to grasp the complete picture on an intuitive level. This position is associated with strong right brain learning ability, and you may have some difficulty with details even when the concept is clear. You are very private about your ideas, and you confide in only a few. In communicating, you can become over emotional and you may experience problems articulating, especially in your youth. You like to be alone when you are performing any type of mental work. When allowed this solitude, you are very creative and imaginative in your thinking and writing.
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