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The Fifth House of the Horoscope

Recreation, Romance, and Creativity

The fifth house is the field of self-expression. This area shows effort put forth to distinguish yourself from others. It deals with your romantic affairs, procreation, your offspring, and with artistic endeavors, hobbies, books written, etc. It deals with your aptitude toward speculation; how naturally lucky (or unlucky) you are.

Cusp of the 5th  house:

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo
Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Aries on the Cusp of the 5th House

The influence of Aries in the fifth house suggests that you aggressively seek romance, entertainment and recreation pleasures. You never mind spending your money for leisure time activities, whatever they may be. You love the outdoors and a need to stay on the move. You have a sporting attitude that makes you fun to be around. With Mars ruling this sector of your chart, physical activity is necessary for your well-being and happiness.
You are well equipped to work with young people, but you may be a bit impatient dealing with very young children.

Taurus on the Cusp of the 5th House

With Taurus on the cusp of the fifth house there is an emphasis on love and beauty, harmony and getting along. So you are romantically inclined, and physical affection is important to you. You have a very loving nature toward your offspring, but the fixed nature of Taurus suggests very strong and fixed views regarding their behavior and the proper upbringing. You have a tendency to adore your offspring, dote on them, and sometimes you may spoil them. Often, the offspring of this sign are artistic, talented, and have social graces. The Taurus influence also suggests personal artistic talents, and you may have a natural artistic ability leading to self-expression in some form of the arts. Self-expression in any form, romantic involvement, or children, serve to mitigate the pressures and possible hardships of your youth.

Gemini on the Cusp of the 5th House

The influence of Gemini on the cusp of the fifth house produces a cool and intellectual approach to romance. Variety is the spice of life, and before you settle down, you will likely have a large variety of casual affairs. Extremes in passion never seem your style. Gemini is the sign of mental energy and the fifth house denotes creativity. Thus, mental energies are best used for creative endeavors; this positions frequently produces writers and otherwise talented people. You express your creative talent in a variety of ways, never delving deeply in any area. Your offspring are likely to exhibit the duality associated with Gemini, displaying wit and intelligence. This sign is somewhat more inclined than others to produces twins.

Cancer on the Cusp of the 5th House

Cancer on the cusp of the fifth house produces a sensitiveness regarding creative efforts, and you need immediate recognition and approbation for all you do. In romance, you are somewhat old-fashioned and sentimental. You are very protective of your family, and tend to be very maternal toward offspring. Your creative work may tend toward the artistic, especially theater. You have good writing abilities and you can communicate more easily in writing than in speech. You are tuned in to the trends of the time, and you are very much aware of the needs of others. You can generally trust your gut reaction in matters of speculation. Your emotional security is very dependent on the affairs of this house; your personal self-expression or in having children. The Moon's involvement in romance can produces some very emotionally painful experiences until you learn to deal with your innate vulnerability and feelings in a positive way.

Leo on the Cusp of the 5th House

The Leo influence in the fifth house shows dramatic tendencies and the need to have center stage. The Sun rules Leo, and the placement of this sign here suggests that a good deal of your energy is spent on romance, self-expression, and your children. You devote yourself fully to whatever creative activity has your interest at the moment. You are eager for approbation, requiring constant approval to maintain your enthusiasm. You identify strongly with your children and you're very proud of their accomplishments. You are a born gambler and speculator, with more than your fair share of luck. The need for self-expression through creative projects is high. A romantic a heart, you look for drama in romance and love.

Virgo on the Cusp of the 5th House

The influence of Virgo in the fifth house shows a critical nature in romantic situations. You enjoy affections, but find it hard to commit yourself completely. More than anything, you need mental companionship; someone to discuss the pros and cons of a variety of subjects. You exercise the utmost discrimination in selecting the object of your affections, and you become impatient with the ritual of courtship. Relationships with offspring can be strained as you lack the patience for properly disciplining them and understanding their needs. Virgo can be creative, but its necessary to spend much time in preparation and planning before starting. Even when you are just going out to have a good time, you make sure that all the details of the evening are well planned and carefully thought through. Spontaneity is not your way.

Libra on the Cusp of the 5th House

The influence of Libra in the fifth house denotes the need for association with others to be creative. You don't want to feel responsible for others, but you need their support and encouragement in many respects. Usually those you choose are highly refined and together. You balance your work engaging in intellectual discussions, parties, and sports with these individuals. This placement provides a very artistic temperament and suggests naturally creative abilities. Romantically you are charming, but very inconsistent and fickle. You are lucky at love, as you are with all creative endeavors. Libra is naturally suited to the raising of children, although you are somewhat prone to spoiling them. You have many child-like qualities in your makeup.

Scorpio on the Cusp of the 5th House

The influence of Scorpio on the cusp of the fifth house yields a natural need for emotional attachments and romantic encounter. This need may bring you into contact with a variety of dynamic and charismatic people. The nature of Pluto, the ruler of this sector of your chart, can produce some major upsets resulting from these attachments. You are not very good at picking people who are good for you, often getting hung up on a need to transform the other person. In romantic affairs you become intensely emotional, jealous, and possessive. Clandestine or somehow unusual love affairs are not uncommon because of the secretive Scorpio influence. You are concerned for your children, almost to an extreme degree. As they mature, it's hard for you to release them.

Sagittarius on the Cusp of the 5th House

The influence of Sagittarius on the cusp of the fifth house shows how important you think it is to provide the best for your children, even spoiling them. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good fortune. You have a constant need to show off, and you enjoy the thrill of any adventure. You are a natural gambler who will speculate on just about anything. You have a good understanding of young people, and you can get along with them so well because you treat them with true respect as individuals. Your self-expression is marked with optimism and high expectations. Even if there are forces out there that impede your progress, it is hard to dampen your spirit.

Capricorn on the Cusp of the 5th House

The Capricorn influence in this house shows self-expression is inclined toward the practical and the matter-of-fact. You are a hard worker, good with details, but accomplishments remain earthbound. You can make a scrupulous teacher and disciplinarian of young people. There is a good deal of reservation and restriction associated with romance and the exhibition of personal creativity. In romantic affairs, you may be prudish, and may even appear cold. Yet you may be highly sexed. Self-fulfillment may be delayed. Sometimes, it may be a sense of obligation to your children that cause delays to personal accomplishments. You are very cautious in any form of speculation, rarely taking a chance. In seeking pleasure, you're also conservative, spending much free time involved with and enjoying your work. The love of accumulating a wealth of information may prompt you to spend much of your entertainment time reading and studying.

Aquarius on the Cusp of the 5th House

The Aquarian influence in this house denotes affairs here are unconventional or in some way unusual. Creative outlets may be a way that you express rebellion and nonconformity. Unlikely romances and the possibility of sudden breakups mark this position. You are, nonetheless, cool and detached concerning romance. You're very sociable and enjoy recreational activities shared with the group. You have a general concern for your offspring, but your interest in improving their mind is the main focus. Your children are apt to display a rebellious nature, and they need to be taught discipline at an early age.

Pisces on the Cusp of the 5th House

The Pisces influence in the fifth house denotes a sense of frustration associated with creative endeavors, romances, and with your offspring. You may sometimes be disappointed and disillusioned in these matters. Yet you have a very strong need to be creative and to leave your mark on the world. You may dream about creating something so significant that you will be remembered for you efforts long after you're gone. You feel far greater powers than you can express in this regard. Raising children can be difficult and confusing. Sacrifices for children are likely to be required.
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