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The Sixth House of the Horoscope

The Work Environment, Duties, Health

The sixth house is the field of service. Subjects here revolve around work and health matters. Duties, practical responsibilities, and mundane tasks are affairs of this house, as are relations with employees and coworkers. Your interest in health and fitness matters are likely to be shown here.

Cusp of the 6th  house: 

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo
Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Aries on the 6th house cusp

The Aries influence in the sixth house shows that you are a very hard working member of society. You are single minded in performing your duties, approaching every assignment with emotional intensity and determination. You have a tendency to lose yourself in your work. You may run into difficulties with coworkers and employees because of your critical nature, and because you are far too quick to pass judgment on them. They may complain because you work them too hard, but you work no one harder than you.

Taurus on the 6th house cusp

The Taurus influence in the sixth house makes one who is practical and conservative at work. You approach your responsibilities with determined discipline and firm goals in mind. Be careful in selecting the work you do because unless you really love what you are doing, you can never be happy. Teaching is very attractive for you because it affords ample opportunities for security and the time necessary for your varied extracurricular activities. While Taurus known for perseverance, at times the lazy side may appear. You may want to rebel against the demands of the job and take life easier if there is any way you can.

Gemini on the 6th house cusp

The influence of Gemini on the cusp of the sixth house suggests a wide variety of work. You can handle technical details without any problem. You are one who is very prone to become deeply engrossed in your work. For this to occur, your work must provide intellectual stimulation and challenge. You dislike boring and repetitious tasks. You like to work with your mind, and you are likely to succeed in fields related to scientific research, business or finance. You can write clear and concise reports, and review a wide selection of alternatives, normally choosing the right solution. Overwork is apt to have a harmful effect on your nerves. Tension is a severe problem for many with this rising sign; muscles may tighten and teeth may grind even as you sleep.

Cancer on the 6th house cusp

The Cancer influence on the sixth house denotes a tendency to become deeply and emotionally involved in work. There may be more emotional involvement in your work than in your personal affairs. Concern with human health and welfare may prompt employment in an area directly benefiting others. The Moon's rulership of the sixth house suggests that you're tuned in to the needs of people. You are the type that must secure work that you like. If you are dissatisfied with what you do for a living, it will cause emotional upset and adversely affect your health. As a supervisor, you are very understanding and concerned about the welfare of your employees.

Leo on the 6th house cusp

The influence of Leo in the sixth house shows that your work is the focus of your life. Pride of accomplishment is strongly marked when the Sun rules the sixth house. You can lose yourself completely in work and service. It is natural for you to want to show off the product of your labors. There is a tendency to be domineering over coworkers and subordinates. You have a feeling of authority where work and services are concerned because of the influence of the Sun ruling this house. You are naturally low in vitality when things are not going well on the job or when you are not getting the recognition you feel you deserve. Illnesses, for the most part, are psychosomatic and used to attract attention. Objective self-evaluation brings increased energy and vitality.

Virgo on the 6th house cusp

The Virgo influence in the sixth house denotes a concern for the body and health issues. Mental stimulation is required if you are to remain healthy and happy. You seldom eat or drink to excess, and you are health conscious in choosing what you consume. When you become ill, you are very irritable, since you resent anything that restricts your freedom of motion. In your work you have a great capacity for detail and research. History is especially interesting to you because of your ability to accumulate and relate details. Your perfectionist tendencies makes it hard for you to complete projects on time and sometimes you don't finish them at all. Often you become a very demanding person. You who must avoid a tendency to nit-pick and become too analytical.

Libra on the 6th house cusp

The influence of Libra in the sixth house shows one cooperative, tactful, and diplomatic in the work place. Pleasant and harmonious working conditions are essential for your well-being. If you don't enjoy your work, it's impossible for you to do a good job. You may sympathize with union principles because of your sense of fair treatment for all. In this regard, you are well equipped to become an arbitrator and finder of solutions to people's differences in opinion. If you work in a discordant situation, you may become physically ill for no apparent reason. Health problems also may arise because of a tendency to consume too much rich, sweet food. This, with another tendency to be a little on the lazy side and not spend enough time exercising.

Scorpio on the 6th house cusp

The influence of Scorpio is the sixth house shows commitment and seriousness about work. You become intensely involved in your job. Frequently, people with Scorpio on the sixth become known as compulsive workers. You have a faculty for fact-finding that serves you well in your professional life. Work often involves matters of investigation such as journalism, research, laboratory science or psychology. Your work must keep you active and interested if you are to remain happy with it. If you experience health problems, it will likely stem from the depletion of mental energies and relate to the sensitivities of your nervous system. Your lack of patience makes it hard for you to get along well with coworkers especially when they won't bear their share of the load.

Sagittarius on the 6th house cusp

The influence of Sagittarius on the sixth house brings a tone of optimism and help to the workplace. You have a natural buoyancy regarding your job and your work environment. Your work is inspirational to you, and you need to believe in what you are doing. If you get bored you may eat or drink too much. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, indicates a tendency to overwork and to over-extend yourself in your work. Yet you do need to be challenged, kept on your toes, to be fulfilled in your work. You may not have enough energy, and because of this you need to obtain a healthy measure of sleep to maintain your vitality. You are well adjusted in your work, and your health may be good, simply because you are such a positive thinker in this aspect of your life. Jupiter is sometimes the planet of overdoing, and in the sixth house. This can suggest a tendency to eat or drink too much, or to have an extravagant taste in food and drink. This can lead to health problems in the area of digestion. Finally, Jupiter also shows a need to get close to nature and you probably should find some time to walk in the woods and keep in touch with the great outdoors.

Capricorn on the 6th house cusp

The Capricorn influence here denotes a capacity for concentrated hard work. Unfortunately, the Leo Ascendant often works diligently in areas where there is less than truly satisfying responsibility. You may tend to pick work that is limiting and not fulfilling. Your sense of responsibility can cause you to push yourself until you have physical problems. You fail to count the cost of your attitude toward work, eying only the achievements. As a supervisor, you are stern in demands and apt to be a disciplinarian. Yet you're as hard on yourself as you are on others. You are very stable in your occupation, remaining hard at work until you have risen as high as you can go. Oddly, sometimes just the opposition of this compulsive work ethic may be the case. Some with Capricorn on the sixth avoid work altogether because of disinterest in their lot. Nonetheless, you aren't afraid of a challenge and assuming responsibility. No one will work harder than you to meet the test.

Aquarius on the 6th house cusp

The Aquarian influence in the sixth house promises that promises a good deal of originality will be sought in the work environment. You are a cooperative employee, treating your coworkers as friends, though remaining a bit detached from them in most ways. You can function especially well within group situations. You take an impersonal view of your accomplishments, and you can persist in your diligent efforts without praise and recognition. You are modern and even advanced in your approach to health and diet matters. If you have health problems, they are likely to be related to a high-strung nervous system. Nervousness comes from the pressures of stress.

Pisces on the 6th house cusp

Pisces influencing the sixth house of the chart may result in a tendency toward overwork and excessive worry about the job. A sense of emotional responsibility can generate concern harmful to health. The essence of this concern is an overriding fear of failure, or of not being the best at what you do. There is a degree of subterfuge involvement, and you are likely to employ private maneuvering to attain your ends. For you to be satisfied with your work, you need to have a dream to work on; a vision of what you are trying to do. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, is the planet of dreams, idealism, and vision. If you become disillusioned with your dream and your work, your health is likely to suffer.
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