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The Seventh House of the Horoscope 

Relationships, Partner, Marriage

The seventh house is the field of relationships. This house, opposite the first (matters of the self), relates to the other people with whom you enter close association. It is your social consciousness and cooperation, or the lack of it. Contracts, including the marriage, and other relationships, adversary encounters and law suits, are housed here. Partnerships in business and in life are seventh house matters.

Cusp of the 7th  house:  

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo
Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Aries on the 7th house cusp

The Aries influence on the seventh house denotes a pairing with someone expressing assertiveness. It's strange that such an easygoing person is attracted to partners that are energetic, aggressive, sexy, innovative, and pioneering. It is probably good for you to have the kind of partner that is not deterred by obstacles. Someone to do the fighting for you. Yet this doesn't mean you are likely to be dominated in the process. When your sense of justice is offended, you don't take it sitting down. Oddly enough, as much as you love harmony and peace, conflict may mark many of your relationships, perhaps including your marriage(s). You have a love of peace and harmony, but when you are crossed, you find a way to get even. You try to rule the roost. To work effectively with you, one must live up to your expectations and meet you half way.

Taurus on the 7th house cusp

The Taurus influence in the seventh house suggests one who is a loyal but jealous marital partner. You are conservative and discriminating in choosing a mate. Once you've picked someone, the marriage usually sticks, although it may be stormy sometimes. There is a much stubbornness in both you and your partner. You seek a marriage partner expressing the qualities of Taurus; easygoing to a point, but stable, steady and sometimes stubborn. Marriage is for love, but a few material luxuries help make the union a success. Often, marriage and other partnerships bring material benefits.

Gemini on the 7th house cusp

The influence of Gemini in the seventh house creates a need for versatility and diversity in relationships. You must have a partner who is intelligent and shares your wide assortment of interests. Good mental rapport is essential. You are casual in relationships, and partnerships are better when the mate is not so demonstrative and demanding. The ideal partner exhibits the qualities of Gemini; bright, quick-witted, diverse, and always fun. The possibility of nervous tension causes periods of irritability in this relationship, but these periods usually pass quickly. The partner should be active and full of ideas, busy enough in his/her life to allow you the space you need.

Cancer on the 7th house cusp

The influence of Cancer in the seventh house suggests an emotional attachment to the marital partner. If this is untrue, then you may attract a partner that is very emotionally dependent upon you. The Moon rules Cancer and this seventh house of the marriage partner. The Moon denotes sensitivity, feelings, emotions, vulnerability, and nurturing instincts. But it also can reflect changes of feelings, extremes of sensitivity, and moodiness. Thus, you are apt to be attracted to someone who is moody, changeable, or the relationship may be an especially sensitive, nurturing one, and one full of changing phases. You crave to be mothered or cared for in an emotional sense, by your mate. Marriage may fill deep emotional needs for both of you. You are very loyal and dedicated, and while there may be many fluctuations in the marriage, as time passes, the bonds of the union tend to strengthen.

Leo on the 7th house cusp

The Leo influence in the seventh house suggests marriage to a strong, and sometimes even dominating personality. You tend to be attracted to a partner who is dynamic, dramatic, strong, and vital. Oddly, the Aquarius personality is inclined to seek a mate that is a close reflection of the ego, or of what you feel about yourself. The stronger your ego and sense of self-esteem, the more likely you are to marry one with such qualities. If your sense of self-esteem is not strong, the person you attract will tend to have similar deficiencies. There is the likelihood of a negative power struggle, both of you hoping the other will control the reins. There can be conflict in the marriage because both you and your partner will express willful natures. You tend to marry for love, but there is also an eye to the prestige that the partner presents. This partner will likely have or will seek their place in the Sun, and efforts to remake or change such an individual, will fail. The ideal relationship when Aquarius is on the rise is for the partner to run the business, the household budget and so forth. There is the need to have the partner assume the reins of leadership, leaving you free to express your intellectual qualities.

Virgo on the 7th house cusp

The influence of Virgo in the seventh house denotes a need for a mate or a partner who will compensate for your lack of efficiency. As a very idealistic person, you are attracted to the intellectual who will balance and help bring your dream world to more of a reality; someone who can manage the detail while you have the vision. Partners, including the marital partner, tend to be hard working and effectual, and assume most of the responsibility of helping you take care of your practical affairs. You are not a particularly easy person to live with. You tend to be highly right-brained oriented, while your partner operates best in a left-brained environment. It is beneficial when you connect with an intelligent, analytical, and fact-oriented partner.

Libra on the 7th house cusp

The Libra influence in the seventh house shows a strong need to have others play an important part in affairs. You need the calming, tranquil effects of the Libra/Venus type person in any sort of long term romantic relationship. You want to be admired, and you want the feeling that you are influencing another's thinking and behavior. You sow your wild oats at an early age and become calm and judicious when it comes to selecting a marital partner. You must curb your frankness and become more diplomatic to succeed in marriage or in other partnerships. Sharing is not a natural trait and must be learned. You have difficulty seeing the other person's frame of reference. Fortunately, you attract a diplomatic partner who knows not to contradict you directly, but uses tact to maneuver and lead you.

Scorpio on the 7th house cusp

The influence of Scorpio in the seventh house suggests much energy devoted to social relationships, especially the marriage. There is almost a compulsion for partnership of some kind, whether in business or personal life. You are likely to be attracted to partners possessing creative expression and the power to get things done. Marital relations may be marked with possessiveness and periodic battles of will. You consider success in partnership a personal challenge. There is much compulsiveness and force associated with marriage and partnerships, and your mate may be inwardly powerful and dynamic.

Sagittarius on the 7th house cusp

The Sagittarius influence in the seventh house suggests a reluctance to be hemmed in by marriage or other formal partnership entrapments. This hesitancy to be tied down is a result of concern for growth. When you do marry it's likely to be somewhat later than most. You'll require a good deal of freedom and flexibility. Fortunately, you'll often attract a mate who also shares this need for liberty. Marriage does usually come because of your need for companionship, more than a need for sex and mothering, or security. With Jupiter ruling the marriage house, this becomes another area of the chart that is blessed with good fortune. There is a freedom seeking quality to your quest from marriage. You are attracted to a partner that is very independent and free-wheeling.

Capricorn on the 7th house cusp

Capricorn influence on the seventh house denotes a certain shyness and reserve, and a definite caution and restraint in forming partnerships. Marriage may be for status and security as much as for love. You are not one to be quick or impulsive in such matters. There is a tendency for you to feel restricted by the duties of wedlock or of any partnership. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of restrictions and responsibility. Capricorn relates to restrictions and you are likely to be required to carry more than your share of the responsibilities. You attract partners that want or need your nurturing support. The Saturn type as a mate is the parent figure, who is there to give a solid base, be supportive and responsible. Yours is likely to be a relationship that is very nurturing to both you and your partner. You are mutually supportive to each other, and to others with whom you come in contact.

Aquarius on the 7th house cusp

The Aquarius influence in the seventh house suggests a drive for independence in relationships. It often shows a degree of trouble on this account. You are inclined to pick a partner who, like yourself, is highly individualistic and independent. You attempt, nonetheless, to keep a tight rein on your mate, though you may insist on maintaining much of your personal freedom. You're the sort who wants to have your way, to do what you want, when you want. This attitude doesn't lend itself very much to marriage unless you can find a spontaneous person who can adapt to your style. A mutual understanding must be reached. Partners will be friends, and the most fruitful relationships for you are likely to be those that remain detached, and those in which the two of you are not so demanding upon one another.

Pisces on the 7th house cusp

The Pisces influence on this house shows the difficulty that can be experienced in partnership and marital relations. Relating with others is not easy for you. It's necessary for you to find a sympathetic mate who will soothe your frayed nerves and commiserate with you about your problems. When you do, you are willing to make sacrifices to benefit the union. Often, the Pisces influence on the house of relationships inclines toward a partnership with a person having opposite traits. Rather than a practical, common sense person like yourself, you may choose someone very intuitive and visionary. Thus, in any partnership arrangement, you are the one to provide the organizing influence. Your partner helps you expand your horizons to new fields. Sometimes, this sign suggests the single life-style. You may have an innate fear of relationships before the fact; a fearing of letdown, and that you could never find anyone to live up to your ideal.
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