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Jupiter in Houses Jupiter

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance

The house placement of Jupiter shows the area in which you are likely to think positively and optimistically. In a general sense, things work well for you in the house that Jupiter occupies. Nonetheless, there can sometimes be too much of a good thing in this house.

Jupiter in house...

1st House

Jupiter in the 1st house shows that this planet plays an important part shaping your personality. This can be both good and bad, depending on how it's handled. A 1st house Jupiter is broad-minded and optimistic. You focus on the brighter side of life. You are honest, trustworthy, and benevolent, and for these, you are well liked and popular. On the negative side, Jupiter here can make one too self-indulgent, extravagant, or conceited. Being the planet of expansion, you may have to deal with a weight problem. Anyway, this position increases your self-confidence and gives you a somewhat dignified manner, especially as you grow older. You are likely to have strong religious or moral convictions. This gives you the capacity to become an authority or a leader in whatever field of endeavor you select. This may be especially so in activities relating to religion, education or social development.

2nd House

Jupiter in the 2nd house playing an important part shaping your attitudes toward money, material issues, and your sense of worth. Anyway, you are a fortunate person regarding money and property. This placement can have a negative side in that you may spend about as freely as you earn, and you may have a tendency to overextend yourself in a financial sense. Self-doubts that may be expressed elsewhere in the chart, evaporate when it comes to making and spending money.

3rd House

Jupiter in the 3rd house shows Jupiter plays an important part shaping a mentality that is optimistic, philosophic, and spiritually inclined. This expands the capacity for learning in the fields of education, philosophy, writing, publishing and communication. You are very fortunate in the educational opportunities that you receive early on. Your relationship with your brothers and sisters, and other relatives is very good, and beneficial to you long term.

Fourth House

Jupiter residing in the fourth house shows that the planet plays an important part shaping a devotion to home and family and often the receipt of help from parents well beyond the formative years. You gain a great deal from the influence of your parents, especially your mother. Because of early circumstances, you may enjoy many social and educational advantages. This position also suggests that the latter half of life will be full and fortunate. The fourth house describes circumstances in the late life, and Jupiter is the planet of expansion and good fortune.

5th House

Jupiter in the 5th house shows that the planet plays an important part shaping an ability to proceed through life very much on the strength of your character. You are apt to live a privileged life, which you are able to accept as your rightful due. You have much good fortune, and you enjoy yourself as a result of this planet, known as the greater benefic. While life is essentially an enjoyment for you, Jupiter is also a planet with a higher purpose, and you are apt to feel an inner drive for personal expression and the need to make a contribution to society. Jupiter in the 5th house often produces success in teaching, politics, the ministry, or in the entertainment business. Often, this placement denotes a rather large family or a significant association with children.

6th House

Jupiter in the 6th house shows that the planet plays an important part shaping in the work environment. You are one who can be counted upon to provide assistance and service to others. You raise the morale of those with whom you work, and you are looked on as the person to resolve issues and inspire cooperation. A friendly, human touch allows you to be successful in the field of personnel management or working with the public at large.

7th House

Jupiter in the 7th house suggests that the planet plays an important part shaping good fortune in the marriage or in other partnership arrangements. This is because of your openness, friendliness and benevolence to others. Your strong sense of justice prompts you to always deal with others fairly and to expect the same in return. Part of your success in partnerships can be attributed to your good judgment in selecting the right associates and partners, and material gains are likely to result from relationships developed. With Jupiter in the 7th, marriage is usually successful unless aspects are adverse. Badly aspected, there is a tendency to be overly optimistic regarding relationships.

8th House

Jupiter in your 8th house shows that the planet plays an important part shaping success in a financial sense through partnerships, marriage, or inheritance. You know how to handle money, especially money belonging to others, and you are able to profit from shrewd investing. You have a knack for developing land, people, ideas or whatever, that others might write off as lost causes.

9th House

Jupiter in the 9th house suggests that the planet plays an important part shaping a far reaching view of such weighty issues as philosophy, religions and higher education. You are likely to seek as much education as you possibly can, and because of your knowledge, you may well become a teacher in some phase of higher education yourself. You are likely to travel extensively, and you will benefit from these travels in a variety of ways.

10th House

Jupiter in the 10th house shows that the planet plays an important part shaping the prospects for prominence and high standing in your career. This is achieved because you are a careful and farsighted planner and you are able to pave your own way to success. Ethical principles are very important to you, and you achieve influence from the respect you command. This placement is useful in overcoming obstacles and challenges and paves the road to success in the public arena.

11th House

Jupiter in the 11th house suggests that the planet plays an important part shaping the outcome of your hopes and wishes. This placement also relates to your friends and associates, indicating that you are very fortunate in developing strong friendships that benefit you in a variety of ways. You are a natural organizer and planner of large scale activities. Much of your achievements are as a result of the backing of your many supporters. Politicians often have this placement.

12th House

Jupiter residing in the 12th house shows that the planet plays an important part shaping benefits from unseen sources. This placement shows an interest in introspective study, research or working behind the scenes. It often shows a willingness to extend assistance to others without expectation of reward. Repayment is received, nonetheless, in the form of the invisible protection provided by this position. There is a degree of unconscionable extravagance and tendency to act before thinking attached to this position.
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