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Mars in Houses mars

Mars, the Planet of Action and Desires

The house that Mars resides in represents an area of the life that you'll express actions and desires. Your energies and initiative will be spent focusing on the affairs of this sector of the chart. Mars is assertive, sometimes causing conflict.  This house may periodically become a problem area for you in this regard.  

 Mars in houses:

Mars in 1st house

The Mars first house placement intensifies the assertiveness of the personality type described by your Ascendant. With any Ascendant, Mars in the first house increases the vitality, and produces a somewhat more assertive, more outgoing, and more energetic individual.
Your appearance is likely to be robust and muscular and you may be stronger that other members of your family of the same sex. You are always one to be directly involved in affairs; never an idle bystander. This element produces drive and creates more ambition and the aptitude for hard work, with a competitive drive for recognition and acclaim.
This position is usually considered, by traditionalists, to be more desirable for men than for women, because it displays the assertive characteristics associated with males. Females with this placement often have the self-confidence and competitive traits to enter and succeed in male dominated professions.

Mars in 2nd house

The Mars second house placement suggests that energies are spent in the pursuit of material and financial gains, and in this regard you are very resourceful. You have a strong drive to earn money and an equally strong compulsion to spend it. Mars in the second house poses the necessity to learn careful budgeting and proper handling of money, and neither are apt to be natural traits. You are competitive in finance and business, and you may be well qualified and inclined toward owning your own business. You are not afraid of taking a risk to meet your financial goals. In a business sense, you are a very competitive person.

Mars in 3rd house

The Mars third house placement denotes an aggressive, active intellect. You are quick thinking and resourceful, but you sometimes jump to conclusions a little too quickly. Your speech is direct and sharp. You are apt to get into arguments with family members, and when you do, you are not the least bit shy about pointing out their personal deficiencies. You are always rushed. You drive too fast, and you're a little too impatient when caught in traffic. In matters of the mind, you are highly competitive.

Mars in 4th house

The Mars fourth house placement shows energies expended in the home and the domestic scene. You have an aggressive drive for security, and you may have a strong sense of patriotism. This placement usually shows many family quarrels and squabbles, and often persons with this placement of Mars choose not to marry. This is also the placement for the active do-it-yourself repairman, always busy fixing up or improving the home. As this placement is also connected to the land, there may be interests in environmental and ecological movements, perhaps expressed in an active or militant manner. Physically, this position is rewarding, because you are likely to retain a strong constitution, even into old age.

Mars in 5th house

This association of Mars with the fifth house shows a great expenditure of energies pursuing the pleasures of life, including romances. You are athletic, impulsive and fickle. Mars in the fifth will expand on inclinations toward showing off, theater, or creative talent. You have an active and aggressive sex drive, making you highly competitive in courtship, and jealousy during this period of your life may be apparent. You love to compete, but may be a bad loser. Sociable, and a born promoter, you may be a bit self-indulgent, and at times, foolhardy. Many your activities and much of your energy may be related to children.

Mars in 6th house

The Mars sixth house placement suggests that you are a hard and energetic worker. You don't hesitate to exert yourself in your job and you have no tolerance for laziness in those with whom you work. The type of work you do may vary based on other factors in the chart. Whatever it is, you are likely to be one displaying a good deal of driving energy in your labors. You have aggressive tendencies in the work place that may cause problems with your coworkers. Unless you learn to control your temper, you may find it difficult to exist harmoniously with coworkers. You are a perfectionist, but sometimes, over concern with details can cause you to miss the major issues. You're likely to be found in the middle of any labor dispute, because you are staunch backer of labor issues.

Mars in 7th house

The Mars seventh house placement often shows problems in marital relations and in dealings with business partners. You may get married at a young age, or too quickly without due forethought. The marital partner, close friends and business partners are likely to possess aggressive natures, and impulsive behavior stemming from these relationships is predictable. This is a good position for work in sales, because you are very competitive. In this field, necessary tact in dealing with associates must be learned.

Mars in 8th house

The Mars eighth house placement denotes strength in investigating, credit management or investigation, scientific researching or investigating, and generally, extracting information in nearly any field. You may have special talents in several fields such as medicine, finance, law enforcement, or troubleshooting problem areas in a wide range of occupations. In whatever field you labor, you are a specialist at getting things done and solving problems that require some digging. You have strong desires and possess an especially active sex drive. You are likely to have conflicts involving joint finances, corporate finances, or personal inheritances.

Mars in 9th house

The Mars ninth house placement in your chart shows an active interest in travel, outdoor sports and religious or philosophical causes. You always have the courage of your convictions and a forceful approach to promoting your ideas. You can sway others to your beliefs with sheer enthusiasm, and you become very upset and impatient when you can't. When it comes to travel, you are adventurous, and if the means are available, you will spend a good deal of time traveling abroad. You are aggressive in your pursuit of education and personal development.

Mars in 10th house

Mars in the tenth house denotes a strong need for status. The preponderance of your energy is focused in pursuing a career, and you have a strong need to reach the top in your field. This placement attracts you to politics, management or the military. You have initiative and executive ability to support your professional ambitions. This is a power position that doesn't enhance your concern for human values necessarily, unless traits of sensitivity are shown elsewhere in the chart. Still, it's usually a strong indicator of leadership potential, despite the rest of the chart.

Mars in 11th house

The Mars eleventh house placement indicates energies aimed toward your favorite cause. You may be a champion of the little people, and excel in arousing groups of people to a worthy project. You are an organizer or at least an initiator of action, and perhaps even a militant demonstrator. While no one in a group will work harder than you, sometimes you can be a disruptive force because of your independent attitude.

Mars in 12th house

The Mars twelfth house placement shows desires and actions are influenced by the subconscious mind. You have a compelling sense of mission, but most of your desires are kept secret to avoid open opposition from others. You are secretive about your work or you prefer working alone and perhaps even in seclusion. Unconscious anger needs to be brought into the open and understood.
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