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Mercury in the Twelve Houses  mercury

Mercury, the planet of communication and mental activity

Mercury's spot in the chart provides information about the practical side of your mind, and the way you communicate with those around you. It targets the topics of greatest mental activity and interest.

 Mercury in houses...

Mercury in 1st house

Mercury in the first house suggests you have an inquiring, intellectual outlook on life, and you reflect this strongly in your personality. You're very talkative and have little problem communicating your thoughts effectively. You enjoy making connections, and trying to learn a little about many different subjects. You adapt quickly to changing situations, and the personality is very witty and quick. You are mentally restless, always seeking new and useful information. Your speech and writings are expressive of your distinctively personal opinions.

Mercury in 2nd house

Mercury residing in the second house produces an association with the house of personal finances and possessions. This placement generates money making ideas, and you are a person who is very value conscious. You are a quick thinker in financial transactions or in sales. The mind concentrates on commercial affairs, and it is centered on making money. This is a good position for economists, corporate planners, salespeople, writers with mass appeal, and professions involving communications. Values are often more material than intellectual. You may a special gift for making money by teaching or in some way communicating money-making ideas to others.

Mecury in 3rd house

Mercury residing in the third house produces an association with this location, its natural home, the house of the conscious mind. This placement stimulates matters of the mind, and shows that you are witty and clever, especially in the use of words. Not necessarily a deep thinker, but alert, adaptable, and versatile. You express ideas fluently, and display a variety of talents. You may find a tendency to become involved in many superficial contacts and passing fancies, because your mind remains always active and busy.

Mercury in 4th house

Mercury residing in the fourth house produces an association with this house of domestic affairs. This position often denotes mental and educational activities in the home. Parents are likely to be well educated or place an unusually high priority upon learning. This position may relate to changeable home conditions or in some way, a nomadic life-style. Being somewhat high-strung and easily irritated, you may find it hard to relax.

Mercury in 5th house

Mercury in the fifth house produces an intellectual association with this house of creativity and the affairs of children. This position usually shows good writing and speaking ability, and it likewise shows artistic and creative interests. You express yourself in a dramatic and forceful way, enabling you to become an excellent teacher or actor. Games of mental competition attract your interest and mental stimulation is essential to your happiness. This position is associated with stock market analysts and investors. You may have an analytic, critical outlook on romance, and on life.

Mercury in 6th house

Mercury residing in the sixth house produces an association with this house of service and health affairs. This position shows an ability to be methodical and efficient in handling work of a mental nature. You're likely to become involved in work requiring specialized mental or physical skills, such as working with computers or electronic devices. Sometimes you are too precise, and you can easily become too much of a worrier. You may be too concerned with duty, health or proper diet. You have a critical nature that can be upset by disorder in your environment.

Mercury in 7th house

Mercury positioned in the seventh house produces an association with this house of relationships. This position shows a tendency to gravitate toward clever, articulate people. You are adept at communicating with the public and should succeed in sales, public relations, or law. You also excel in arbitration, mediation, and counseling. The need for mental companionship should lead you to marry a person who is intelligent and well educated. You are good at promoting your ideas and expressing yourself in an intelligent manner.

Mercury in 8th house

Mercury positioned in the eighth house produces an association with this house of joint resources. This position identifies you as one who is a natural investigator, always trying to get to the bottom of any mystery or problem. You can get at the truth of a situation. Here, the mind is used to study and relate to the deeper issues of life. You may also be interested in finance, taxes, insurance, or other symbols of resources held by others. Your interest in human behavior may prompt study and investigation in that field.

Mercury in 9th house

Mercury resides in the ninth house producing an association with this house of higher learning. This position shows an interest in philosophy, law, publishing, religion, or other field of education. You have many ideas, beliefs, and opinions, and the ability to express them with authority. Your teaching and writing abilities are very significant. You love travel and it should be easy for you to learn foreign languages. You have a strong curiosity about foreign countries and cultures. As your interests develop, you may become qualified as an excellent teacher of these subjects.

Mercury in 10th house

Mercury positioned in the tenth house produces an association with this house of personal attainment. This position suggests you possess excellent speaking and writing abilities that can be used effectively in your career and in attaining professional recognition. Your career is important to you, and your strategy in this regard has to be carefully planned, including education and preparation to attain your goals. The benefit of Mercury here is the ability to communicate ideas to the public; expertise in speech making, publishing, and political strategy, are often found.

Mercury in 11th house

Mercury resides in the eleventh house producing an association with this house of social relationships. This position denotes a comprehensive mind that relates to a wide range of ideas and thoughts. Your attitudes are impersonal, but always friendly. You're willing to exchange ideas and communicate with anyone, regardless of background or walk of life. Much of your thinking is a little off beat or unusual. Your friends provide you wide and diffusive points of view, and you enjoy sharing ideas with such people.

Mercury in 12th house

Mercury resides in the twelfth house producing an association with the subconscious mind. This position suggests that your thinking is strongly colored by experiences and subconscious influences. Decisions are often based on feelings, rather than logic. You're secretive about your thoughts and ideas. You may often be shy and hesitate to speak your ideas, especially in a public setting. You are somewhat hampered by learning difficulties, and you may have difficulty attaining your potential because of this. You lack confidence, but hide this fact very well. 
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