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Moon in Housesmoon

The house in which the Moon is placed at birth is the sector that feelings and emotions will be most apparent. It's here you react unconsciously, and as you have been conditioned in your upbringing. Often this placement will give some clue about the activity that occurs on the domestic scene.

The Moon in houses..

Moon in 1st house

The Moon in your first house suggests that your feelings are hypersensitive and play a significant role in the definition of your personality. This is a personality that is very malleable. You make easy and quick adjustments to the demands of the moment. It's hard for you to be sure just what to do, because you are continuously in a restless state. It's also hard for you to make long-range plans because of the fluctuations in feelings. Frequent mood changes mark your personality. If you are not busy revising your goals and objectives, you are probably procrastinating and unsure about what you want to do and where you want to go. You are both sensitive and responsive to public opinion, so you are easily influenced by those around you.

Moon in 2nd house

The Moon placed in the second house indicates periodic changes in the conditions of your finances. Money and material possessions are important to you for the emotional security they bring. Because of this, you are especially shrewd and acquisitive. Your emotional well-being, in general, is dependent on material comfort. Emotional insecurity is amplified when any problems with finances are experienced, and this can have a strong impact on domestic affairs.

Moon in 3rd house

The Moon in the third house projects its influence by giving a studious temperament, especially relating to history, archeology and subjects generally dealing with the past. There is a strong intellectual curiosity and an emotional need for continual mental growth. You have a good memory; your mind is filled with a huge variety of miscellaneous details and facts. You find it difficult to handle routine or dull jobs because you must be moving about and keeping your mind occupied. You are frequently prone to daydreaming and fantasy.

Moon in 4th house

The Moon in the fourth house produces strong ties to the home, to include not only where you now call home, but more generally, the early life home, the homeland, nature and the outdoors. You may have a strong need to feel a sense of continuity with the good things from the past. There is potential interest in antiques, old houses and genealogy. Parental influences are, or may have been, very strong. The position reflects a side of your nature which wishes to be insulated from reality, and one that has very strong subjective tendencies and even insecurities. You have a very definite need for stable and dependable personal roots.

Moon in 5th house

The Moon in the fifth house makes you emotionally in touch with your personal creativity. This placement often produces an individual who is very impressionable, so you may need to be rather cautious regarding advice you receive on investments and risk-taking. The concept of security is very strong in your nature and you are particularly slow to let your children go out on their own and become independent. Your attachment to your children tends to be very much emotionally based. There is also apt to be a lot of emotions involved in your romantic relationships, so you may find it hard to break off bad relationships.

Moon in 6th house

The Moon in this sixth house suggests that you are the type of person who can be depended upon to provide a variety of services to those around you. If things need improving, editing, refining or reforming, you will be the one to give suggestions and follow through with personal effort to get the job done. You have a very restless nature and you're apt to make a number of job changes in your lifetime. You're a worrier, and you are better off in a situation that doesn't produce excesses of emotional tension.

Moon in 7th house

The Moon in your seventh house projects its influence by presenting the gift of popularity and the ability to fit in just about anywhere. You know how to react to the subtle ambiance of a situation and you often establish a rapport with those to whom you come in contact. There is a strong desire for social acceptance, and because of your emotional dependency, you may marry early. You can never be a "lone wolf" type. Marriage may be taken on to obtain a sense of domestic security, with the family background and social standing of the partner being a prime factor of consideration. You attract a partner who is moody and sensitive, but before marriage there is likely to be a great deal of indecision regarding a permanent relationship.

Moon in 8th house

The Moon in the eighth house projects its influence by emphasizing the feeling that security is of the utmost importance. You have a saving instinct for the future, almost to the extent of self-denial. You have a strong sense of duty and obligation to others. It is not unlikely that you might become a part of some movement or cause dedicated to the improvement or uplifting of people en masse. You are very sensitive to social currents and social demands. In some instances, this position may indicate one who can or does manipulate money from others. Often it signifies the likelihood of inheriting money.

Moon in 9th house

The Moon in this ninth house giving you a very receptive and imaginative mind. You're a dreamer and a thinker, and many of your ideas provoke change to the status quo. Your beliefs are strong and sincere, but nonetheless, you frequently change your mind. You have a variety of interests and hobbies and you enjoy imparting the knowledge you have accumulated on these subjects to others. There is an innate purposefulness in this placement which makes you want to guide and direct those less enlightened than yourself.

Moon in 10th house

The Moon in this tenth house giving an inclination toward a public life, and to a number of occupational changes. You are concerned with your reputation and have a strong desire for recognition. You are likely to find yourself in positions where you are called on to "feel the pulse" of the public, and to be responsive to it in some way. This position inclines toward activities related to marketing, shipping, commodities, or other fields catering to the public. You are highly self-protective, and your feelings are dominated by a desire for achievement.

Moon in 11th house

The Moon in your eleventh house shows a willingness to work in a self-effacing manner within a group, to promote a common good. You have a broad circle of friends, especially women, and you're very popular. You are naturally responsive to the feelings of others and you know how to sway public opinion. Your interests are so wide and varied that you must guard against becoming superficial. Your sense of security is tied to your relationships and to your many friends.

Moon in 12th house

The Moon in the twelfth house projects its influence in this sector of the chart. This placement gives a love of introspection and a need for periodic retirement from the confusion and business of the world in general. This placement is going to cause you to feel emotionally isolated from others since it is difficult for you to find emotional stability in other people. You are extremely impressionable and respond to subtle influences of those around you. With such a strong sense of charity, a release is needed to in some way be able to help others. There is opportunity for success in work within large institutions such as hospitals, the government, or large corporations, and usually for the public welfare. While you are subject to emotional chaos, you have serious difficulty expressing your emotions. The twelfth house Moon denotes a need for security that is often fulfilled though withdrawal.
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