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Neptune in Housesneptune

Neptune, the planet of higher spiritual forces and unrealistic behavior

Neptune's spot in the horoscope may show that area of the life where sacrifices are likely to be necessary. Neptune has to do with the psychic. Its influences are vague, mystical and dreamlike in nature. The house that Neptune occupies shows where the higher spiritual forces may make their presence felt, and where you are unrealistic sometimes.

Neptune in houses

Neptune in 1st house

Neptune's placement in the first house indirectly imposes an influence upon your personality. This placement suggests that you are susceptible to subliminal influences. You're highly impressionable and intuitive. There is apt to be a strong reliance on spiritual qualities. There can be self-delusion associated with this placement, and often there is a good bit of confusion regarding goals and proper direction in life. Thus, you may drift in life, and miss or delay action that should be taken. A lack of definite self-image can, if you let it, force you to depend on others for support and direction. Thanks to this placement, you are probably much more psychic than most people and perhaps much more psychic than you believe yourself to be.

Neptune in 2nd house

Neptune residing in the second house imposes an influence upon material affairs in your life. Self-deception often influences spending and the result may be over extension of finances. You may experience losses due to poor judgment and carelessness with your money. The slightest compromise with the truth can cause you much difficulty in money matters. Beware of get rich quick schemes that seem too good to be true; they probably are.

Neptune in 3rd house

Neptune in the third house imposes an influence on your mental processes and your communication with others. This placement shows a very intuitive mind, and sometimes, an ability to communicate on a higher plane. It often suggests involvement in some way with mass media or with advertising. In your youth, your mind may be subject to drifting and wandering, and a practical channeling of ideas and information must be developed and maintained. Insecurities in the early part of life are likely.

Neptune in 4th house

Neptune in the fourth house suggests a strong association with the base of personal security, your home life, and perhaps your mother. This denotes strong and unconscious emotional ties with one's home and family. The lesser dominate of your parents may be somewhat psychic, or at least a distinctive personality in some way. There is a sense of uncertainty attached to the home environment, and this is often caused by some behind the scene problem, such as an alcohol or drug abuse in the home. You may have a strong desire to live near the water. As you grow older, by choice, you may become more reclusive and withdrawn.

Neptune in 5th house

Neptune, in the fifth house, imposes an influence on romances, the ability to be creative, and upon offspring. This placement shows an intuitive gift for role playing. Perhaps you have a talent for acting, or at least a strong love of theater, the movies, or about any kind of fantasy make-believe or image-making. In romantic relationships you are the true romantic, and experiences can be somewhat chaotic and confusing. Offspring are likely to be intuitive and highly sensitive, often requiring special handling and understanding. There is little pay back or appreciation received for your efforts and understanding in this regard.

Neptune in 6th house

Neptune in the sixth house suggests a strong association with the work environment, the need to provide assistance to others, and health. You may have a spiritual compulsion to help. This placement denotes glamorous illusions relating to the work attitude. You have difficulty concentrating on mundane jobs and attending to details. You have trouble getting organized and holding to practical objectives. Routine work can be a problem for you. You may have an abnormal sensitivity to drugs, alcohol, and medications and you should be cautious in this regard.

Neptune in 7th house

Neptune in the seventh house indirectly imposes an influence upon your ability to interact with others and to function in marital and other relationships. This placement can produce idealistic and often unrealistic views regarding marital relations, and for that matter, all types of relationships. Sometimes there is a strong psychic link with the marriage partner, and there is usually a strong intuitive awareness of other people.

Neptune in 8th house

Neptune in the eighth house suggests a strong association with the funds of others; inheritances, taxes, insurance and company funds. This denotes unusual, secret, or deceptive circumstances surrounding joint funds, insurance, taxes, or legacies. In some unfortunate cases, losses and bizarre difficulties relate to partners' finances or corporate money, through deception by either yourself or others. Be particularly careful with matters relating to taxation, the handling of insurance matters, and all legal dealings.

Neptune in 9th house

Neptune in the ninth house suggests a strong association with matters of higher education, philosophy, religion, and travel. This placement suggests a mind that is impressionable and highly intuitive. You are somewhat susceptible to embracing out of the ordinary religions or philosophies (such as astrology). In higher education, the study or teaching of the arts is likely. This position also shows confused interaction with in-laws caused by a lack of understanding of these individuals or their lack of understanding of you.

Neptune in 10th house

Neptune in the tenth house suggests some spiritual ideas regarding the career and public recognition. This placement suggests a degree of confusion surrounds the career, and it may be particularly difficult for you to settle on one. Your public image may not clearly reflect you actual persona or the private self. You may aspire higher than you can reach, or the world may refuse to give you the credit you deserve for what you have do.

Neptune in 11th house

Neptune in the eleventh house denotes an influence upon your hopes and dreams, and those friends and organizations with whom you associate. This may show that you are somewhat indiscriminate socially. You may have a tendency to associate with people that are considered by normal standards to be very usual, and in some cases real oddballs. You're likely to be a schemer and a plotter. You dream big dreams and your hunches are often correct. Yet be sure your dreams are based on realistic and attainable goals.

Neptune in 12th house

Neptune in the twelfth house imposes an influence on issues in the realm of your subconscious. A twelfth house Neptune sometimes produces fears and neurotic problems arising from the past. There is a tendency to be deeply involved with the unfortunate side of life. You may have a great compassion for people who are the outcasts of society, or those with physical or mental problems. This is an indicator of deep introspection and sometimes a cloistered life, preferring this to the commotion of the mundane sphere.
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