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Pluto in Housespluto

Pluto, the "planet" of struggle and revolutionary changes 

Although Pluto is no longer recognized as a planet, its influence in astrology is well studied now for almost three quarters of a century.  Pluto's place in the chart marks the house in which revolutionary changes often occur. This dwarf planet represents reforming and regeneration. Pluto is a powerful influence for some individuals, and its presence in a house suggests a power struggle may also be found in this house.

Pluto in houses...

Pluto in 1st house

Pluto positioned in first house results in an increased intensity to the personality and a more powerful will. Your personality is magnetic, and you often crave power, as the ego is very strong. You may have an expanded sense of initiative, but find it more difficult to work with people than your Ascendant suggested. This is because of the powerful and dominating tendencies in your nature. There is also a mystery here, as you are a difficult person to get to know. Conformity is never easy for you.

Pluto in 2nd house

Pluto positioned in the second house results in an enhancement of any drive you may have for acquiring material resources. You are resourceful in making money, often perceiving hidden opportunities others may overlook. Mining operations or research projects often produce gain. In certain cases, the legitimacy of methods employed in gaining wealth can be questioned. The financial circumstances can be subject to wide swings of gains or losses.

Pluto in 3rd house

Pluto in the third house shows the possibility of disruptive occurrences altering your early childhood, family relations, and education. This position adds a penetrating dimension to your mind. You comprehend the deep meaning of communications with others, and you develop very strong and often controversial opinions. Your opinions are either expressed in a very forceful manner or you are totally silent on the subject. You are likely to be interested in the study of deep and complex matters, and you have an almost compulsive need to learn.

Pluto in 4th house

Pluto in the fourth house results in a degree of tension in the home environment, and a dominating attitude with family members. Power struggles can develop in this environment. There is a strong and deep-seated attachment to the home or the land. This can sometimes extend to a serious interest in earth sciences or professions.

Pluto in 5th house

Pluto positioned in the fifth house suggests that you may produce offspring that are strong-willed and hard to control. There is a tendency toward strong urges to expend money on expensive pleasures, or to get too deeply involved in gambling. In your romantic relationships, there is an attempt to dominate, or to attract a partner who attempts to dominate you.

Pluto in 6th house

Pluto in the sixth house allows you to make major improvements in your work environment, but usually with methods that could be considered revolutionary or excessively strong-willed. When this planet becomes active in your chart, you can be an overbearing person toward coworkers or your employees, and this planet often produces major upsets in this environment. You may be an extremist when it comes to health and fitness issues.

Pluto in 7th house

Pluto is positioned in the seventh house producing attitudes that may make partnerships deep and complex arrangements. It is likely that your life will be drastically altered by marriage or other personal relationships. Your partner is shown by this placement to be especially strong-willed, and there can be some major tests of wills in this relationship. This placement may intensify your natural sense of justice and reactions against wrongdoers.

Pluto in 8th house

Pluto is positioned in the eighth house resulting in much penetrative potency and a focus on eliminating that which obstructs or restricts your course of action. You are highly analytical. You also possess a good money sense enabling you to wield much financial power. There is a tendency to let little stand in your way of reaching goals that may seem more like obsessions than merely objectives.

Pluto in 9th house

Pluto is positioned in the ninth house of higher thought suggests the need to understand the fundamental forces of man and nature. The higher mental powers are especially strong and inclined toward regeneration of legal, educational, moral, and philosophic systems. There is significant perception of the core causes of problems connected with the larger social order. The intuition regarding such matters is highly developed giving profound insight and understanding. You have little tolerance for hypocrisy and social injustice. There may be a tendency to impose views on others.

Pluot in 10th house

Pluto's place in the chart marks the house in which revolutionary changes often occur. This planet represents reforming and regeneration. Pluto is positioned in your tenth house denoting a strong will and need to succeed in a career. This planet here often shows an aptitude for some field of science, a healing profession, or perhaps merely dealing with powerful individuals such as in a political environment. Interruptions and breaks in business or professional activities may occur because of the disruptive nature of Pluto.

Pluto in 11th house

Pluto is positioned in the eleventh house suggesting reformer tendencies expressed though group activity. You are apt to be an activist in the most literal sense of the word. The placement suggests the potential for successful and dynamic group leadership. Strong and powerful friends are suggested by this house position. The rights of others must be respected, and you must use your will power cooperatively to function creatively within the group.

Pluto in 12th house

Pluto is in the twelfth house denotes a preoccupation with the mysteries of life and death, and matters relating to a higher consciousness in life. This placement sometimes shows association with social outcasts or subversive elements. At its worse, it can show force your will upon others, while at its best it may make you a champion of people who are very unfortunate. Karmic influences over which you have little control may affect your life.
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