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Saturn in Housessaturn

Saturn, the planet of heavy responsibility and restrictions

Saturn's place in the chart highlights the area in which you are likely to shoulder heavy responsibilities and encounter obstacles. Saturn is the planet of restrictions and limitations, and its position marks the spot where difficult challenges will be met.  This is the house in which your management abilities will be tested.

Saturn in houses...

Saturn in 1st house

Saturn is positioned in your first house, so it too becomes an important element of your personality. This placement suggests a conservative slant in your personality. You project a certain stiffness, seriousness, and determination reflected in your presentation of yourself to the world. You can become somewhat of a law unto oneself, trying to dominate others with whom you come in contact. Your disposition is serious and resolute making it hard for you ever to relax and have a good time. You are highly self-disciplined, but prone to depression at times. You have to deal with a very sharp conflict in your nature imposed by Saturn, as your demeanor can be a cover up for a shyness or an inferiority complex. Your personality is more restricted than may have been suggested by the Rising sign or by the Sun and Moon placements. This planet adds much stability to your nature, a serious side, if you will. A solid sense of self-worth may be slow to develop.

Saturn in 2nd house

he second house of financial and material affairs denotes a good deal of ambition and hard work associated with accumulating material security. You are shrewd in business and always get your money's worth. The urge to conserve is accented, and you are very practical about saving for that rainy day. Some with this placement are down right miserly. Although financial security is a difficult goal to achieve, and it is likely to meet with many delays and obstacles.

Saturn in 3rd house

Saturn positioned in the third house of mental processes and communication denotes mental discipline and practicality. Yet it often produces feeling of inadequacy and mental depression. Ideas are practical, and judged based on their usefulness and substance. Speech is deliberate and usually well considered. You are naturally cautious in legal matters and the signing of contractual documents. You may have experienced difficulties or delays in obtaining your education, and your early years of learning and life may have been particularly difficult. You tell the truth and have a firm sense of right and wrong.

Saturn in 4th house

Saturn positioned in the fourth house relates to the base of operation; the home environment. This placement denotes heavy responsibilities incurred though family affairs and the home. In this environment, you may have the sole task of disciplinarian or supporting factor. You have an ingrained dislike for change, perhaps prompted by a real fear of the unknown and the untested. You have a strong concern for your security, and you take conservative actions to insure that you are provided for later on. You cling to the past and to your roots. Yet you will probably be happier away from your place of birth.

Saturn in 5th house

Saturn positioned in the fifth house is associated with the romantic nature, creativeness and offspring. This placement denotes that you are person who finds it hard to just relax and enjoy yourself. Romances are serious business for you, but they can produce more pain than pleasure. Your romantic partners are likely to be older than you. Obligation is attached to your romances. The rearing of offspring may be difficult for you in various ways. Financial speculations will be entered with caution to avoid losses. Personal self-expression reflects a serious tone, and you find your best outlets in business management and politics. If you have creative talents, this placement will make it very difficult for you to express them or will delay the time when you become recognized for your talents.

Saturn in 6th house

Saturn in the sixth house and associated with work and health issues denotes that you are conscientious and dutiful, even when obliged to work at dull chores. Indeed this may often be the case. At work you can handle minute details for long periods of time. You take your job very seriously. Often, you are expected to handle the heaviest of responsibilities. Worry and overwork are common with this position. Unfortunately, opportunities for advancement are slow to come about. Health matters may be a constant concern. Some with this position suffer from hypochondria.

Saturn in 7th house

Saturn in the seventh house of marriage and partnerships denotes a very cautious approach to marriage and the likelihood that marriage will be delayed. You are a very stable partner. When the marriage is finally made, it will endure, though in all aspects it may not be totally happy. Your mate may be an older person, or a somewhat serious and sober individual. Partnerships, including marriage, are restrictive to you, but you accept circumstances for better or for worse.

Saturn in 8th house

Saturn in the eighth house of joint finances and sexual affairs denotes very strict and restrained attitudes regarding sex and money. It suggests financial difficulties relating to joint funds of the business partner or the marital partner. With a Saturn influence in the eighth house, financial responsibilities or obligations are very apt to weigh heavily upon you. You are likely accountable for the holdings of others, as well as your own.

Saturn in 9th house

Saturn in the ninth house of higher education, philosophy, religion and travel denotes a stable and practical philosophy of life. The placement explains the chief reason that you are probably not one who can easily accept concepts such as astrology. You are highly orthodox in religion, education, and business. You hold to both the letter and spirit of the law. You are very exacting and focused, possessing very strong administrative skills, especially in the fields of religion, education, publishing, or the law. You are likely to be politically conservative.

Saturn in 10th house

Saturn in the tenth house of the career and of public acclaim denotes strong career or status needs, and the drive to achieve success in a profession. This is especially true after the first transit of Saturn that occurs in the 29th year. This position gives farsighted organizational and managerial ability, with the quest for authority and power. This placement sometimes creates a Napoleonic complex or dictatorial attitudes.

Saturn in 11th house

Saturn in the eleventh house of hopes and wishes, friends and associations makes goals and ambitions hard to obtain. Yet it bestows much patience and willingness to work. Your circle of friends may be wide, but few are intimate. Many of your friends may be older than yourself. Heavy demands may be placed on you by your friends, acquaintances, or by associations to which you belong.

Saturn in 12th house

Saturn in the twelfth house of the subconscious mind and hidden problems denotes work behind the scenes, usually in large institutions. It is hard to achieve the recognition that may become due. There is a subconscious need to retreat, and a craving for work in solitude. Subtle subconscious doubts may affect your self-confidence. Often much loneliness is shown by this placement.
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