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Uranus in Housesuranus

Uranus shows that area of the life in which strong urges for individuality and freedom of expression are shown. In this house you should expect sudden and unexpected changes to occur during your life. Uranus brings radical behavior caused by your actions, the action of others, or by circumstances over which you have no control.

Uranus in houses....

Uranus in 1st house

Uranus resides in the first house exerting its erratic behavior in the personality. This placement suggests that you may often be said to "march to a different drummer." Individuality is very strong in your nature, and you want freedom in your personal behavior. People may view you as eccentric, very unusual, or preferably, somewhat advanced. You are eccentric in many ways, and common sense doesn't always figure in your actions. The positive side of this placement is that you are very inventive. Yet all too often, a willful nature and impulsiveness restrict your progress and effectiveness.

Uranus in 2nd house

Uranus resides in the second house denoting erratic behavior in this house of material affairs. This placement often shows recurring unforeseen circumstances upsetting financial affairs. You'll experience ups and downs in money conditions. A need for independence, in a financial sense, may prompt you to go into business for yourself. Whether you do or not, your income is not likely to be fixed and stable.

Uranus in 3rd house

Uranus resides in third house bestowing its erratic behavior in that part of the chart associated with your thinking and method of communicating, as well as your early school life endeavors. This placement also has an association to your interactions with brothers, sisters and other relatives. It suggests a willfulness and a rebellious nature, especially in the early part of life. Yours is a very spontaneous mind that may be involved with advanced or new age thinking. You are apt to have frequent upsets in dealing with your brothers, sister, other relatives and acquaintances. Short trips and excursions are rarely planned; the urge just strikes, and you go.

Uranus in 4th house

Uranus in the fourth house exerts its erratic behavior in the home and base of operation. This placement shows the possibility of sudden upsets or changes in the home life. There is a tendency to seek a sense of freedom in the home environment; to want to come and go as you please. In some ways, the living conditions will be different or unusual, and counter to family traditions.

Uranus in 5th house

Uranus in the fifth house exerts its erratic behavior in house of love affairs, personal creativity, offspring, and dealings with children. The placement shows you are a highly inventive and creative person. Yet you may need to learn self-control, and perhaps gain a better sense of self-knowledge. You can be reckless and foolhardy. Urges toward speculation can be costly. You have strong urges to be free and independent. Your offspring possess many of these same characteristics. They can cause you much trouble unless you channel their energies in the right direction at an early age. Romantic involvement occurs in sudden and unconventional ways, and breaks are also sudden and unexpected.

Uranus in 6th house

Uranus in the sixth house exerts its erratic behavior in the area of your chart associated with the work environment and with health issues. This placement produces trouble when the nature of the work is routine. You must have change and the opportunity to express your original ideas for improving the work place. You are the type that has to learn the hard way to do what you're told, no more or no less. At times you may work yourself into a nervous condition, and at other times, you fight the job all the way. You are a highly inventive employee, but one who is bound to have problems with the boss, and sudden breaks and changes in work may be expected. When it comes to health and diet, you're an experimenter, trying new diets and health fads.

Uranus in 7th house

Uranus resides in the seventh house bringing its erratic behavior in this house of marriage and partnerships. This placement often shows the marriage or other partnership affiliations are with persons who are in most ways very different from yourself. Major unexpected changes can occur in partnership arrangements, including your marriage. You may marry on the spur of moment and be inclined to part just as suddenly. You must consciously strive to develop long term commitments as you are very independent. Relationship flourish when major upsets and unexpected changes can be accepted and absorbed.

Uranus in 8th house

Uranus positioned in the eighth house exerts its erratic behavior in this house associated with joint resources, corporate funds, and legacies. This placement suggests strong psychic feelings and a keen intuition. Joint finances and investments are subject to erratic ups and downs, and all types of business relationships are subject to sudden changes and swings. Unexpected legacies are often a product of this position.

Uranus in 9th house

Uranus in the ninth house exerts its erratic behavior in matter of higher thought, law, religion, philosophy and travel. This placement denotes a liberal and advanced philosophy of life. You have an intuitive, socialistic and utopian outlook. Your mind never seems to function along conventional paths, and you are more than willing to put aside customs of the past favoring new ideas. When it comes to traveling, you are independent and adventurous, enjoying long trips to exotic places.

Uranus in 10th house

Uranus in the tenth house denotes erratic behavior in the career and in the way the public views your actions. This placement denotes unique and offbeat approaches to the career. You must be your own boss if you are going to avoid clashes with people in command. Flashes of insight make it clear how the job should be done and you proceed following this insight, despite what anyone else wants or thinks. You are never afraid to make decisions and take authoritative action. It is always important for you to have much independence in your professional endeavors.

Uranus in 11th house

Uranus in the eleventh house exerts its erratic behavior in this house of your hopes and wishes, and with friends and associations. This placement suggests that your life's goals and ambitions can change in a sudden and unpredictable fashion. You have some difficulty making up your mind and settling into your life work. You make friends easily but keep a distance and probably have few close relationships. Your friends tend be freethinking and forward looking, and with them, you promote liberal and progressive causes.

Uranus in 12th house

Uranus in the twelfth house exerts its erratic behavior in the area relating to your subconscious mind. This placement suggests a subconscious feeling of "cabin fever" that may inhibit your strong urge to feel totally free and independent. You may be a loner that works best by yourself. Your investigative skills, and perhaps even psychic abilities, can be valuable assets. You need to accept life as you find it, and avoid setting up subconscious oppositions.
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