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Venus in Housesvenus

Venus' house placement shows how you express yourself socially, romantically, and artistically, in the different areas of the life circle. Venus brings a sense of harmony, refinement, and aesthetic taste to the house it occupies.

Venus in houses...

Venus in 1st house

Venus near the Ascendant suggests the help that Venus provides is apt to be most noticeable in your personality and in the way you relate to others. This suggests you possess a generous portion of personal grace, a pleasing manner, and a normally friendly demeanor. The effect of this placement helps you become more socially outgoing and you have a generally happy outlook on life. Your personality strives to develop friendships and relationships. This is a considerable advantage to you in business and social contacts. You appreciate the good things in life, and you expect them. You may have to guard against a degree of vanity in your makeup.

Venus in 2nd house

Venus in the 2nd house suggests that this planet is closely associated with your security and your material ideas. You have a love of wealth and the personal adornments it affords, and you probably have much good fortune when it comes to obtaining many of the better things in life. You are very much interested in making a lot of money, if only for the social status it provides. The placement denotes talent in business and a definite ability to make money. The Venus association with artistic endeavors suggests that if you are artistically inclined, you may stand a good chance of making money from your art. Sometimes it also suggests an extravagance that may be offset by the material advantages that you obtain.

Venus in 3rd house

Venus in the 3rd house suggests a good deal of harmony in your early schooling and learning environment. This is an indication of intellectual interests in artistic and cultural pursuits. Your early years were pleasant and easy, and you may have developed talents in art or music, or at least been given an opportunity to do so. Artistic and creative, you are probably an excellent writer. You get along well with those in your family, because you don't like to argue. You operate through persuasion, never through pressure, and the gift of compromise seems to come naturally to you. You are a socially active person.

Venus in 4th house

Vensu in the 4th house shows a potential happy homebody, or at least one to whom a happy home is an ideal. You are emotionally attached to your home and the domestic scene. You take great pride in your home, and you seem to enjoy seeing to it that your surroundings are artistically decorated to the extent that your means can afford. There is a strong connection to the land, and this may include a patriotic love of your homeland. There is a closeness between yourself and your parents that is very beneficial to you.

Venus in 5th house

Venus in the fifth house produces an attractiveness to the opposite sex, a very appealing romantic nature, and a general love of life. You are popular and well liked. This Venus position gives a deep love of children, and you should make an excellent parent or child advocate. You are likely to gain through dealings with young people in some form of service or occupation; teaching, psychologist, etc. Creative talent in the performing arts is often associated with this placement.

Venus in 6th house

Venus in the 6th house suggests social activities and romantic involvement associated with the work that you do. There also may be an emotional attachment to work. In any event, the work environment is harmonious and pleasant. This placement often points to an occupation dealing with people such as mediators, agents, arbitrators or in about any job dealing with women. Venus has a decidedly artistic inclination that may inspire the choice of work.

Venus in 7th house

Venus in the 7th house normally shows social abilities, and usually, a happy marriage. Most relationships are harmonious and friendly. Marriage and friends are very important to you, and you contribute more than your part toward the success of relationships. Marriage usually produces prosperity. The position is favorable in (although not indicative of) careers involving dealings with people, such as psychology, sales and public relations.

Venus in 8th house

Venus in the 8th house predicts financial gain through marriage, other partnerships, or social relations. Frequently, this position of Venus is associated with an inheritance. Sometimes, marriage is motivated by the prospects of financial gain. Usually, the placement increases the degree of possessiveness and jealousy existing in the relationship. In this house, financial affairs are joint in nature, or coming from other than one's own efforts. Venus here often smooths the way in this regard. Its presence can produce a degree of inertia or laziness, simply because of the ease with which success occurs.

Venus in 9th house

Venus in the ninth house makes this planet closely associated with the affairs of this sector of higher learning, travel, and philosophical thinking. This placement shows that pleasure is derived from study of philosophy, religion, and art. You are an intuitive person and you appreciate many of the finer things in life. A ninth house Venus suggests lengthy pleasure trips, which may provide the opportunity for important social contacts and romantic encounters. Strong attachments may develop with persons from foreign countries, different races, cultures, or religions.

Venus in 10th house

Venus in the 10th house suggests that this Venus is very much involved with your career outlook, and the projection of an image to world at large. It may result in marriage for obtaining status and recognition. Careers often follow a path toward the arts, diplomacy, fashion, beauty, or the entertainment fields. There is a deliberate cultivation of the personality to enhance career opportunities. This is a favorable position for a speaking or singing voice that can gain public attention.

Venus in 11th house

Venus in the eleventh house suggests success is gotten though the benefits gained by association with friends and social contacts. Socially, you are generally successful, with the knack for putting guests at ease, the tact in catering to diverse needs and the development of group activities. Most of your goals in life will be achieved because of a natural talent for operating effectively within a social order. Many of your friends may possess artistic talents.

Venus in 12th house

This placement shows a love of secretiveness and solitude. You have this introspective side, and need a certain amount of time to yourself. You are somewhat socially shy, causing a degree of loneliness or perhaps romantic frustration. Your emotions are subconsciously controlled, but very strong. This position usually produces a significant degree of compassion for the downtrodden or any of the less fortunate.
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