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The Numerology Essences Cycle

An additional cycle used in numerology is associated with the name rather than the birth date. This timing method uses the letters in the name in what might be called transits of the name, to arrive at this important cycle information that is called the Essences. The transit begins at birth with the first letter of your first name, the first letter of your middle name, and the first letter of your last name, their values totaled, defining the tone of the year from birth to age one. Then we will go on with these transits finding the Essence of each year of the life. Learn how to calculate the transits as you work with the essence worksheet. The Essence worksheet is provided here to help you in setting up a lifetime record of the Essence changes.

                    You'll need to recall those letter values, so here is chart for easy reference:





































You must place the letters of your name on this worksheet. Begin with the first letter of your first name. Each letter in this name will last a number of years (from 1 to 9) depending on its numerology number designation. Thus, if the first name was David, a D would be placed under the F (for First Name) column on each of the first 4 years or rows. The value of D is 4. The next year (row) would get a single A, then V for 4 years, I for the next 9, and finally, the last D for the next 4. This would fill the F column for the first 21 years. Then, you would start over and repeat the process using this first name. If you were going to progress the chart through age 60, a third set of the letter in David would be used which would actually progress the chart (under the letter F) to age 63.

Next, you would follow this procedure under the M for middle name. In my chart the name Michael would have the first 4 years filled with the letter M, the 9 years of I, 3 of C, 8 of H, 1 A, 5 Es, and 3 Ls. Since there are 33 years filled with this name, only two sets would be used to progress the middle name past age 60.

Finally, the last name would be set in using the same process.

After the name has been set on the chart in this fashion, the next task is to fill in the 'Letter Value' column. For the name David Michael McClain, the first year would show D M M each having a value of 4. So 4 would be placed under F, M, and L. This process would be followed for each year.

Under the column entitled 'essence of transit', total the letter value (for the first, middle and last name letters) for each year, and show the single digit or master number which is derived from this total. This is the Essence for the year (birthday to birthday).

Here are readings for each Essence:

 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9

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1 Essence

The Essence of the number 1 signals a time when you are developing new ideas and enlarging on projects that have been around for a while. This will be a period that will bring the opportunity for marked increase in your personal status and recognition. This Essence is often an opportunity to turn a life-long avocation into a money-making vocation. Many new friends and business associations are likely now. Your status in the world may grow, and you may get some recognition for your achievements. One thing may lead to another and you may find many alterations in your life during this essence.

if this essence remains in effect for 3 years or more...

Because this Essence is in effect for such a long period of time, its meaning with regard to change is somewhat confusing. In some cases, this foretells of a series of dramatic ongoing changes, or one considerable change with many years between the beginning and the finale of the alteration.

with a 1 personal year...

The effects of this Essence in a number 1 Personal Year are greatly amplified. It will be very hard for you to choose between the opportunities during this period. You are apt to run into some frustrating situations. You need to be prepared to make careful choices now with an eye on the future value of decisions as opposed to what feels good at the moment.

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2 Essence

The Essence of the number 2 is a cycle when everything seems to be consolidating and this is decidedly a period of growth. But often the growth is not without reversals, and there is much emphasis on cooperation and patience. You may find yourself developing relationships, or trying very hard to develop a good relationship. You will likely find yourself working with and hopefully helping others. Conversely, you can expect to get much help from others now. This is apt to be a period of slow development, delays, roadblocks, and obstacles, and the period can be one of great frustration for you in certain ways. There can be a lot of emotions associated with the 2 Essence, and you may become much more sensitive now. Lowered energy and vitality may be experienced throughout the cycle. Confrontations are difficult now, but often necessary.

if this essence remains in effect for 3 years or more...

The 2 Essence remaining in your lifepath for a lengthy period may produce nervous tension due to prolonged high emotions and/or deep frustration due to the delays and problems encountered.

with a 2 personal year...

When this Essence is in effect during a number 2 personal year, emotional conflicts may heighten the tension, upset the sensitivity, and even affect the health. Self-control and a disciplined approach can help maintain a harmonious balance. Plan to move forward slowly, despite periodic detours.

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3 Essence

The Essence of the number 3 is a very special time when you feel and experience the joy of living to its utmost. This is a very enjoyable time in your life. You are apt to be making a lot of new friends and renewing old friendships. This is a time for love affairs and expanding the social circle; many activities and good times. You are likely to travel a good bit during this Essence.

The other factor that is associated with the Essence of 3 is that of expression. This is a very good time for you to be interested in the development of creative work, particularly works that involve words...singing, acting, writing. This should be a busy time advancing your talents with classes or study, or for starting or expanding business ventures involving creative endeavors.

Optimism is the operative word for this cycle. This is a very pleasant period, but you must beware of a tendency now to scatter your energies.

when the period extends for 3 years or more...

This long period may allow a significant creative development in a positive and happy time of your life.

3 Essence with 3 Personal year...

Since you are enjoying this three Essence along with a 3 personal year, you may have a great deal of difficulty maintaining your sense of self-discipline. Having too much fun can be a long term mistake. Likewise, this is probably to be a very restless time for you as you may be on the go a great deal.

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4 Essence

During this number 4 Essence the events and opportunities coming your way will emphasize a more serious tone. This is a time to buckle down and put the affairs of your life in order. Your attention is apt to be drawn to more practical interests such as dealing with financial matters and your work. The development of opportunities in your life now requires a practical and realistic view along with a lot of hard work, effort, determination and discipline. In many ways you are apt to feel a sense of restriction in your life for a while and you may face some setbacks as the pace of progress slows somewhat. This is a building time and the building is sometimes painfully slow.

if this essence is in effect for 3 years or more...

Since the 4 essence is with you for several years, this period is apt to feel like a never ending struggle. Yet significant gains or accomplishments may be the reward for your hard work and determination during this essence.

with personal year 4...

Since this Essence accompanies a personal year number 4, the feelings of being in a rut are not uncommon. The repressive conditions may be in your mind more than in the work at hand, but the feeling will be there just the same. Be objective about the obstacles you really face because it may be that they are not as formidable as you think.

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5 Essence

With the Essence of the number 5 you will find that the events and opportunities coming your way will emphasize freedom and change. Your experiences during this cycle will be sudden, unusual, and unexpected, and you are apt to be dealing with constantly changing circumstances and activities. The ventures in your life now will stress progress, new ideas, and probably new friends. Travel is very likely. There should be a caution here to avoid tendencies to go off in every direction and scatter your forces. Choose your opportunities carefully and thoughtfully. Freedom is great, but be sure to use it in constructive ways that help others and yourself.

period of 5 Essence for 3 or more years

A long period of 5 Essence suggests that it is apt to be a very free-wheeling period. Unless some self-discipline is exercised, most of the energy is likely to be scattered with little accomplishment. If this scattering occurs, there may be feelings of deep frustration.

the 5 essence during a 5 personal year...

This may be a period when you are too free-wheeling and unrestrained. Constant change is not always constant growth and development. Try to maintain a balanced and thoughtful approach to problems and opportunities. Control self-centered interests.

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6 Essence

The 6 Essence focuses circumstances and opportunities on the home, the family, and largely on domestic matters. This time is associated with responsibility, but usually the job is close to home or involving those nearest to you, including your close friends. If you are single, this Essence is a very good time for marriage; if married, this is a good time for your marriage. It is a good time to surface any problems that may exist in the marriage and deal with them before they become more serious. This is also a time for children, and it may be a time to have a child. The 6 essence also may and often does involve you in service to your community in some way; assuming responsibility for those outside your immediate family. This is more common if you are older and the need for your services in the immediate family is not apparent.

if 6 essence extends for three years or longer

The idea of intense responsibility is very much a part of your life during this period. Ideally, you will accept responsibilities and thrive in its execution. Resistance to duty now may impart a sense of suppression or isolation. On the other hand, if you meet challenges now, you are apt to become handsomely repaid with love and the devotion of those close to you.

The 6 essence during a 6 personal year

Responsibilities may never seem greater, but the rewards for accepting obligations and meeting the test may never be greater either. This is a year when feeling emotions and sharing them with someone close to you can help the family or community grow stronger and more cohesive. This may be a time when the size of your family grows larger.

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7 Essence

During the essence of the number 7, many of the events in your life now will often involve study, a sense of isolation, and an inwardly focused attitude toward yourself. A time of looking for an understanding of fundamentals and pursuing new interests has arrived. You are likely to find yourself withdrawing for a time of reflection and perhaps even meditation, hopefully comfortable with a chance for repose.

When the 7 essence is in effect for 3 years or more...

Since the 7 essence is to be with you for a while, look forward to a time of internality and spiritual growth. You may grow away from others and become much more introspective.

When the 7 essences is joined by a 7 personal year

This can be a period when you become very moody and withdrawn. You may have to force yourself to be social because this seems like an aspect of life that is not important now. While you may actually enjoy your solitude, guard against signs of depression.

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8 Essence

The number 8 essence suggests that the trend of events will be pointed toward getting ahead in a material sense and basically taking care of business. This essence normally marks a period when the business and professional reputation is enhanced and ripens. You are apt to reap financial gain now, building or expanding current ventures. Common sense and good judgments will help you achieve goals and make some real progress. This is apt to be a period when you work very hard.

for periods of 8 Essence exceeding 3 years...

This long period 8 essence may be an indication that you are very focused on issues of the career, power, and status. You may have to be reminded to stop occasionally to "smell the roses."

8 Essence with 8 Personal Year

When the 8 essence is joined by an 8 personal year, the stress of you devotion to "getting ahead" can be great. While this is an important period for you relative to the career, your power and status, it is also a time that can take a toll on other aspects of your life.

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9 Essence

With the Essence of the number 9 life will tend to have a very dramatic or emotional flair. Your feelings and reactions to events will be very acute. Often this Essence denotes the ending to a significant endeavor, and a marked change in interests of some kind. Usually, additional freedom is a byproduct of the concluding affair. If you are single, there is likely to be an intense or emotional romance. Frequently, this Essence shows involvement with humanitarian endeavors are a constant during the essence period. Endings now may lead to a more useful life.

for periods of 9 Essence exceeding 3 years...

The fact that this is such a long period of 9 essence suggests that it is apt to be a very extended period of passionate feelings, a long drawn out love affair with a prolonged ending, or perhaps a sustained effort of some sort.

when the 9 Essence is coupled with a 9 personal year....

This may be an emotionally draining year which completions coming only with great difficulty. Clear thinking will be difficult but it is a must.

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