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Planes of Expression

The expression of activity - How we act

The word expression used here really means activity or how we act. This determination of expression is a product of birth name; the full birth name, but in this exercise we are going to consider each and every letter. We will build a table and each letter will have its spot.

Calculating Expression - Mental, Physical, Emotional or Intuitive

Each letter of the alphabet is placed in one of four planes of expression or temperament: Mental, Physical, Emotional or Intuitive. To get a grasp of these, you should think of mental letters a leading to qualities that rely heavily on the mind, on reasoning, and using facts to make decisions; physical plane letters suggests the systemic behavior of the disciplined, the practical, the builder, using energies on the here and now; emotional plane letters develop qualities of imagination, originality and inspiration, guided by emotions and sentiment; finally, intuitive plane letter promote inspiration, idea development, spiritual inclination, and what you might call that sixth sense. I hope I haven't made any of these sound more or less important than the others. They aren't.

To complicate things just a bit more, these four groups are subdivided once again to further define expression. These divisions within the planes of expression show the letters denoting a tendency towards being inspired/creative, or being mutable/adaptive, or being well grounded/balanced.

By plotting out your full name from the chart below, you will be able to find your degree of balance within the planes, as well as a sense of your mode of behavior in general (creative, adaptive or grounded).





 Creative/Inspired  A E O R I Z K
 Dual/Adaptable H J N P W B S T X  F Q U Y
 Grounded/Balanced  G L  D M    C V

Use this worksheet to plot the letters in your name to find your planes of expression.

Now that you have determined how the letters of your name fit into the Planes of Expression worksheet, it's time to determine how your name, that is the letters in your name, shape the way you express yourself and relate to the world around you. First, take a look at the modes of behavior to see what it means to belong to the creative, the adaptable, or the grounded. Or are you a combination of two of these. Maybe you're just well balanced in all four. Find out here.

Next check the elements in your name. Find out how you express yourself in everyday affairs. Find out here.

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