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Venus conjunct Mars

The conjunction between Venus and Mars shows a strong desire nature needing expression. You are the aggressor in relationships with the opposite sex, and you are ever eager and aggressive in making social contacts, as well. Artistic endeavors may be an active outlet for your hyperactive nature.

Venus conjunct Jupiter

A conjunction of Venus and Jupiter produces an optimistic and generous disposition. You display a friendly and cheerful attitude toward those with whom you come in contact. You can be indulgent of others, even when they don't deserve it. You are orderly and artistic by nature, possessing a sense and appreciation of beauty in everything. You are very open-handed in your aim to help your fellow man. If there is a negative side to this aspect, it's that it can create too much of a sense of ease. You become indolent and fail to attain as much as you should.

Venus conjunct Saturn

A conjunction of Venus and Saturn shows the necessity to make concessions to others to get what you want. You have to adjust to make relationships work. Many of your relationships are unsatisfactory or restricting in some ways. You feel you are being used or perhaps they are just not fulfilling. It may be that you have to give more than the other person does. Pessimism may mark your attitude toward personal relationships. This aspect also relates to financial matters. Your judgment in material affairs is sound, and you are very self-disciplined in handling money.

Venus conjunct Uranus

The conjunction of Venus and Uranus suggests that you are inclined to sudden attractions. This placement gives a sparkle to your personality making you popular and socially active. It may be hard for you to stay tied to one person because your affections are so universal by nature. It's a good idea for you to give your romances the test of a little time. Avoid rushing in to marriage. If you are artistically inclined, this aspect adds a degree of originality to your work or performances.

Venus conjunct Neptune

The conjunction of Venus and Neptune adds a spiritual tone to your affections. You are impressionable, and have a deep and broad capacity for emotional rapport. A vivid imagination and fertile unconscious mind serve as aids to any artistic talents in music or art. Avoid any tendencies you may have to be the impractical dreamer. You're very much the true romantic idealist.

Venus conjunct Pluto

The conjunction of Venus and Pluto shows a good deal of passion and emotional intensity in your affections. Any artistic abilities you may possess are given a strong dramatic overtone. Romantic love needs may result in a variety of partners and a series of emotional crises in your life. Your powers to attract are very magnetic and strong. You arouse deep responses in your romantic partners, and your commitment in emotional relationships is complete.

Venus sextile Mars

Venus in a sextile aspect with Mars produces a warm and affectionate nature. You can contain your strong romantic inclinations until you find a person with whom you're comfortable. You need to be sure the attraction is social and intellectual, as well as physical. Although you expect much of those close to you, you don't threaten their self-confidence by calling attention to their failings. So you find it is easy to get along with most people. Even with people you don't know, it's easy for you to strike up idle conversation and establish a casual relationship. Your artistic nature suggests enjoyment of good music, fine works of art, good literature, and intelligent, congenial friends. You have an optimistic outlook and a ready smile that puts people at ease.

Venus sextile Jupiter

The sextile formed between Venus and Jupiter shows an outgoing personality. You have the ability to say the right thing at the right time. You are generous with praise and everyone thinks of you as a very sympathetic and understanding person. You can always be counted on when you are needed, while not being the type to impose your views when they are unwanted. You like people and know how to get along with them. This aspect bestows the likelihood of achieving the good life in a material sense, as you are very successful socially.

Venus sextile Saturn

The sextile formed between Venus and Saturn gives concrete expression to any artistic talents you may possess. You are loyal to your friends and loved ones. Unless other factors in your chart suggest otherwise, you are likely to have a very enduring marriage. Grace, refinement, and good breeding are usually apparent with this aspect. You're polite but somewhat formal in social conduct. In romantic connections you're cautious and reserved. Because of this, some may view you as shy and withdrawn. You only make romantic overtures to those who mean something to you, and those who have convinced you the feeling is mutual. You readily accept public and private responsibilities, and you are very reliable. You have good judgment in business, and this aspect shows the potential for success when you avoid leaving anything to chance.

Venus sextile Uranus

The sextile formed between Venus and Uranus is very helpful to you as it bestows a cleverness in social dealings. You are sufficiently aware of others to compromise in deference to their desires. You don't threaten people and put them on the defensive. Romantic relations spring up suddenly and a decision to marry may be made with surprising haste. You value your freedom but you never impose on the rights or freedom of others. This is a major asset to you in all relationships including your marriage.

Venus sextile Neptune

The sextile formed between Venus and Neptune produces artistic imagination. Emotions and sympathies often have a spiritual or religious theme, or at least a very compassionate nature permitting you to deal very effectively with people's problems. You are willing to adjust to establish and maintain personal relationships. Your sensitive nature can sometimes set you up for emotional disappointments and setbacks. You always so optimistic that it's necessary to keep your expectations within realistic bounds.

Venus sextile Pluto

The sextile formed between Venus and Pluto gives strong feelings and perceptions. This aspect aids any artistic talents you may possess by producing dynamic and original creativity. The key to your success in relationships is your deep understanding of people and their motivations. You are easily attracted by physical appearances and a person's sex appeal. Yet just as quickly, you are turned off by any signs of superficiality.

Venus square Mars

Venus is square Mars in your chart suggesting emotional problems about romance and most other relations with the opposite sex. An early marriage often results from this aspect. There may be feelings of oppression or of suppression in your relationships. Jealousy and resentment are often attached to this placement. Men with this aspect are likely to offend women with their coarse manners. Women with the aspect often have an excessively emotional temperament.

Venus square Jupiter

A square aspect formed between Venus and Jupiter makes self-indulgence likely, and produces some carelessness in matters associated with Venus. Too much is taken for granted, and you may lack an appreciation of the true value of things. You can be very extravagant in both your affections and your finances, finding it difficult to manage both. You are likely to resent being forced to do anything you would prefer not to do. You are suspicious of the motives of others. You feel that any antagonistic feelings between you and someone else are largely the result of the other person not understanding you. You may have a problem keeping your weight down because of self-indulgent habits.

Venus square Saturn

The square formed between Venus and Saturn shows difficulties in relationships. Because of this, you can be left out of the mainstream of social life sometimes. You have a melancholy disposition resulting in a shyness, or a formal and stiff manner of presenting yourself. You find it hard to meet people half way, perhaps because you fear rejection. A defensive attitude must be overcome. You have such a high degree of tension and anxiety that is hard for you to relax.

Venus square Uranus

The square formed between Venus and Uranus suggests a free spirit who's hard to tie down to a permanent relationship. You are fascinated by individuals who have unusual qualities. A fickle nature makes it hard for you to accept the responsibility of belonging to one person. Touchy and willful, you have a problem with the opposite sex that may have roots in a deep inferiority complex. There is a tendency to defy convention and become a little bored with those who submit to it. You are used to having your own way and expect it. You confuse love and friendship, but you don't become over attached to friends or lovers. A nervous condition may result from this configuration, especially if you fail to get adequate rest.

Venus square Neptune

Venus is square Neptune in your horoscope. This aspect may show subconscious difficulties in close interpersonal relationships. It's hard for you to maintain close relationships because of defense mechanisms that go up when you sense that you are being challenged. Rose-colored glasses or blinders may affect your judgment in matters of the heart, and perhaps also to your financial affairs, as well. You are likely to be shy and retiring with the opposite sex, at least more so than shown by other indicators in your chart. Often this aspect shows a lack of direct or a degree of dishonesty or subterfuge associated in marital affairs.

Venus square Pluto

A square forms between Venus and Pluto suggesting that your emotional life is subject to many problems. Many of these relate to sex. This aspect causes intense emotional and sexual involvements, and sometimes this can be with very debasing influences. In extreme cases, this aspect shows involvement with prostitution or other sex related crimes or rituals. Sexual passions are hard to control and properly direct, and romantic ties are in some way fated. It may be any benefit you receive is always accompanied with some negative side effect. What you want and seek is often not what you need, and obtaining the objective or object creates ill effects. Life is full of upheavals and upsets in domestic and professional affairs. There is a need to be more honest and less patronizing with people. Don't make promises unless you intend to keep them. This aspect must be controlled by the free will.

Venus trine Mars

The trine from Venus to Mars shows that you are especially warm, affectionate, and congenial. You have a happy disposition and look for the better qualities in the people with whom you relate. You get along well with others because you don't make undue demands and your willingness to compromise often brings the concessions you want. Public relations is a good field for you to seek employment. With your congenial disposition, you can handle the most inflexible individual you might meet in carrying out your duties. A fun-loving person at heart, you enjoy a good time. You may run into problems with romantic partners who will assume by your nature that your sexual attitudes are promiscuous. This is probably not so. This placement often provides talent in music, art, or drama. It gives the will and energy to bring such talent to expression.

Venus Trine Jupiter

The trine formed between Venus and Jupiter shows that inner poise enables you to view people and circumstances with optimism. Negative elements don't disturb you much because you're so sure everything will turn out right. It's hard to be depressed around you. It's rare for you to share your difficulties with anyone, preferring to work them out on your own, with little or no fanfare. You have an outstanding talent for handling people, and you will no doubt succeed in fields where this can be put to use. Your sense of ethics and social decorum is also strong as you strive to be your best. You reach out to people with sincerity and honesty. Vulgar and ill-mannered individuals really turn you off.

Venus Trine Saturn

The trine between Venus and Saturn shows that you have good judgment about people, and you know who to turn to when you need help. Because of this understanding, you refrain from projecting yourself toward others unless you are sure of being welcomed. In a romantic sense you are very cautious. You evaluate the object of your affections in a reserved manner, assessing the adjustments you must make in the relationship. You are so self-sufficient that your emotions are always controlled (in some individuals this aspect creates the appearance of being cold). Good, sound business judgment is shown by this placement.

Venus Trine Uranus

The trine formed between Venus and Uranus shows that you are a person who enjoys life. Your pursuit of happiness makes you appear a little out of the ordinary to some. You gather eccentric and out of the ordinary friends about you, and gain though the connection with such people. You have a broad viewpoint being more humane than personal. A strong social consciousness is shown by this placement. Your well developed sense of harmony and appreciation of beauty may be expressed through the arts. This aspect produces an intuitive ability in financial matters.

Venus trine Neptune

The trine formed between Venus and Neptune denotes a highly romantic nature. Artistic talent is very often present, but the will to express this talent may be slow to appear. The ability to handle practical affairs must depend on other factors in the chart. You are apt to have unusual romances or meet your partner under such strange circumstances that you may feel that it may even have been predestined. You are kind and sympathetic toward those in need, but your way of giving help may be impractical. You're too tolerant of people, but you don't think so. You are an idealist likely to have deep spiritual beliefs.

Venus trine Pluto

The trine formed between Venus and Pluto shows an intense romance nature. You are one of those people who very well may fall in love at first sight. You are a romantic, but in a positive and well directed way. You are not one to scatter or waste your affections. You are apt to possess extremely high moral and spiritual standards. Your basic integrity is solidly founded and unshakable.

Venus opposed Mars

The opposition between Venus and Mars suggests that your emotional nature must be controlled if you expect to have a lasting romantic relationship. There is a good deal of conflict between yourself and your partners. You'll have to learn to control temperament swings going from loving to being irritated and angry. Often this aspect shows disloyalty and a lack of faithfulness in the partner. It's very important for you to learn cooperation and compromise. It is also essential for you to select a partner with whom you have many interests in common. You must guard against a tendency to be drawn to individuals with whom the only common ground is physical.

Venus opposed Jupiter

The opposition formed between Venus and Jupiter is an aspect that must be dealt with by people who have had too much given to them. The aspect suggests vanity, idleness or a degree of over-emotional behavior. It may be that you have many love affairs. You may be inclined toward involvement in meaningless social activities and the collecting of unneeded luxuries. You can be so optimistic and friendly when everything is going well, but then become touchy and moody when something is wrong. You may take too much for granted in personal relations as Jupiter is the planet of excesses. Sometimes marital problems of the sort caused by differences in religious beliefs or deep-rooted philosophical differences can occur in the marriage.

Venus opposed Saturn

The opposition between Venus and Saturn shows emotional frustrations. Indeed, this is a depressing aspect as the harshness of Saturn weighs heavily on the affairs of Venus such as happiness, harmonious relationships, artistic endeavors, and financial security. You may look at your accomplishments with continuous dissatisfaction, underestimating your self-worth. You may not have received the encouragement that you needed when you were younger, and you tend to shy away from competition because of a resulting lack of confidence. You may have to make concessions to others to maintain normal relations. Often you wonder if it's really worth the effort. Avoid a tendency to undervalue yourself and your ability to make a worthwhile contribution. The development of a positive attitude can be your most valuable asset.

Venus opposed Uranus

There is an opposition formed between Venus and Uranus in your chart. This aspect can cause you to be somewhat emotionally unstable. You express yourself with intensity in relationships, but a rebel attitude makes prolonged associations difficult and sudden breaks possible. You need all types of exotic experiences, with little concern for potential consequences. You depend on your bright and witty charm to carry you to success in your job. Dealing with people may be your forte, yet sometimes you may alienate your closest friends.

Venus opposed Neptune

The opposition between Venus and Neptune shows emotions and affections are strongly influenced by unconscious forces. This aspect blurs aesthetic, social, romantic and sexual perceptions. In matters of marriage, social life, and artistic creativity, your unconscious desires generate wishful thinking and a distorted perception of reality. Social relationships are apt to be somewhat undermined. There is a tendency toward self-indulgence in this aspect, and you can be especially susceptible to drugs and alcohol should you wander astray. There can be much confusion in sexual matters. Emotionalism and self-delusion may cloud judgment.

Venus opposed Pluto

The opposition between Venus and Pluto predisposes you to becoming involved in highly emotional and sexual relationships. Problems in this vein are encountered because of your very passionate nature. You frequently attract the wrong kind of partners. Marriage problems occur because of your dictatorial attitude toward your mate, or vice versa. Attempts to remake the partner rather than compromising causes constant friction. In your business relationships you face extreme challenges and competition.
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